Goldierocks' China Tour

July, 2015 / July, 2015

The Selector's very own Goldierocks recently visited China to promote the show, UK music and play DJ sets around the country. China already broadcasts The Selector nationally and, like many other countries, they receive the programme in kit form once it's been recorded in London which means they are able to select the sections of the show that will appeal to the regional audience and can replace the DJ commentary with regional presenters. "We’re launching a campaign on the side of buses across the country for #UKmusiconthego where people can scan QR codes and get a free download from an up and coming UK artist" said Goldierocks. Four pairs of winners from the promotion will be offered tickets to Bestival in the UK, "the idea being to generate buzz and excitement around the UK new music scene". You can read more about the bus campaign here.


Goldierocks' first stop was Shanghai and a DJ set at Haven, a vampire-themed nightclub in an old converted church. "The Shanghaise clubbing scene is like the city ... new, flashy and expensive. [The Shanghai] skyline has changed so rapidly in the last four years since I was here, the city is barely recognisable, other than the iconic Bund river and Shanghai TV centre" she said.

It was then onto Beijing, but with only 20 hours to spare there was a lot to pack in: "I stroll round the Forbidden City, go say hey to the embalmed corpse of Chairman Mao and stop for Peking noodles (meat paste with cucumber over cold noodles) by Kunming Lake. I head to Gulou Dong (the Camden of Beijing) to DJ Dada Bar. An infamous vibey alternative spot that’s recently hosted Om Unit, Peter Van Hoesen (of Berghain fame) and Jigsaw. This is my kind of spot- it’s relaxed and effortlessly cool and my warm up DJ Watermelon is slick." And what is the city like? "Beijing is a gritty, colourful city- old sits next to new, tradition next to experimentation. It has depth and complexity and that’s reflected in it’s clubbing scene. Go to Babyface, Modo or Tang for Ibizan style big room clubbing with some of the biggest name international DJs in the world. World of Suzie Wong is one of the longest-running clubs in Beijing, founded in 2002."

Next it's Chongqing, a huge city in south-west China with a population of around 30 million, and the NUTS bar, "a haven and sanctuary for people with genuine taste and an interest in the unconventional" says Goldierocks. "[There are] kids that really know how to bust some moves with a genuine passion & knowledge of grime and dubstep".

Finally, it's Wuhan, "the ‘punk rock’ city of China", and a DJ set at Vox, the city's oldest alternative space. "I play a mix of jungle, dub and deep house and although (judging by appearances) I wouldn’t expect this to necessarily go down that well, they seem so enthralled just by the concept of anything ‘new’ (and international). They’re inquisitive, embracing and open minded albeit again a bit shy. The audience seem in equal parts delighted and confused. A bit like me after this tour really!"

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