Goldierocks in Georgia

August, 2014 / August, 2014

On 25 April 2014, presenter of the Selector radio show DJ Goldierocks (AKA Sam Hall) flew to Tblisi,  Georgia to perform at the Night Club Office and promote the radio show. As well as performing as a global DJ and presenting the Selector Radio show since 2009, Sam also has a background in journalism shared her knowledge of working as a DJ and journalist in two workshops whilst in Tblisi.

In the first of two workshops Sam spoke with journalists from Georgian TV, radio, social and printed media and staff from the Selector in Georgia radio partner, Green wave radio discussing the music industry in the UK, the Selector radio and her experience and background in journalism. Sam also presented a workshop focussing on her career as a DJ for a group of emerging Georgian DJs, discussing with the participants how she combines live and radio DJ-ing and the aims of the Selector Radio show.