How we work

Who do we work with?

Drawing on our network of contacts - artists, producers, festival directors, concert promoters, programmers, agents, broadcasters, educators, policy makers - we work primarily in partnership with the best the UK has to offer. We work with people who are leaders in their fields.

Through dialogue with our colleagues overseas we decide what kinds of projects we undertake to best achieve our aims, and which artists, experts or partners are appropriate.

What do we work with?

All genres of music, appropriate to context: of the country, the situation, who we are trying to reach and what we are trying to achieve. "Appropriate" does not mean fulfilling a commercial need or giving an audience what they want - it can mean exposing them to something new, introducing them to what they don't yet know they like.

How do we achieve our outcomes?

The Music team is the creative engine that helps British Council Arts deliver on the outcomes of its Arts vision in music. These are:

Artists prosper

We provide opportunities for musicians from different cultures to meet, perform for each other's audiences, share ideas, and create music together:

  • We introduce new UK artists to overseas audiences and act as a catalyst for bringing new artists from overseas to UK audiences. This is achieved through projects such as Folk Nations currently running in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which explores the contemporary development of traditional music.

  • In another project, Londonís Rinse FM is introducing the UK's most dynamic urban music producers to young performers at the forefront of the burgeoning Egyptian Shaabi music scene. Skills develop; institutions prosper We bring together sectors in the UK and overseas for learning and exploring: * Through a sustained project between British orchestras and Japanese orchestras and concert halls, the Japanese sector is introducing new models of learning and participation into their work, and lobbying for policy change.

  • Webinars between UK experts and entrepreneurs in the Middle East are exploring new business models in the music industry.

Audiences grow

  • Selector is now broadcast in over 40 countries, including Libya, Burma and Spain and reaches over 3 million young people weekly. Audiences tell us that listening to the show inspires them to find out more about the artists they hear and access more of their music.

  • Through live showcase events at home in the UK, we introduce music programmers from around the world to the best new music, enriching professional networks and encouraging new bookings for those artists and composers, all the while reaching out to new audiences.

UK reputation grows

  • World Voice, a project aimed at encouraging entitlement to cultural education through singing in the classroom, takes its inspiration from the passionately-held belief in the UK that every child, regardless of background, has a right to enjoy and participate in the arts, something we hope our international partners will adopt.