SRA Selector with Almond Hernandez: The Bestival Experience

Hi, Almond. Tell us about your time at Bestival …

Before going, I wasn't really familiar with Bestival – I’ve only had listened to other people's stories – so I really didn't know what to expect. It was quite an experience! I mean, we don't have that kind of festival here [in Mexico] …  you know? The train, the ferry, the shuttle, all the queues, the huge place, the crowd (the festival was sooo packed) … really a BIG thing. But after testing the waters, and once I knew the whole spot, everything was amazing.

How did you find the camping experience?

I will not lie, the camping really gave me a hard time, I’m not really into camping, and I don’t have any camping skills, so yes, it was a challenge. I didn't have that much sleep and stuff, but by the end I figured it out. And it wasn’t bad, I was very cold, I think that was the only thing that gave me real trouble, but well, I’m always cold jaja.

And the British weather?

It wasn’t bad, until Saturday. I think that really messed up the beginning of the day but in the evening everything [cleared up].

And what do you take away from the whole trip?

I think the biggest learning was about myself, I thought it was going to be really hard for me to adapt to the whole situation. The thing is I really hadn’t travelled by my own, ever. So, I learned that I’m really capable to achieve everything I really want or wish.

Above: Almond Hernandez (centre) with Coldcut at Ninja Tune.