Online Session: Cultural Heritage and Identity in Contemporary Arts and Music

Join us for our latest online session, exploring contemporary artistic responses to Vietnam’s film and music heritage. 


FAMLAB Open Session: Cultural Heritage and Identity in Contemporary Practice

Thursday 26 November 2020, 14.30 – 16.00 (UK time) / 20.30 – 22.00 (VN time)

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Vietnam and Heritage of Future Past

This session will explore how traditional music can thrive in contemporary culture. We welcome three Scottish Musicians - Tom Bancroft, Esther Swift and David Shedden - along with Inra Jaka - a performer of Cham heritage - who all took part in a month-long residency in Hoi An in 2019. This FAMLAB x Seaphony collaboration, was a folk music orchestra collaboration exploring the traditional musical heritage of Vietnam and Scotland. We will also be joined by Kim Ngoc - composer, and founder of Hanoi New Music Festival - whose work draws on traditional influences in a contemporary context.

Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups each with their own traditions in arts and music, and the British Council’s Heritage of Future Past programme has been exploring how music and film heritage plays a role in contemporary culture. Our Heritage of Future Past programme addresses aspects of Vietnam’s music and film heritage that are under-represented or at high risk of disappearing. The FAMLAB (Film, Archive, Music LAB) strand of the programme supports creative responses to this heritage by contemporary artists, including projects by Vietnamese artists in collaboration with UK artists and producers.