Beyond A BPM

Beyond a BPM explores London’s creative dynamic through the eyes of the musicians, producers and designers who are blurring the lines between art, music and fashion, featuring Gaika, Visionist, Liam Hodges, James Massiah and Sports Militia.

The London music scene has never been more important or influential. Something is happening, but what that thing is nobody really knows. It’s a sprawling collective movement, taking in influences from dozens of different genres. Despite this wide-ranging diversity, its sounds and aesthetics are already distinct. London is at a pivotal moment and the film below attempts to explore the energy around it.

“It's up to us as artists to create and curate those support networks, those spaces in which art can flourish.”

- Gaika

This is the first in a new series of films, in partnership with Boiler Room, exploring how cities shape the influences and creative processes of musicians and artists. These films focus on the collective, sometimes DIY approach many artists take, to give an insight into how emerging creative scenes develop in the UK.


Beyond a BPM

Please note, the film includes some strong language. Beyond A BPM was directed by Chris Read with Creative Production by Hector Aponysus.



To accompany the film, Boiler Room invited a few of the featured artists – Endgame, Yayoyanoh and James Massiah – to produce mixes that resonate with London in 2016. Listen below: