Can the British Council find me opportunities for performance overseas?+

No, but if you have a project or performance that you believe may be interesting, please keep us informed of its development and let us know about any performances happening in the UK that we may attend. If an appropriate opportunity arises we will get in touch and broker a contact. You can find out more about the current climate of opportunity for UK music and music business overseas by reading our research, Going International, published in May 2016, which also introduces the main funders and supporters including PRS For Music Foundation and BPI (the British Phnographic Industry).

I am an overseas agent/manager/artist who wants to perform in the UK. Can you promote and/or fund a tour?+

No. We are not a funding body or a promoter, and our work is mainly with UK artists working overseas. We occasionally are involved in collaborative projects in the UK involving overseas artists, but this is a result of long-term work overseas.

I want to travel abroad to develop my work/career - can you support me?+

We don't hold funds for this, but recommend you look at the following schemes run by country arts funding bodies often working together with British Council: England - Artists International Development Fund; Wales - International Opportunities Fund

I would like to attend a Showcase overseas to network or promote my work (for example SXSW or Womex). Can you provide a travel grant?+

No. Whereas British Council will facilitate overseas promoters visiting the UK to see work, there are other funding bodies which provide financial assistance in the other direction. Check out PRSF; ACE; Creative Scotland; Arts Council Wales; Arts Council Northern Ireland; UKTI

I've been invited to perform at a festival/venue overseas. Can you provide funds to cover travel/fees.accommodation?+

We are not a funding body and are unable to respond to requests of this kind. However, it is always worth suggesting the promoter contact the local British Council office in case they can offer some support. Do let Music Department in London know about the approach - the local office will get in touch with us for information about you.


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