Film: Glasgow's New Wave

Produced in collaboration with the British Council, Boiler Room present a new film about the next wave of Glasgow producers looking beyond techno for inspiration.

Please note the film contains some strong language.


Glasgow's New Wave

Although widely regarded as a city built on house and techno, Glasgow's New Wave shines a light on some of the city's new blood and their DIY ethos; these emerging producers and musicians are looking beyond the traditional staples for inspiration. Featured in the film are Heka Trax boss Nightwave, Astral Black label head Jon Phonics and label crew Bushido, Rapture 4D and DJ Milktray, emerging grime producer Polonis, OH141 promoter and DJ Sarra Wild, Big Miz, Femme Fresh and more, all of whom paint a vibrant, alternate picture of underground music culture in Glasgow. One notable shoot location is Green Door Studios which is a pivotal space in supporting the DIY culture explored in the film. As well as honing in on the club scene, the film also addresses issues of gender balance in the city and documents the success of a weekly DJ workshop held at iconic Glasgow venue, The Art School.

This is the latest in our evolving series of films, produced with Boiler Room, exploring how cities shape and influence musicians, creatives and artists. In November, the focus was London and the film, Beyond A BPM, features Gaika, Visionist, Liam Hodges, James Massiah and Sports Militia.