UK Music Scene

The UK has a thriving music sector of great richness, breadth and diversity. It is one of its most valuable assets and includes:

  • The classical music sector, admired globally for its quality and innovation, its access and education work, and the strongest roster of compositional talent in the UK since the 17th century.
  • The places where music, media, technology and other art forms combine to inspire experimental and audio-visual work of all kinds, from soundtracks to sound art.
  • The independent sector which can be experimental and risk-taking, but can also be commercially successful that spans and spawns innovative talent and diversity in the music scene, from dubstep to cutting-edge jazz, from electronica to roots and folk, through a more independent industry network.
  • The successful, vibrant commercial rock and pop market, a major export promoting internationally-known names globally, supported by a complex nuanced industry of record labels, publishers, live agents and promoters - perhaps the only part of the industry we do not engage with.