DIY Music Culture: Punk and Grime Podcast with Jon Savage and Hyperfrank

2016 marks the 40 year anniversary of punk. The legacy of punk inspired a whole generation of bands and its DIY ethos was central to its influence on music, style and politics. Grime has often been compared to punk in its energy, dynamism and DIY ethic. As a uniquely British genre of music, it's also said to have emerged from, and be rooted in a particular urban geography and time.

In our latest Arts podcast, two writers, Jon Savage and Laura Brosnan (AKA Hyperfrank) are in conversation to discuss DIY music culture and compare the punk and grime scenes.

Jon Savage is a writer, journalist and broadcaster, best known for his work on punk and youth culture, including the award-winning history of the Sex Pistols, England's Dreaming. His most recent book 1966: The Year the Decade Exploded, is out now.

Laura Brosnan, better known as Hyperfrank, has specialised in music journalism - and specifically UK grime - for the last decade. From her start breaking new acts and filtering content on her blog, Hyperfrank - Hyper About Grime, she's written about music everywhere from grassroots publications to magazines and broadsheets.


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