SRA Student Submissions 2013

August, 2014 / August, 2014

In September 2013 we launched the Selector Student Radio initiative along with our production partner Folded Wing which gave six students the chance to present a special SRA version of The Selector on their own University stations. Following the model of The Selector Radio show that Goldierocks presents every week, the students were encouraged to get creative with the format and take the opportunity to make the show their own. They received an in depth radio production and presenting training day at Folded Wing and below you can read how they have got on in the last six months and have a listen to a lovely montage of each of the four finalists shows.  We have listened closely to the finalists showreels and have a chosen a winner who will travel to Mexico City this Summer to work at our partner station there, the fabulous Ibero 90.9FM.  The winner will be announced at the Student Radio Conference on 8 April 2014.  


Louis Chadwick

"Hosting the SRA Selector on Shock Radio has been a magnificent experience. From the interviews with awesome musicians; to a special outside broadcast at a historic gig venue: the show has given me the chance to better myself as a producer with all the prep, research and multi platform I’ve tried to do; and as a presenter, with new music to enthuse about, shed loads of interviews and two hours on-air to make my own.

When I applied to host the show, I said I wanted to make the show sound fresh, out-of-the-box and spot-on for a young student audience. As soon as I downloaded the first kit programme - including the playlist, some interview material, and the track notes - I must have been a bit overwhelmed by the sheen of the whole production. I immediately slipped in to ‘serious’ mode and meticulously planned the shows, make a crazy amount of notes on my show plans, and every week for about two months I could not get my head around why my shows sounded a bit bland!!

If there’s one huge learn from the whole experience, it’s to be yourself. I’ve heard it said in so many lectures/workshops before but until doing this programme I hadn’t properly experienced it. I was trying to be a talking-Wikipedia about all the new music I was playing and forgetting to have a good laugh, some funny features, chat about some awesome music, and do so each week as myself. " - Louis Chadwick at Shock Radio – University of Salford

Lauren Rosewarne

"Making a student version of The Selector has been a fantastic experience, and definitely a highlight of my time in student radio (perhaps even of University!). The Selector is an incredibly diverse, refreshing show to present, and I’ve really enjoyed talking about, and (hopefully) inspiring others to listen to new music. Being given the freedom to make the show our own with the full support of industry professionals is reassuring and gave me a big confidence boost. I feel that I’ve developed a tremendous amount as radio presenter and producer in these short six months, and that the plethora of skills I have learnt will really aid me in my career. Overall, the show has been loads of fun to do and I’m so grateful to Folded Wing and the British Council for this opportunity!" - Lauren Rosewarne at RaW1251am – University of Warwick

Jack Saunders

"Being able to work with Folded Wing and the British Council to present and produce the SRA Selector has been an amazing experience! I walked into Folded HQ expecting to have to present the show exactly how they wanted it, but in true student radio style they asked us to get creative with the show and create something that catered our local audience in our own style.

I think the thing I’ve most enjoyed is filming, recording, producing and mixing all my own sessions each for the show (with the help of my producer George), It was really important to me that the program showcased as much local talent the Midlands had to offer as possible. There are so many great acts in the region, we did our best to get the best ones out there for people to consume.

It felt great to be a part of Kagoule’s and Indiana’s journey, two Midlands acts who we supported and have now ended up on The Selector playlist, that’s a really nice sense of achievement!" - Jack Saunders at Fly FM – Nottingham Trent University

Mike Walmsley

"Doing the SRA Selector has essentially taken over my final year at University. Usually third year is all about spending time in libraries and with personal tutors, for me it's been about iTunes libraries and spending time with the best bands Sheffield has on offer. Without Folded Wing's friendly nudge in the right direction, I may have never had the confidence or initiative to regularly approach artists about coming on Forge Radio, but now it's just part of my job. It's become something that will last as a legacy on our station. Having built a base of local contacts and friends, we're able to provide a unique spotlight on Sheffield's scene with regular interviews and sessions - something that will be continued once I've graduated.

The healthy competition exhibited by the other stations was a constant reminder that you can never rest on your laurels in radio. I also realised that their is no reason why your station can't sound as professional as the major players', given the necessary enthusiasm and thirst to learn. Ultimately, with the help of the Folded Wing team I feel like I've been ambassador for British culture this year. Despite the stress of balancing my final year at University with a lead singer who's brought a two litre bag of wine on air, I wouldn't change a thing." - Mike Walmsley at Forge Radio – University of Sheffield