UK Japan Education Workshop

As part of our music education project, the British Council presents a creative learning workshop for children and a training session for orchestral musicians in April 2015. The workshop and training is led by Fraser Trainer, a composer and workshop director who has worked with UK orchestras and organisations to develop education and creative programmes.

For professional musicians, the process encourages them to feel comfortable and creative in environments other than that of the concert hall. There is an emphasis on developing, composing, or devising techniques to encourage musicians to have an active involvement in the creative process - and to see how the skills they already possess can be useful in educational and creative situations. A link is often made to orchestral repertoire in order to access the knowledge and skills already inherent in the musicians concerned,  and to make a strong relationship with the real working artistic life of orchestras and their musicians. (

The education workshops are split into two, with a creative workshop for children of all levels and a practical programme designed for orchestral musicians.


Children aged between 9 and 12 with all levels of ability, are invited to take part in a creative music workshop facilitated by Fraser Trainer with the support from a saxophone player, Simon Haram and a trumpet player, Bruce Nockles as well as other Japanese professional musicians.


A practical workshop programme to develop the skills of orchestral musicians in the delivery of creative music education programmes.


Organised and supported by The British Council and Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, these workshops are funded by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation.


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