An Introduction to World Voice

World Voice is a teacher training programme: it aims to bring creativity – in the form of song – to classrooms across the world. Teachers gain new skills and are enabled to use singing to improve learning outcomes for pupils. It is a global programme that is adapted to each country’s cultural and educational context, so the focus and rollout might differ:


  • English language teaching – Jordan, Palestine, Ethiopia
  • Teaching of other languages through song – Lebanon, Zimbabwe
  • Teaching other subjects on the curriculum through song – India , Kenya, Senegal, Sudan, Chile, Argentina, Bangladesh, Colombia
  • Supporting the music curriculum – Brazil
  • Learning about the country and other cultures through song – Nepal, UK
  • Providing diverse teaching methods to ensure inclusion of pupils with Special Education Needs – Hong Kong


The programme is designed to support teachers to deliver the curriculum they are already employed to teach, hence the training benefits teachers’ own practice. Additionally, selected teachers are encouraged to continue their training to become World Voice trainers themselves. These new, local Master Trainers are empowered to help cascade the programme across their own country. To support the programme online resources have been developed and methods to disseminate these where the internet is less accessible are also being considered.  Songs from each country form part of this resource.


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