Mix the City

Mix the City is an online platform that invites people all around the world to discover the sights and sounds of a different region and create their own mix. Users anywhere in the world can take part and you don’t need to be a musician yourself to use Mix The City – select the musicians you want to hear and watch your creation come to life, on mobile, tablet or computer.


Mix The City, Tel Aviv

Co-comissioned by the British Council and The Space, YouTube artist Kutiman launched the first Mix The City project in Tel Aviv in 2015, allowing users to create a mix from a set of 12 filmed tracks performed by musicians living in the city.


Mix The City, from Istanbul to Chennai

Since the original Mix The City in Tel Aviv, the platform has moved on to new cities and, in 2016, two versions of Mix The Play were produced along similar lines, but this time inviting you to choose the actors, setting and music for virtual productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet.

Numerous UK musicians and composers have got involved with Mix The City and Mix The Play over the last few years (collaborations with UK artists shown below). Now you can get involved and create your own mix today!


"I realised that despite the language barrier ... we all think the same, we all want to make good music and be creative."

– Ghostpoet


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