Brazil: Transform

British Council Transform is an arts and creativity programme over four years, aiming to develop the artistic dialogue between the UK and Brazil for mutual benefit and long term impact. Transform enables artists and professionals from the arts sector in both countries to share experiences and collaborate to bring about significant creative and social change for institutions, individuals and communities.


Orchestra Leadership Programme

For Music, the British Council and its associates have identified three priority themes/strands to be developed under the Transform umbrella; showcasing of excellence in British music, music education and, music leadership and managementThe British Council plans to develop and implement an ongoing Orchestra Leadership Programme to encourage in-depth exchange of experiences and best practices in the orchestral sectors in both countries.
·        To promote wide and open dialogue among orchestras, ensembles, agencies and cultural leaders from the UK and Brazil, leading to mutual understanding, sharing of best practices, challenges and issues, and occasionally paving the path to long term mutually beneficial relations;
·        To bring music back to a public agenda in Brazil, where the theme doesn't entirely fulfils its potential capacity as a social change maker and development platform;
·        To acknowledge and celebrate achievements in the field, by giving individuals and organisations the credit for distinct accomplishments;
·        To inspire public authorities (federal, state and city levels) on new practices for music education, audience development, digital outreach, and funding for music ensembles in Brazil;
·        To share the Brazilian experiences and technologies of social inclusion and development through the Arts in general, and through music in particular;
·        To promote structured engagement within the sector in Brazil (with a strong angle of international collaboration), ultimately leading to the creation of an Association of Brazilian Orchestras, or equivalent.

Transform has five curatorial aims:

1.    Transform the creative aspirations and life opportunities of marginalised or periphery communities through inspiring methods of cultural engagement.

2.    Transform and strengthen the practice of young and merging artists from both countries through sustained collaboration around themes of sustainability, conflict, diversity and power.

3.    Transform limiting or negative attitudes towards disability through a programme of outstanding commissions, presentations and forums.

4.    Transform institutional partnerships through mutual learning, mutual capacity building and major shared programmes. To transform methods of cultural distribution by institutions to regional and rural areas

5.    Transform and strengthen dialogue and exchange between creative entrepreneurs in the fields of fashion, music, publishing, gaming, design and architecture, resulting in new global projects.

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