Bridges for Music: Glastonbury Partnerhsip

Connect ZA, the Department of Arts & Culture and Pioneer DJ are supporting the Bridges For Music & Glastonbury Festival partnership which will showcase two Cape Town DJs at this year’s festival. We spoke to Thibo Tazz and DJ Fosta,  ahead of their trip to the Glastonbury Festival, taking place 25 to 29 June.


Thibo Tazz

What are you most looking forward to about your trip?

Learning as much about the international music scene as possible and using that information to instil a sense of self-determination in young up and coming artists in our local South African scene.

Are there any connections you are looking to make during your trip?

I am looking forward to experiencing as many performances as I can while up there and connect with various artists from different corners of the music scene. It’s about connecting and collaborating to create incredible music for the world.

What can the Glastonbury audience expect from your set?

I plan to showcase what South African and African house music has to offer to the global music scene. This is the biggest opportunity I’ve been offered so I want to truly represent not only my sounds but the amazing music talent that’s being created in South Africa.

Twitter: @thibotazz


DJ Fosta

What are you most looking forward to about your trip?

Basically, the experience of the bigger market. It is a broader market and more of a niche market as well. Different soil as well: I know that my whole career life I have been performing within my home country, my home township. Now, actually having to perform for a different culture is a great experience on its own. Experiencing other artists from around the world and their performances will also be one of the great moments. There are fifty stages so you can imagine the experience that you are going to get. From our side, I am playing an hour set and just for that hour you get a chance to entertain and showcase your talent. So, within that hour one has to use it to their best to entertain the people.

Are there any connections you are looking to make during your trip?

Yeah, most definitely. Since I was fortunate enough to get a visit from Skrillex, with him coming to my studio, I would definitely like to see him there. The same with Ritchie Hawtin. I know that he is on the line-up at Glastonbury. Also, to experience the huge line-up of other artists.

What can the Glastonbury audience expect from your set?

South African music, first off. I would say sounds that they are not used to hearing - nice fresh stuff. I believe that we are also being used as a tool to showcase what is unknown by the rest of the world. This is our time to showcase that unseen talent.

Twitter: @DjFosta


The Bridges For Music and Glastonbury Festival partnership provides the opportunity for two DJ’s from Cape Town, South Africa to be showcased at this year’s festival. Set to play at Silver Hayes, this is first booking of its kind in the area formerly known as the dance village. The partnership is supported by British Council Connect ZA initiative and The Department of Arts and Culture of South Africa, forming part of The SA-UK Seasons 2014 & 2015. Pioneer DJ have also come on board providing funding in support of the project.

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