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Jamz Supernova's Final Show! | Uncle Dugs, TSHA, Shygirl, Nia Archives | 29 Dec 2023

Rachel Chinouriri - Riptide

TYSON - Show Me Love (Live from SXSW)

Ishmael Ensemble - Waterfall (Live from SXSW)

Bree Runway - Pressure

Lime Garden - Pulp

Snowy - All that Matters (Live from Selector at 20)

Hannah Peel - If After Weeks Of Early Sun feat. Paraorchestra

DJ Paulette Conversation

Anz - Loos in Twos

SCALER - Remain In Statis (Feat. Grove) (Houndstooth)

Uncle Dugs Conversation

I. Jordan - Only Said Enough

Jockstrap - 50/50

Emma Jean-Thackray - Venus (Black Science Orchestra Remix)

English Teacher Link Up1

English Teacher - R&B

Barry Can’t Swim - Sunday At Glasto

TSHA Get To Know

TSHA - Badadaba

TSHA - Me You

Yard Act - Gangsters (The Specials Cover) (At Home Session)

Shygirl Get To Know

Shygirl - misery

Shygirl - O

Shygirl - bb

Taahliah - Bourgeoisie

Nia Archives Mix

Bakey - Limit

Reek0 - Setting feat. Nia Archives

Bailey Ibbs - Gurl

p-rallel - Lundun Ting

Jamz Mix from Istanbul

Ezra Collective feat. Sampa The Great - Life Goes On

Wet Leg - Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)

Sinead O’Brien - Spare For My Size, Me

Comet Is Coming - Atomic Wave Dance

Working Men’s Club - Money Is More (Toddla T Remix)


Sian Eleri | Bonsi, Mo Ayoub, ButhoTheWarrior | 22 Dec 2023

Sharda - Have You Here (Coil Records & Supernature)

Matica - Boatman (Dance Regular)

Chimpo - Screwball Scramble (Gutterfunk)

Rohaan - run away (Feat. Kelbin & Just_Lil) (UKF)

Last Nubian & Sweet Fruity Brunch - Babylon Shuffle (Feat. Achante) (Touching Bass)

98Poly - Earthstar (self-release)

Bonsi - Four Faces (Gold Day)

Bruce - Rush Of Love (Timedance)

Amaliah - Helix

Elmeine - Love, You Should’ve Come Over

Ezra Collective - Victory Dance

Miles Spilsbury - Uig (Soul Jazz Records)

Memotone - Door To The Sky (The Trilogy Tapes)

Iceboy Violet - Paris, Bradford (Fixed Abode)

Jæd - All Abandon

Jack Storm & Jock Begg - Wallpaper (New Vision Records)

Hockeysmith - All Of It

Oppidan - You & I (Oppidan Music)

Lu.re-It Girl (White Label (Dub)

Cody Currie - Hot Water (Feat. Cor.ece) (Razor-N-Tape)

Jasper Kirkton - Phase Locking (unreleased)

Steve Arrington - Dancin' in the speed of light (OOFT! edit)

Japer Kirkton - Tony Tribute (unreleased)

ButhoTheWarrior & Rebecca Vasmant - Tribute to Brother Ahh (unreleased)

VLURE - This Is Not The End (Self-Released)


THE KTNA Session | HONESTY, Ruth Kilpatrick, inda Flo | 15 Dec 2023

Manni Dee - Super Soaker feat. Grove

Minas - The Public Aint Spoken feat. FREDDY FORBIDDEN

Iglooghost - Collision Data (Feat. Marina Herlop)

Barry Can’t Swim - Always Get Through To You (Feat. Surya Sen)

pecq - out loud

Emmeline - The Sky Tonight

The Link Up


Bina. - Dopamine

Cristale - Artiste

Valentina - Deadweight

The KTNA - MBD (Live Session Track)

The KTNA - Summer Never Dies (Live Session Track)

Jorge - Ruckus

C Turtle - Have You Ever Heard A Turtle SingBetty - Take Me Under

Kaeto - Little Me

Tastemaker Tip: Ruth Kilpatrick

samxemma - Video Starrr

£MONZO & Lamsi - S.I.T

ADC - Wonder BoyMoses Ideka & phil - Do It For You

Hezen - Pure Again

Ewan Mcvicar - Rozelle

Leon Vynehall - Duofade

= After Dark Preview: inda Flo =

La Fuente & Funk D - Irish (Club Edit)

Dusty Dan - String won          

yourboykiran - SA Funky


T. Williams feat. Terri Walker - Heartbeat (Roska Remix)


Leeds Special | Ntantu, Junior Simba, Live at Leeds | 8 Dec 2023

Nia Archives - So Tell Me (Special Request Remix)

TC & The Groove Family - Suckerpunch (NikNak Remix)

Graft - String Vest Riddim

Nubiyan Twist - So Mi Stay

Ntantu X Browny Pondis - Rosalin

Iration Steppas & Tena Stelin - Locks

Corrine Bailey Rae - Earthlings

Leeds Student Radio’s Guide to Leeds:

Yard Act - Dream Job

Powerplant - Hey! Mr. Dogman

English Teacher - World’s Biggest Paving Slab

B-ahwe - Infected

Gotts Street Park & Parthenope - Portofino

Awen Ensemble - Over The Lake

Jessie Marcella - Mother (Slowed + Reverb)

Sunkissed Child - Palate Cleanser feat. Telixa

Tastemaker Tip: Joe Hubbard, Futuresound Group / Live at Leeds

Anthony Szmierek - The Words To Auld Lang Syne

Temz & Caution - Leeds Town

DMs Open Track:

Joel Simmy - Mislead

Van Houten - Coming Of Age

Mankeepitdeep - when life gives you lemons make nimbu paani

Nightmares On Wax -  Reclaim The Balcony pt 2

Samiel - Movements

After Dark Preview: Junior Simba:

Dan Be - Warp

Camden Cox - Touching Me (Instrumental Mix)

GEE LEE X Remey Club - Way We Do it feat. Scruffizer

Junior Simba - Head Round

HONESTY - MR. SPEAKER (feat. Rarelyalways) [Hagop Tchaparian Remix]


ALT BLK ERA | Minas, Ryussi, Sŵn Festival | 1 Dec 2023

Tyler Daley - All I Need (Self-release)

Blue Lab Beats - Never Doubt (Blue Adventure)

Nubiyan Twist - So Mi Stay (Strut Records)

TS Lagga & Shakes - WDIW?

Rainy Miller & Space Afrika - Sweet (I’m Free) feat. RenzNiro & Iceboy Violet (Fixed Abode)

Mandy, Indiana & Clipping. - Sheared (Pinking Shears Remix) (Fire Talk)

The Link Up: Minas

Minas - Chatty Patty (Silent Kid Records)

Miso Extra - 2nd Floor (Transgressive)

HONESTY - SEAMS (Partisan)


The Prodigy - Omen

ALT BLK ERA - I’m Not Normally Like This

Delilah Bon featuring ALT BLK ERA - Witch

Spider - straight out of the oven ! (Self-release)

Chalk - The Gate (Nice Swan)

Ex Agent - Clutch/5 (Self-release)

Quade - The Balance (AD93)

Tastemaker Tip: Will Dickins from Swn Festival

Muriel - Body of Light (Venn Records)

Clara Pople - Balance (Nutopia Music)

DMs Open Track:

Leo Chaves - bright old eyes

Nairao & Deca OTA - No Trust (Self-release)

Anish Kumar - Crab Noodling (AWAL Recordings)

Amaliah - Helix (On Loop)

= After Dark Preview: Ryussi =

ORC-A - IC01 (Ryussi Remix)

Ryussi - Absent

Ryussi - State of Flow

Tim Reaper - 5:48AM  Sunrise (DV Records)


Miso Extra and corto.alto live | Deb Grant, shortstraw., Maia Beth, Wrongtom | 24 Nov 2023

Biig Piig - Watch Me (Sony)

Shygirl feat. Cosha - Thicc (Because Music)

Ney Liqa - Blomster (Brownswood)

Celestial North - Otherworld (1142994 Records)

Neev - Forever Time (Trapped Animal)

The Link Up

shortstraw. - Clean Up

The Smile - Wall of Eyes (XL Recordings)

Miso Extra

Miso Extra - 50 50 (Live for New Music Fix Live)

Miso Extra - Adventures of Tricky N Duke (Live for New Music Fix Live)


corto.alto - Bad With Names (Live from New Music Fix Live)

corto.alto - EJS (Live from New Music Fix Live)

NXKXTA - Hopeless Kind (Drowned In Sound)

Carla J Easton - SUGAR HONEY (Olive Grove Records)

Fergus Quill - Allegroes (Tight Line)

Tastemaker Tip: Maia Beth - BBC Radio 1 and BBC introducing presenter

Sekou - Time Will Tell (Island)

O - ATM (Speedy Wunderground)

Pippa Blundell - Sisters (Self-release)

DMs Open Track

VALENTINA - Deadweight (Self-released)

pink suits - Refuse the Rules (Self-release)

Terra Kin - Inheritance (Unreleased)

James Adrian Brown - UVB-76 (Castles In Space)

After Dark Preview: WrongTom

The Slits - So Tough (Rough Mix) (Island)

Django Django ft Toya Delazy - Galaxy Mood (Wrongtom Remix) (Because)

Yussef Dayes - Gelato (Brownswood)

Pama International Meets Wrongtom - Dubbing In Innerspace (Happy People)

John Francis Flynn - Kitty (River Lea recordings)


Cooper T Live Session | Oram Awards: No Home, Great Escape Festival, Kitty Amor Mix | 17 Nov 2023

Vegyn - Halo Flip feat. Lauren Auder

Sam Akpro - Death By Entertainment

George Riley - Star

Grove - Circumference feat. EJ:AKIN

Lord Apex - In Your Heart feat. Greentea Peng

The Link Up: No Home

No Home - Like A Religion

Adwaith - Addo

Heartworms - May I Comply

Samrai - Bhangbow

Cooper T Session Package

Cooper T - Original (Live Session Track)

Cooper T - Scared (Live Session Track)

deep tan - xenomorph queen

Peter Xan - Rejection Anthem

Ch!mes - In a Hurry

Tastemaker Tip: Adam Ryan, Booker for The Great Escape in Brighton

UGLY - The Wheel (Cambridge)

The New Eves - Mother

Bonsi - Four Faces

DMs Open Track

Kancho Club feat. Andre Espeut - Cobalt

IMOGEN X DJ Stingray 313 - A New Earth

Toya Delazy - Bambelela

Riddla - Tek Ur Time feat. Scrufizzer

= After Dark Preview: Kitty Amor =

Spencer Brown, Wilt Claybourne & Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Awu Wemadoda (Kitty Amor Remix) [Unreleased]

Kitty Amor & Somadina - I Saw An Angel On The Roof & Wept (The Amor Effect Dub)

Monki & lau.ra - Feels Darker (Feel It) (Kitty Amor Remix)

Kitty Amor - Solitude

Kokoroko - War Dance (Hagan Remix)


London Jazz Festival | Emma Johnson, MABGATE, Luca Manning, TC & The Groove Family | 10 Nov 2023

House Gospel Choir - Angels (2fox Disco Reprise)

p-rallel - Walk Away

Porij - You Should Know Me

Daniel Avery - Need Electric (2023 Redux)

Jockstrap & Taylor Skye - Good Girl

The Link Up

O. - Slice

Abel Selaocoe - Qhawe / Hero

London Jazz Festival

Marla Kether - All That We Have (Feat. Sofia Grant)

Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat - Home

MABGATE - Club 45

Luca Manning - Welcome To Asteria

Rarelyalways - CC (Live from The Great Escape 2023)

TC & The Groove Family - Weh Dem A Do Feat. Franz Von (Nikitch Remix)

Man/Woman/Chainsaw - What Lucy Found There

Aidan - Crimson

DMs Open Track

Alex Luke - DNA feat. Hayley Brown

Misskayshak - Issues / Elevation

SHEARS - Made To Move

Tastemaker Tip: Vic Galloway

Callum Easter - Dark Angel

Kuntessa - Hair Everywhere

Lone - Waterfall Reverse

DJ Titch + Young Wilf  - Pirate Station (FM Refix)

After Dark Preview: Fliss Mayo

Magugu - Fully Don Tunup (prod. Cando)

Box 5ive - Silicate

Pluralist - Console

Yak - Don Greno

Peder Mannerfelt - Clear Eyes, Full Heart (Henzo Bootleg)

Puncta - Treats

Bon - Data Point Dolly


Scottish Music Awards | Young Fathers, No Windows, Scarlett O'Malley | 3 Nov 2023

Barry Can’t Swim - Dance of the Crab (Ninja Tune)

KILIMANJARO - Hit Em With It (Higher Ground)

Shelf Lives - KIDS (Modern Sky UK)

Link Up: Psykhi - Dancing Shoes (Self-release)

Chiminyo - Mirrors (NRG)

Casisdead - Marilyn (Feat. Connie Constance) (XL Recordings)

Connie Constance - Monty Python (Live from Selector at 20)


Fergus McCreadie - Glade (Edition Records)

Brooke Coombe - Praise (Modern Sky UK)

LVRA - Soft Like Steel (Jensen Interceptor Remix) (Eastern Margins)

No Windows - Shout (Self-release)

Young Fathers - I Saw (Ninja Tune)

Gretel Hanlyn - Cry Me A River (VLF Records)

Toni Sancho - Goodbye! (Blue Daisy / Universal)

Kilu - Lifeguard (Self release)

Midnight Rodeo - Thank You For Your Time (Fat Cat Records)

DMs Open Track: Maria Olsen - No Fun (Self-release)

Jericho Noguera - The Shape (DMY)

Perry - Rafa (Feat. Knucks) (Out Deh Records)

Niji - Maybe We Will (AERONXUTICS)

kwes e - good things take time (escape plan)

Tastemaker Tip: George Pritchard from Defected Records

Somadina - I Saw An Angel On The Roof And Wept (Kitty Amor's Remix) (Defected)

Karen Nyame KG - Nightryde (Feat. Leonce) (Rhythm In The City)

SICARIA - Still Swingin (Club Confi:DANCE)

After Dark Preview: Scarlett O’Malley

Scarlett O’Malley - Say Yes To The Groove

Scarlett O’Malley - Hey! Party People (Semi Delicious)

Scarlett O’Malley - Calling Fools Gold

MPH - Bad Day (Self-release)


Black History Month Special | Richie Brave, OneDa, Kilimanjaro | 27 Oct 2023

VV Brown - History

Sampha - Can’t Go Back

Sanity - Black Eye Remix feat. Kofi Stone

Ghetts - Laps feat. Moonchild Sanelly

Link Up

OneDa - Rude Girl Flex

Alt Blk Era - Oggy

Black History Month Panel

Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U

The Harry J All Stars - Liquidator

The Upsetters - Return of Django

Beyonce - Alien Superstar

Amaria BB - Go

Daudi Matsiko - I Am Grateful For My Friends

Lizzie Berchie - Lost A Little

Moses Ideka - Won’t Be Waiting

DMs Open Track

Tara Mills - Addiction

Sola - Paradise

Honesty - Mr Speaker feat. Rarelyalways (Hagop Tchaparian Remix)

Tastemaker Tip: Elijah

The Ascension - I Said What I Said

Marla Kether - All That We Have feat. Sofia Grant

Otik - Cosmosis

After Dark Preview: Kilimanjaro

Skepta, Amy Winehouse - Can’t Play Myself

KILIMANJARO, Junior Simba - Channel Z


Sammy Virji - Shella Verse

Van Damn - Blame It On The Baseline

Disclosure - Looking For Love (salute remix)

Ryussi - Pleasures


Welsh Music Prize | Deb Grant, Maruja, Beyond The Music, Future Utopia | 20 Oct 2023

The Last Dinner Party - My Lady Of Mercy (Island Records)

Oneda - Rude Girl Flex (Heavenly Recordings)

Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21 - For The Love Of It (Wah Wah 45’s)

The Link Up (Recorded at Beyond the Music in Manchester)

Maruja - One Hand Behind The Devil (Self-Released)

Coma World - Rings (Byrd Out)

Córas Trio - George White’s (Self Released)

Ego Ella May - Undone (Self Released)

Welsh Music Prize Focus

Adwaith - Wedi Blino (Libertino Records)

Overmono - So U Kno (XL Recordings)

Minas - Chatty Patty (Silent Kid)

Rogue Jones - Triongl Dyfed (Libertino Records)

Rogue Jones - 155 bpm (Libertino Records)

Hot Chip &  Yunè Pinku - Fire of Mercy (Domino)

Scarlett O’Malley - Hey! Party People (Semi Delicious)

HAAi - ZIGGY (!K7)

Baby Pink - Gimme (Fish Eye Records)

Nathan Fake - Guiro (Cambria Instruments)

Robin Elliot - Another Country (Self-Released)

Tastemaker Tip: Abbie McCarthy, BBC Music Introducing in Kent

South Arcade - Sound of an Empty Room (Live from BBC Music Introducing at Beyond the Music)

Bex Burch - On Falling (International Anthem)

Sirene - Fast Lane (Self-Released)

Lawne - Beta Pan (Wah Wah 45’s)

After Dark Preview: Future Utopia

Future Utopia - This Time (Future Utopia After Dark Mix) (70Hz Recordings)

Jungle - Back on ‘74 (Joy Anonymous Remix) (Caiola Records)

Emmeline - The Sky Tonight (Future Utopia After Dark Remix) (70Hz Recordings)

Barry Can’t Swim - Deadbeat Gospel feat. somedeadbeat (Ninja Tune)

Rupert Cox - The Nowhere Dance (Albert’s Favourites)


Save The Night Fund | Elijah, Theo Bleak, Deb Grant, Onipa | 13 Oct 2023

lau.ra - Do That feat. Surya Sen (Defected Records)

Lynks - New Boyfriend (Heavenly Recordings)

Florentino - Pressure feat. Shygirl (XL Recordings)

Obongjayar - Who Let Him In (September Recordings)

Link Up with Theo Bleak:

Theo Bleak - It’s Not Doing Me Any Good (Bold Cut)

English Teacher - Nearly Daffodils (Universal-Island Records Ltd.)

Kelvin Krash - HOLLOW (KRASHED)

Jeshi - Paid Partnership (Self Released)

Interview with Elijah:

SX - Woo Riddim

Yussef Dayes, Alfa Mist Ft Mansur Brown & Rocco Palladino – Love Is The Message

Elijah & Jammz - Start With Why

Folly Group - Big Ground (So Young Records)

Mary & The Junkyard - Tuesday (AMF Records)

EASYFUN - Audio (All I Ever Got) (PC Music)

Lord Of The Isles - My Noise is Nothing featuring Ellen Renton ( AD 93)

Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat - Northern Flame (Self-Released)

Kristie Killick - Men Need Love Too (2184034 Records DK2)

Tastemaker Tip - Deb Grant:

Co-Pilot - Motosaka (Dell'Orso Records)

Lee Gamble - Blurring (Hyperdub)

Karen Nyame KG - P.L.L. (Pretty Little Liar) ( Rhythm In The City)

Bryte - Zongo Boy ( COLORSxSTUDIOS)

After Dark Preview: Onipa

Renegade Brass Band - Supernova (Tom Excell Remix) (Nah'm Sayin' Records)

Little Simz - Gorilla (Living Originals)

Little Simz - Gorilla (Onipa Future flip)  (Living Originals)

Africaine 808 - Tummy Tummy (Auntie Flo Remix) (

Onipa - No Commando (Real World Records)

Disclosure - Etran (Universal-Island Records Ltd.)

Mina & Bryte - See Something (Earth Kicks)

NEONE The Wonderer - Ragjazz (Self-released)

Tom Excell - Kalimbadboy (Unreleased)

Melt Yourself Down - Release (The Leaf Label)

Scratchclart - X Rated feat. Mez & Skream (DRMTRK)

Electric Jalaba - Merhaba (Self-released)

Evian Christ  - On Embers (​​Warp Records)


Beyond The Music Festival | Oli Wilson, Stacy N.K.R, Donsurf | 6 Oct 2023

Corinne Bailey Rae - Earthlings (Thirty Tigers)

Jorja Smith - Greatest Gift (Feat. Lila Iké) FAMM

muva of Earth - no one else has your magik! (Brownswood Recordings)

The KTNA - Smile

The Link Up

Stacy N.K.R - Feel A Way (Self Released)

Natanya - Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes

Bruce - Broken (Timedance)

O. - Slice  (Speedy Wunderground)


Cooper T - Back Then

Mother Sky - Myth of the West

Loose Articles - Chaos

HotWax - Phone machine (Marathon Artists)

Aziya - Chain (LAB Records)

Psykhi - Dancing Shoes

Maya Randle - Without You (Pack Recs)

Sol Paradise - Beehive feat. Mopher Crook

Creative Principle - Hold (Liberal Art)

Honesty - Tune In Tune Out (Partisan Records)

Tastemaker Tip: Nadia Khan, Artist Manager and Chair of the Association of Independent Music.

CRISTALE - Roadents (OVO Sound)


96 BACK - Cross This Heart (Local Action)

Eliza Rose - Take You There (One House / Warner)

After Dark Preview: Donsurf

Dubplates from E14 - Oye Como Va (Broken mix)

Dinah Derby - Baseline Music (Bruk Rodgers Rework)

Matica - Boatman

Donsurf - Move

EVM128 - Gamma Riddim (IG Culture Remix ft Sticky Dub)

Buckley - Bass, Mids, Tops

Delian Sound - Secrets

Nuff Pedals - Encompass

Romderful - ONE DAY!!


Yussef Dayes | Jorge | DJ Cuddles | 29 Sep 2023

Big Special - Desperate Breakfast (So Recordings)

Viji - Karaoke (Speedy Wunderground)

Shae O.T & BackRoad Gee - Choices (Since 93)

Maria Uzor - Sometimes They Look At You (Self Released)

LVRA - Welcome (Aloka Remix) (Eastern Margins)

The Link Up

Jorge - Same Sh** (Self Released)

Rudi Creswick & Ni Maxine - Dark Days Are Done (Self Released)

Yussef Dayes Interview Playback

Yussef Dayes - Raisins Under The Sun (feat. Shabaka Hutchings) (Brownswood Recordings)

Yussef Dayes - Pon Di Plaza (feat. Chronixx) (Brownswood Recordings)

Yussef Dayes - Marching Band (feat. Masego) (Brownswood Recordings)

Yussef Dayes - Black Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey) (Brownswood Recordings)

DameDame* - A Stranger (Robots & Humans)

Theo Bleak - It’s Not Doing Me Any Good (Bold Cut)

Tastemaker Tip Off: Emily Pilbeam, BBC Music Introducing

Claudia Fenoglio - Forever (Kycker Music)

Posh Chocolates - Weird & Bizarre (GODMODE)

Comfy - Wave 23 (Self Released)

Holly - Summer Lover (Self Released)

SICARIA - Freak 2 Freak (Club Confi:DANCE)

Hey, Baby - XX (Self Released)

Anna Gram - Cut Through The Noise (Correspondent Records)

Amy Dabbs - Only Breaks Can Love Your Heart (Heist)

After Dark Preview: DJ Cuddles

DJ Cuddles - Bup Bup (Self Released)

Sally C - All Love (Big Saldo’s Chunkers)

Big Miz - Satanic Panic (Dansu Discs)

Posthuman - The Fixer (Balkan Vinyl)

The Trip - Boom Operator (Tessellate)

Yarni - Rummy (Sound Records)


AIM Awards | Nadia Khan, Ade Oyejobi, Gaika | 22 Sept 2023

Delilah Holliday - Liquid Pearl (One Little Independent Records)

Deijuvhs - Gaunt (Self Released)

Lime Garden - Love Song (So Young)

Jasper Tygner - Ready (feat. Art School Girlfriend) (Self Released)

Loraine James - I DM U (Hyperdub)

Jaydonclover - spend the night (feat. Kadiata) ([NOSPACES])

The Link Up

Ade Oyejobi - Writer’s Block (Self Released)

Cleo Sol - Self (Forever LIving Originals)

Interview with Nadia Khan - AIM Awards

Lethal Bizzle - Rari Workout (feat. Tempa T & JME) (Stay Dench Records)

Shygirl - Wildfire (Because Music)

Laughta - Garbage (Self Released)

Sega Bodega - Arena! (feat. Safety Trance) (NUXXE)

Minas - Chatty Patty (Self Released)

Calva Louise - Square One (Sel Released)

Yowl - The Machine (Clue Records/EMI North)

Tastemaker Tip Off: Megan Townsend - Deputy Editor, Mixmag

Fiyahdred - Overtime (Club Djembe)

Mustbejohn - Just A Glimpse (mustbejohn)

Trooh Hippi - Smile (Maintain The Fantasy)

Rojaz - Cafe (Other Projects)

Cathy Jain - Goddess (Godless Records)

Rainy MIller & Space Afrika - Maybe It’s Time To Lay Down The Arms (feat. Mica Levi) (Fixed Abode)

Gaika - Sublime (Big Dada)

After Dark Preview: Gaika

Glor1a - Save Me

Model 500 - No UFO’s (Metroplex)

Inga Copeland - So Far, So Clean (World Music)

Steven Julien - Bloodline (Apron)

Louis VI - IT’S OK (Ilosu Remix)

Shanti Celeste & Hodge - Whispers (Deep Mix) (Peach Discs)


Mercury Music Prize | Tshepo Mokoena, PRIDO, Art School Girlfriend | 15 Sep 2023

James Blake - Tell Me (Republic/Polydor)

Tizah - No Limit (Domino)

Gaika - Drift On (Big Dadda)

Coach Party - All Of My Friends (Chess Club)

Alabaster dePlume - Sibomandi (feat. Falle Nioke) (International Anthem)

Yussef Dayes - Pon Di Plaza (feat. Chronixx) (Brownswood Recordings)

Ezra Collective - Victory Dance (Live from Mercury Prize) (Partisan)

corto-alto - Latency (New Soil)

Mercury Prize Interview with Tshepo Mokoena

Lankum - Lord Abore and Mary Flynn (Rough Trade)

Jockstrap - Debra (Rough Trade)

Young Fathers - I Saw (Live from Mercury Prize) (Ninja Tune)

Whitelands - The Prophet & I (Sonic Cathedral)

Mellt - Byth Bythol (Clwb Music)

Valentina - Love Myself (Tocca Te)

Tastemaker Tip Off: Jasmine Takhar (BBC Introducing for Asian Network)

Deeps - Bruised (NOWHERE-NEAR)

BabyMorocco x Frost Children - SXC (True Panther/Virgin)

The Link Up

Prido - Patience (Self Release)

Kilimanjaro & Junior Simba - Channel Z (Higher Ground)

Body Clinic - Ephemeral Revolution (Hardline)

SCALER - Loam (feat. Daniel Avery) (Houndstooth)

After Dark Preview - Art School Girlfriend

1-800 Girls - 90% (Self Release)

Elkka & Jeigo - Body (!K7 Records)

Art School Girlfriend - Real Life (Art School Girlfriend Remix) (Unreleased)

Josh Caffe - Poppa Zesque (feat. Al White) (Phantasy)


The Hundred Live Tracks | Joe Winter, Creole Cuts | 08 Sep 2023

Problem Patterns - Letter Of Resignation

Diessa - Boiling Over (Feat. Grove)


TS Lagga - Tally That

Knucks - I Suppose (Feat. Larry June & Kenny Beats)

The Link Up

Joe Winter - The Dance Is In Me

Trout - sad sad sad sad

Alt Blk Era - Freak Show

Cucamaras - Porcelain (Live From The Hundred)

The Manatees - Dream In Colour (Live From The Hundred)

Prima Queen - Back Row (Live From The Hundred)

Mysie - Play (Live From The Hundred)

Akemi Fox - Lemon Tea (Live From The Hundred)

kwn - Five More

CoLD STorage - Messij (Kode 9 Remix)

GLXY - Fine Lines (Feat. Sustance & Catching Cairo)

Creole Cuts Guest Mix

Balimaya Project, Afronaut Zu - For Aziz

BenjiFlow, Oscar #Worldpeace, and Ragz Originale - Ice Out Summer

Keys The Prince - Oya Now

Future Utopia, Avelino, Tomorrow’s Warriors - Don’t Stop

Nala Sinephro - Space 4

Gia Ford - Alligator

Trophie - Alone (Feat. Iceboy Violet)

Tara Clerkin Trio - The Turning Ground

Tapir! - Broken Ark

The Shellers - 10 Minutes

Echo Juliet - Red Sun

Verdance - Sympathy

Hilts - A Million Thoughts (Feat. Lizzie Berchie)


Get To Know Dámì Sule | Porchlight, Matty Chiabi | 01 Sep 2023

Snowy - Outside

Clipz - I Like (Feat. Kam BU, Tia Carys & Lady Ice)

Anaïs, Hugh Hardie, Slay & T-Man - Headshot

Shelf Lives - Off The Rails

The Link Up

Porchlight - Spin Doctor

CLT DRP - I See My Body Through You

Alabaster DePlume - Naked Like Water (Feat. Donna Thompson)

Chi Virgo - Belly Ache

SANITY - Blossoms Are Forever (Feat. Jasmine Oakley)

Daudi Matsiko - oMo (Man)

Dámì Sule GTK

Dámì Sule - Let It Go

WizKid - Jaiye Jaiye (Feat. Femi Kuti)

Wretch 32 - Pressure (Feat. Blade Brown)

Jordy - Lie Detector (Feat. Kehina)

NARX - We’re Not Clear (Feat. Liam Bailey)

Cameo Blush - Out There (Feat. yunè pinku)

Julio Bashmore & T. Williams - ZP Dub

Matty Chiabi Guest Mix

DJ Luck and MC Neat - Little Bit Of Luck

10 Below , Kele Le Roc - My love (So Good)

Mnelia - Senseless (Champion Remix)

B-15 Project - Girls Like Us (Feat. Lady G , Crissy D)

Dub Conspiracy & Tru Faith - Freak Like Me

Zed Bias - Neighbourhood

Shola Ama - Imagine Asylum

Architects - Body Groove (Feat. Nay Nay)

Afro B - Drogba (Joanna) (Team Salut & Toddla T UK Garage Remix)

Mele - Jozi To The D (Feat. Lazarusman)

PRIDO - Patience

00ab - Menace

Naiyah - Blue Dream

Kamakaze - Life Is Beautiful

Stacy N.K.R - Feel A Way

Jorge. - Same SH*T

Fat Dog - King Of The Slugs

Gaunt - Syncopate


Carnival | Rampage Sound, Lil C | 25 Aug 2023

Shy FX - Raver (Feat. Kano, Donae’o & Roses Gabor)

Congo Natty & Conquering Lion - Code Red (Feat. Supercat & Reggie Stepper)

Jus Now - Tun Up (Feat. Bunji Garlin)

Mavado - At The Top It’s Just Funky (The Heatwave Refix)

P-Rallel - It’s A London Thing

Fiyahdred - Wining Train

Manga Saint Hilare, Frisco & MoreNight - Kill Sound

Jamie xx - I know There’s Gonna Be Good Times (Dre Skull Remix)

Rampage Sound with Treble T

J Hus - Who Told You (Feat. Drake)

Alison Hinds - Roll It Gal

Giggs - Talking The Hardest

Popcaan - Family

M-Beat - Incredible (Feat. General Levy)

Alicai Harley - Gold

Gappy Ranks - Heaven In Her Eyes

Lil C Guest Mix

Kofi - Didn't I

Carroll - I’m So Sorry

Janet Kay - Silly Games

Macka B x Jazzwad - Jah Shaka Trod On

Nora Dean - Peace Begins With

Lady Leshurr - Likkle Darling

Stylo G & The FaNaTiX ft. Nicki Minaj & Vybz Kartel - Touch Down

Queen Jammy’s Soundsystem Selections

Mr Williamz - Well Excellent (Feat. Junior Demus)

Children Of Zeus - The Heart Beat Pt 2

Toddla T - Always (Feat. Andrea Marten & Silkie Wonda)

Jaz Karis - Let Me Down

Yazmin Lacey - From A Lover

Steel Pulse - Revolution (Dub / Take 1 / Extended Mix)

Ranking Anne - Liberated Woman


Pitch Scotland | Pam From Admin, Cormac | 18 Aug 2023

Coach Party - Parasite

Folly Group - Strange Neighbour

English Teacher - The World’s Biggest Paving Slab

slowdive - The Slab

SIPHO - The Chemicals

Sfven - Sideline, Red Wine lover

The Link Up

Pam From Admin - 2 HANDZ

Fredo – Dave Flow

Kadiata & Sam Wise - Coming Alive

Pitch Scotland

Eyve – Meanie

Lupo x Jason - She Wanna Party

Ogun - Still I Rise

S Dog & Toddla T - B22s

Black House - Fun (Feat. Roses Gabor)

DJ Cuddles - Can’t Give Up

Cormac Guest Mix

Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly

Malcolm McLaren - Deep In Vogue

Bananarama - Love In The First Degree (Romain Fx Mix)

Jordan Nocturne - The Voyeur

Gary Numan - Cars (Dave Clarke Remix)

Anish Kumar – Nobody Else Will Do

Oktae - Cosmic Love

J. Caesar - Another World

Asha Elia - Heavenly War (Feat. namesbliss)

Nadine - Don’t Run

Dami Sule - Happy For Myself

Natanya - Raining Tomorrow

Deja Blu - City Light


Get To Know Maria Uzor | headboy, Dan G | 11 Aug 2023

Len - NIKO BELLIC  (Feat. Unknown T)

Blazer Boccle - WOTSAPNIN

Prxz - I’m Like

Gaika - First Among Misfits (Feat. The Narrator)

Problem Patterns - Who De We Not Save

The Link Up - headboy

headboy - Jackal Lake

muva of Earth - your intuition is your friend

Art School Girlfriend - Blue Sky (Feat. Tony Njoku)

Pale Blue Eyes - Hang Out

Get To Know - Maria Uzor

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House

Vanity Fairy - He Can Be Your Lady

Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On

Maria Uzor - Cockstrutter

Jaish - Dom Fike (Feat. JACK MARLOW)

Anaïs & DRIIA - Round To Ya Speaker

Eliza Rose & The Martinez Brothers - Pleasure Peak

Dan G Guest Mix

Rebecca Vasmant - Dance Yourself Free

Onipa - Chicken No Dey Fly (Feat. K.O.G & Franz Von)

Scratcha DVA - Baga DMs (Feat. Karen Nyame KG)

Sofatalk - Easy

Jorja Smith - Little Things (Bok's Dub)

Donsurf - Yemaya

Nightmares On Wax - Yeah You!

Async Figure - Rover

Fran Lobo - Armour (Wu-Lu Remix)

Meduulla & The Mouse Outfit - Limbo

Indira May & Saffron - i can see you’re online

IX - Falling In Luv!

Introducing Tip from Bethan Elfyn from BBC Introducing in Wales

Talulah – Slofi

Fairhazel - It Takes Time

Bareface - Spill The Tea


Mercury Prize Shortlist | Kelvin Krash, Y U QT | 04 Aug 2023

Rio Rainz - Sunshine (Feat. Finn Foxell)

Gardna - Regional Banger

Niina - Gimme Gimme

Older Brother & Metrist - Tele Hill Climber

The Link Up

Kelvin Krash - Blue Wheels

Retropxssy - Speeding

Bandit - We’ll Be Alreet

Young Fathers - Drum

Shygirl - Cutie (A Bedtime Story)

Ezra Collective - Life Goes On

Jessie Ware - Beautiful People

Fred again.. - Kami (Like I Do)

Jockstrap - Debra

RAYE - Environmental Anxiety

Lankum - Netta Perseus

J Hus - Massacre

Loyle Carner - Homerton

Olivia Dean - Dangerously Easy

Arctic Monkeys - There’d Better Be A Mirrorball


Nia Archives - Bad Gyalz

Y U QT Guest Mix

Pépé Elle - CMS We Meet Again

Sage Introspekt - It’s Cold Up North

Killjoy & Kwam - Active

Sharky - Shark (Donsurf Remix)

Kouba - Storm


Porchlight - Spin Doctor

Hesitator - Starting To See

Tip from Tim Hunter from BBC Introducing in the Channel Islands

Volleyball - Electric Wizard

Ceitidh Mac - Heliotrope

EPONINE - Pink Lemonade


BBC Introducing Session Tracks | PEACH., GHSTGHSTGHST | 28 Jul 2023

Kojaque  - Bambi (Feat.Gotts Street Park)

Bawo - Terra Incognita

L E M F R E C K - See Me Now

Midas The Jagaban - More Vibes More Money

Marla Kether - In My Corner (Feat. K.O.G)

The Link Up

PEACH. - Grapevine

Lime Garden - Nepotism (Baby)

Shivum Sharma - planningtobefullsteel (Planningtorock’s Version)

Charlotte Plank - Rave Out (Live In Session At Maida Vale)

The Peevie Wonders - Gym Lad (Live In Session At Maida Vale)

Carsick - Anaconda Frank (Live In Session At Maida Vale)

Maddie Ashman - White Teeth Teens (Live In Session At Maida Vale)

Tors - Amsterdam (Live In Session At Maida Vale)

Soul Mass Transit System - Fly

Redlight - Drop Down (Feat. Shanique Marie)










LM & Duccbod - Bloom

Marbl - Baby

Two Kalme - Love?

LULU. - Save Me

Hoain - Untitled (Too Soon)

Shefu - Thumb

Casual Worker - Decoder

Humane The Moon - A Track In Orbit


Music Venue Trust w/ Beverley Whitrick | MELONYX, Folly Group | 21 Jul 2023

J Hus - Milieterian (Feat. Naira Marley)

Corto.Alto - Slope

Nubya Garcia - Lean In


Forest Swords - Butterfly Effect

Laura Misch - Hide To Seek

The Link Up

MELONYX - At The Door

Yussef Dayes - Marching Band (Feat. Masego)

Qazi & Qazi - House Of Cards

Music Venue Trust with Beverley Whitrick

Cat Burns - Go

Prima Queen - Back Row

Longpigs - On & On

WARGASM - Do It So Good

Ploy - Crazy BBY

Folly Group Guest Mix

Laggard - You Were Named After an Admiral

Parris - Lionel’s Dub

Phrase Near - It Was no Gun (That Felled the Horse)

Lukid - Drip

Bruce - Petal Pluck

Folly Group - Faint Of Hearts

Baudelaire - Lose The Feeling

The Stoned Immaculate - Harri & Louis

Tip from Andrew Marston from BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester

Big Image - Crazier

AshZone & Lotu5 - Move Your Body

Jordeaux & Kamano - Gangnem

MOWAVEY - Slow Burner

MaZz - Angel Numbers

Maria Olsen - Call Me Your Maybe

Mumble Tide - Kindest


Sarah Jones Industry Insider | Yoni Mayraz, Dutchie | 14 Jul 2023

Yard Act - The Trench Coat Museum

The Last Dinner Party - Sinner

Misogi - Ultrablast

Maria Uzor - Ventolin

Grove - Dead Bird Blues (Feat. James Storm)

The Link Up - Yoni Mayraz

Yoni Mayraz - 1999

Delilah Holiday - Burn Money

Digga D - I’m From…

ANOHNI - Why Am I Alive Now?

Industry Insider w/ Sarah Jones

Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

Gruff Rhys - Negative Vibes

Chroma - Weithiau

muva of Earth - Heaven Hear Me Above

Murlo - Carapace

Dutchie Guest Mix

Nia Archives - Conveniency (Bakey Extended Remix)

Flowdan - Shell A Verse (7even UK Breaks Edit)

Mia Koden - Hot Take

Dutchie - Cardinal (RAVE ASAP Edit)

Dutchie - Drama

???? - S.I.S

AL - Right Here

Magugu - Pepper Dem

Metafloor - Blind (Drumterror Remix)

Kurligh - Speak My Piece

Mirari - Class Of Deja 


Vincent’s Last Summer - Crime Down

The Wytches - Maria

Splitting Edges & Oriana Robos - Pity Pity

Lizzie Berchie - Flaws & All

Odox - No Doubt


Glastonbury Festival 2023 | BBC Introducing, Holly Lester | 07 Jul 2023

Conducta - Gold (with BIJI) 

98 Poly - PIIAG

Deijuvhs - Moonlight Bop

Ethan P.Flynn - Abandon All Hope


The Link Up - pecq

pecq - Block The Noise

Jaydonclover - Nightbus

The Comet Is Coming - Frequency Of Feeling Expansion

Run Logan Run - Great Fools (Live At Glastonbury 2023)

Gardna - Flashing Lights (Live At Glastonbury 2023)

Tara Lily - You Can Go (Live At Glastonbury 2023)

Elmiene - Marking My Time (Live At Glastonbury 2023)

VLURE - Cut It (Live At Glastonbury 2023)

Scarlett O’Malley - An Ode To Medway Estate

Serenda - Free Your Soul

Holly Lester Guest Mix

Angel D'lite - Splash

Ste Roberts - 1998 In London

Subb-an - Salvia Apiana

N-Gynn - BA Four

Gabriola - Worldwave

Shanti Celeste - Fluffy

En:vy - Darling

Samana - Two Wrongs

Danniella Dee - Let Me…

Zach Francis - Endless

Azamiah - Half-man

Sofia Grant - Ochre


Hak Baker Interview | Yakul, TIBASKO | 30 Jun 2023

Tara Lily - Double Time

J Rick - Lost (Feat. Fredwave)

Narx & Bipolar Sunshine - Ask Away

Miso Extra - Space Junk

Police Car Collective - Summertime

The Link Up - Yakul

Yakul - Time To Lose (Feat. Adi Oasis)

Eliza - Everlove

Iceboy Violet - Black Gold (Feat. Florence Sinclair)

Chi Virgo - WOOHOO! (feat. Myosworld)

Bedroom High Club - What You Did

Hak Baker Interview

Hak Baker - Collateral Cause

Hak Baker - Dying To Live

Hak Baker - Run

Headboy - Jackal Lake

Lara Jones - Scissors

TIBASKO - Dayglow

Guest Mix - TIBASKO

Floating Points - Grammar

Bailey Ibbs - We Run

Overmono - The Mabe

Breaka - The Startup

Two Shell - Ghost2

Big Special - This Here Ain’t Water

Kenzo Jae - Indigo

Liner from Abbie McCarthy from BBC Introducing In Kent

Lo Lauren - Never The One

Mom + The Rebels - Swayze

Konyikeh - Teenage Dreams

Hazel Sapphire, C.Rem & Outrageous Claims - Don’t Start

Pam From Admin -  2 Handz

Kissen - Homesick


Windrush 75 | Dr Juanita Cox, Sisters In Dub | 23 Jun 2023

Shy FX - Carnival Culture

Kano - Can’t Hold We Down (Feat. Popcaan)

Terri Walker - I Remember

Nubya Garcia - It’s Love (Rudeboy)

Mali-I - This Place (Feat. Natty Wylah)

Ishmael Ensemble & Rider Shafique - Reasons

Zara Mcfarlane - Future Echoes

Dr Juanita Cox Interview

Lord Kitchener - London Is The Place For Me

Cymande - The Message

Bashy - Black Boys

Fox - Rebel Souljah (Feat. Coco & Toddla T)

Brixx - Ready

Sisters in Dub Guest Mix (Archive)

Aswad – Warrior Charge

Steel Pulse – Plastic Smile

Iration Steppas – Kilimanjaro 

Danniella Dee – Ethiopia

Nia Archives - Ode 2 Maya Angelou

Ragga Twins - Hooligan 69

Mala - Anti War Dub

Goldie - Inner City Life (Roni Size Instant Mix)

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

Soul II Soul - Dance

Brown Sugar - In Love With A Dreadlocks

Jah Shaka – Repatriation


The Great Escape Part 2 | Comfort, MISFYA | 16 Jun 2023

Nia Archives - Off Wiv Ya Headz

Anz - Clearly Rushing

CLT DRP - Nothing Clever, Just Feelings

Kelvin Krash - Promise You’ll Wait

The Link Up

Comfort - One Size Fits All

Bodur - Mummy

Bdrmm  - Pulling Stitches

BINA. - Just Like Her Father

Melonyx - Made To Suffer

Killowen - 2GEVA

Louis Culture - Part 2 (Live at TGE 2023)

RarelyAlways - CC (Live at TGE 2023)

English Teacher - A55 (Live at TGE 2023)                    

Grove - Sticky (Live at TGE 2023)

Fox & Samrai - Create Your Own Bless

K-LONE - With U (feat. Eliza Rose)

MISFYA - Fever Dream

MISFYA Guest Mix

Syz - Earworm

Cooly G - Phat Si

PanicMan - Let's 'Ave It Right

Hooverian Blur - Panic

An Avrin - WHAT U GOT?

Akkord - Vector

Papa Nugs - Another Brainstorm

Goldefish - Sad Horse Raga

Prayer - Set Me Free

Ana Quiroga - Wallada

Treeboy & Arc - Behind The Curtain

Hotwax - Rip It Out.

Bag Of Cans - Milk & More

Kindelan - Can’t Sleep

Jesse Elvis - Good Enough


Mestizo | MABGATE, Bebe Bad | 09 Jun 2023

Gotts Street Park - Got To Be Good (Feat. Pip Millett) 

Jianbo - Chinatown Trouble

Yussef Dayes - Rust (Feat. Tom Misch)

MABGATE - Tell It How I See It (Feat. August Charles)

Downtown Kayoto - Lite

feeo - Hermit

Bruce - Antler

Joe Unknown - Sirens

Crawlers – Messiah


Mestizo  - Puente Cósmico (Gaita)

Nubya Garcia - La Cumbia Me Está Llamando

Mestizo – Caminito

Batu - For Spirits

TQD - represent (Feat. Dread MC)

Y U QT – Y’all Ready For Dis

Bebe Bad Guest Mix

Oxossi - Vou Que Voou

NKC & DJ Polo - Hammerhead

Ikonika - Dirty Tetris

Ahadadream - Peak


K Lone - Cellar Door

Frazer Ray - Screamer      

Joe Armon Jones & Maxwell Owin - Lost In The Function

Alt Blk Era - I’m Normally Like This

Slime City - Algorithm Is A Dancer

BBC Introducing Tip - George Smith

The Rills – Landslide

Sabiyha - Say My Name

Cancel Culture – Could U

Mlbacardi - Real

Joell - Pretty Pretty

Perry - Presh-Ah (Feat. Venna)


Get To Know Lime Garden | Waterbaby, Marla Kether | 02 Jun 2023

Cucamaras - Porcelain

J Hus - It’s Crazy

Elijah & Jammz - Start With Why

Fredwave - La La

The Link Up

Waterbaby - Spiral

Speakers Corner Quartet - Soapbox Soliloquy feat. Leilah

Kyra – Grown

Jacob Slater - Kissing Booth

Squid - The Blades

Lime Garden Ge To Know

Lime Garden - Marbles

Talking Heads - The Great Curve

Lambrini Girls - Boys In The Band

Lime Garden - Sick & Tired

Dim Imagery - You’re Doing So Well

Loraine James - 2003

Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair - Demuro

Peach - Grapevine (Murder He Wrote Remix)

Marla Kether Guest Mix

Lil Silva - To The Floor (ft. BADBADNOTGOOD)

Marla Kether - BTR2 ft. MADELEINE

Joy Orbison - better (w/ léa sen)

Hagan - Sise Ntweni ft. Aymos

Fiyahdred - Da Mellowdee

Mina - See Something ft. Bryte

Pa Salieu - Frontline (Yussef Dayes Remix)

Onipa - Fire

Mez - Babylon Can't Roll

Juice Menace - Weak Attempt

ManlikeVision ft. Truth - Reload

Kinlaw - Zukaka (Feat. Ekco Bazz)

Wordcolour - Overtones

020whitton - Thinkin Bout You (Feat. Tia Gordon)

BBC Introducing Tip from Jericho Keys

Sun King - Domino

Trout – Gutter

Stella Talpo - Good Girls


Local Action | SWEETS, LVRA | 26 May 2023

Jorja Smith - Little Things

Comfort - Pride Of Britain

Pecq - Block The Noise

Es.cher - Lie2.me (Feat. Choruses From The Rock)

The Link Up

SWEETS - Bitter

Alpha Maid & Mica Levi - Curse

Mandy, Indiana - The Driving Rain (18)

Marla Kether - BTR2 (Feat. Madeline)

Tora-i - 17suns

Bodur - Don’t Beat The Sweet Out Of My Boy (Feat. Denzel Himself

Local Action

T.Williams - Anthem

DJ Q - Brandy & Coke

Eleanor - Thin End of The Wedge (Black Rave Culture Freak Mix)

Conducta - 3fall

Pangaea - Installation

DJ Polo & NKC - Lab Rat

LVRA Guest Mix

The Richest Garden in Your Memory - Hinako Omori (Akiko Haruna Remix)

Rover - Async Figure

Dansa - Forceps

Coen - Pressure Roll

Avernian - Brunk

FKA Twigs - Figure 8

Klahrk - NuNegative (Ehua Remix)

Abondance - Sudanim

Kiimi - Sun Goes Down

Nowsm - Frustrator

BBC Introducing Tip from Honor Morrison - Beds, Herts & Bucks

Carol Jarvis - In My Veins

03CAS - Cartier Mantras

TIANNA - Born By The Sun

Raelle - Give Me Some Hope

The Bobo - Could Have

Joe Winter - Man Moves His Feet 


The Great Escape Showcase | Adam Ryan, Live Music, Kween Deekayy | 19 May 2023

Congratulations – Junk

Cowboyy - Plastic

Los Dedos - March Of The Crabs

Andy Ryan Interview

Mickey Callisto – Homospace

The Link Up

Kween Deekay – Jiggy

Chiedu Oraka - Helly Hansen 5

RarelyAlways - Review (Live At The Great Escape 2023)

Karma Sheen - Homecoming (Raag Malkuns)

English Teacher – World’s Biggest Paving Slab (Live At The Great Escape 2023)

System Olympia - Falling In Love (Feat. P Nut)

The Umlauts - Non é Ancora (P.E Infinita Remix)

Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

Cat Burns - Go (Razzler Man Remix)

Cleo Sol - When I’m in Your Arms (DJ Musa Mansa Music Mix)

Piers Kirwan - Red Dead

Eliza - Abandon The Rule (Ahadadream Remix)

Jessie Marcella - Untitled 01

Louis Culture - City (Live At The Great Escape 2023)

Bingo Fury - Underfall Yard

Grove - Bloodsucka (Live At The Great Escape 2023)

Jim E Brown - I’m Screaming Aloud at The Carpark at Tesco on Chorlton Road


Dan Carey Guest Edit | Kaeto, Viji | 12 May 2023

Heartworms - 24 Hours

A Certain Ratio - A Trip in Hulme

Speaker’s Corner Quartet - Can We Do This? (Feat. Sampha)

Sam Akpro - Arrival

The Link Up

Kaeto - Good Morning

Hak Baker - Telephones 4 Eyes

Kae Tempest - Love Harder

Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

Sorry - Screaming In The Rain

Young Fathers - I Heard

Foals - Life Is Yours (Dan Carey Dub)

Moresounds - Analog Steak (Danny Scrilla Remix)

Viji - Down

Viji Guest Mix

Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

Broadcast - Corporeal

Mura Masa, Tirzah - Today

Jai Paul - Good Time

Crystal Castles - Crimewave

Little Simz - Angel

King Krule - Seaforth

Caroline Polacheck - Welcome To My Island (PVA Remix)

Jockstrap - Angst

O. - OGO

Maruja - Kakistocracy

VLURE - This Fantasy

Jah Shaka - Rasta Surface Dub (Feat. Twinkle Brothers)


Get To Know M(h)aol | Crimewave, Charms Guest Mix | 5 May 2023

SBTRKT - L.F.O (Feat. Sampha & George Riley)

Nines - Calender

TYSON - Show Me Love (Live from Selector Showcase at SXSW)

Yussef Dayes - Black Classical Music (Feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey

Skinny Pelembe - Charabanc

The Link Up

Crimewave - 50 Rapid

NRG - Raze

M(h)aol Get To Know

M(h)aol - Bored of Men

Gilla Band - Paul

Aoife Nessa Frances - This Still Life

M(h)aol - Period Sex

M(h)aol - No One Ever Talks To Us

Shelf Lives - All The Problems

Effy - Stone (feat. Flowdan)

Aulda - 895

Quartz - Cold Sun

Charms Guest Mix

muva of Earth - High (Hagan Remix)

Ikonika - Bubble Up

Scotti Dee - The Whistle

Ikonika - JSUK

JD Reid - When I'm in Your Ama

European 305 - Live a Lil

Perko - Prang (Feat. Huerco S.)

pecq - The Analyst

Gillie - Llawn

The Ascencion - Khulula

Introducing Tip - Melita Dennett from Introducing in Sussex & Surrey

Phonetix - Crazy (Feat. In4mous Goose)

The Great Escape Showcase Clips

Grove - Feed My Desire

English Teacher - R&B

Rarelyalways - LET’S

Louis Culture - City

Loose Articles - Sinead Loves Bitcoin


Shovel Dance Collective, UK Folk Scene | Terra Kin, Lexii | 28 April 2023

Ray Laurél - Don’t Leave My Side (Feat. Jeshi)

Low Hummer - Connected

Broadside Hacks - Rain and Snow (Live)

Nabihah Iqbal - Dreamer

Riot Jazz Brass Band - Stand & Deliver

P-rallel, Tamera & Toddla T - I’m So High

Strandz - J’adore

The Link Up

Terra Kin - Flames

MABGATE - Tell It How I See It (Feat. August Charles

Shovel Dance Collective

Shovel Dance Collective - Merrily Kissed The Quaker

Shovel Dance Collective - The Bold Fisherman

Callus - Eye To Eye

Conducta - Get Busy With It (Feat. Novelist)

Y U QT - Rush (Feat. Dusky)

GHSTGHSTGHST - A Levels (Feat. Sweet Pussy Pauline)

Lexii Guest Mix

Ulterior Motives - Crush On U


Bad Girl - Badderman

Weapon Of Choice - One More Dub

Nate Brazier - Inertia (Ahadadream Remix)

Minor Conflict - White Ring Binder

MAY - Phone Me

Onama - Long Time Gone (Feat. Lois Hepper)

Introducing Tip - Kitty Perrin from Introducing in Norfolk

Phoebe Troup - Says the Thought To The Feeling

Rona Mac - Body

PEACH. - Come to me

Brian Nasty - Loso Na Madesu (Feat. Natanya)

caroline - peak chroma


Northern Irish Special | Stuart Bailie, Gemma Bradley, Cartin | 21 April 2023

Hannah Peel - If After Weeks of Early Sun (Feat. Paraorchestra)

Calibre - Verstat

Robocobra Quartet - Heaven (Live at SXSW Selector Showcase 2023)

Enola Gay - Salt

The Link Up - Cherym

Cherym - Listening to my Head

The Link Up - Lemonade Shoelace

Lemonade Shoelace - I Think My Heart Is Set On You

CBAKL - Man She Loves

Chris Doherty - Pure Lured

Stuart Bailie Interview

Phil Kieran - Atlantic

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster

Chalk - Static

Suzie Blue - People LIke Us

HBE.UK, Hyfin & Jordan Adetunji - Back Up Plan

MC TOSA X DJ Fat Ronaldo - All Under One Roof Raving

Jordan Nocturne - Hands Up

Cartin Guest Mix

Cartin – Heater

Champion – Rude Boy

Sam Interface – Flashing Hype

Salute & Sammy Virji – Peach

Conducta - Lessons

Kab Driver - En Route (Preference Remix)

Electric Octopus - St Peter

Gemma Bradley Interview

Jordan Adetunji - YOU & I

Winnie Ama - Don’t Worry

EMBY - All My Life

Célia Tiab - Bibibi

Warriors Of The Dystotheque - Fear of an Equal Planet (Feat. Abby Oliveira)


Yazmin Lacey Guest Editor | Juicy Romance, Tora-i | 14 April 2023


Yazmin Lacey – Bad Company

Yazmin Lacey – From A Lover

Dave Okumu - Get Out (Feat Wesley Joseph & Eska)

Victoria Jane - Good-lowkey

Alfa Mist - Apho

The Link Up

Tora-I – Palace

Cleo Sol - Rose in the Dark

Azekel ft. Ivy Sole - Just Expectationz

George Riley - Time

Mysie - CTRL

Guvna B – Traffic

Hagan - Pray for Me feat. Ayeisha Raquel

DJ Die & Addison Groove - Morro Dub (Watch The Ride Remix)

Juicy Romance - In The Lights

Juicy Romance Guest Mix

ANZ - Fencin

TAAHLIAH - Electronica Vividness

Ben Prophet - The Transition

BEK Audio - Offcut Groover

BDB - Boss Rhythm

Manni Dee (feat. ANGEL BBY) - Pillow Princess

Charli XCX - Lipgloss (SOPHIE REMIX)

Kam-bu - Space

Priya Ragu - Adalam Va!

Melo-Zed - Ebodance feat. Mary Cayenne Elliot

Sophie Faith - Set In Stone

Marla Kether ft. Plumm – Revolve

AntsLive - Number One Candidate

Speakers Corner Quartet - Can We Do This?

Yazmin Lacey - Sea Glass


Worm Discs | Tragic Sasha, Happa Guest Mix | 6 April 2023


Salute & Sammy Virji - Peach

felicita - Spalarkle (Alys) (Feat. Caroline Polachek)

LVRA - Clones (Feat. Girl_irl)

Shygirl - Playboy Positions

House Of EL - Pull Up (Feat. Sækyi)

Hakkz - Drop Music More

Mychelle - Magical

The Link Up

Tragic Sasha - The End Of The World

Hak Baker - Windrush Baby

Worm Discs Label Spotlight

TC & The Groove Family - Tio

Snazzback - Reading

Snazzback - In Tides (Feat. Grove)

Corto.alto - Is That It (Feat. Soweto Kinch)

Mammal Hands - Dimu

Febueder - Kitebox

Art School Girlfriend - Close To The Clouds

Zaltsman - The Pavillion

Happa Guest Mix

Chunky - GNG

Lurka - Molten Drum

Jabes - Ripples

TAAHLIAH & Loraine James - F*** It!

Big Ang - Pleasure Principle

Actress - Insignia

Piers Kirwan - Red Dead

Comfort - Wild & Fragile

CLT DRP - New Boy

Lemonade Shoelace - I Think My Heart Is Set On You

Introducing Tip - Alex West from Introducing in Berkshire

Munboi & Ray Wills - BOREDOM

Daycare - Good For Me


Femi Tahiru - Jussai

Naughty Alice - Walk (Feat. Kish!)


SXSW 2! | Waterloo Records, English Teacher, + Many More | Mandy, Indiana Guest Mix | 31 March 2023

Balimaya Project - Balimaya

Pigs,pigs,pigs,pigs,pigs,pigs, pigs - Ultimate Hammer

Waterloo Records Chat

Squid - Narrator

Warmduscher - Love Strong

The Link Up

Crawlers - Too Soon

Bellah - Garden

DJ Ace

Jaz Karis - Games We Play

James Vickery - The Reason

English Teacher Chat

English Teacher - Song About Love

Hamish Hawk - Think Of Us Kissing

English Teacher - Good Grief (Live from Introducing Stage at SXSW 2023)

Andy Burnham Chat

The Orielles - Beam/S (Space Afrika Remix)

Obongjayar - Try

Venbee - Gutter

Mandy, Indiana Guest Mix

Shell Company - Adorn

Algernon Cornelius (feat. Valentine Caulfield) – Dunkel

Giant Swan – Silkworm

The Ephemeron Loop – Acetoxyhexorchid

Nik Colk Void - Interruption Is Good

VLURE - This Fantasy

Vital Powers - Cammy Riddim

Dea Matrona - Get My Mind Off

Prima Queen Chat

Prima Queen – Butter Knife

Yazmin Lacey Chat

Yazmin Lacey – Late Night People (Live From SXSW 2023)

Yazmin Lacey – From A Lover

Camilla George - Abasi Isang


SXSW Showcase | Desta French, Ishmael Ensemble, Jessica Winter, Robocobra Quartet, TYSON | 24 March

Sans Soucis – Merchants

The Orielles – The Room

English Teacher - Yorkshire Tapas

Ishmael Ensemble – The Rebuke (Live From SXSW 2023)

Heartworms – Retribution Of An Awful Life

Lime Garden – Clockwork

Desta French – Aguanta (Live From SXSW 2023)

Kadeem Tyrell – Forever And Always

Tyson – Chemicals (Live From SXSW 2023)

Jamz Supernova Guest Mix (Live From SXSW)

Kam-BU - Live-O

Bianca Oblivion - Ez 4 Me (Dismantle Remix)

Plastician - Bring Dat

Mez X Skream X Scratchclart - X Rated

Nikki Nair & Sam Binga - Wall Panda

Manuka Honey X Florentino - Machete

Scratchclart - Afrotek VIP (Ft. Mxshi Mo)

Hugo Massien - Fuzzy Logic

Village Cuts X Swordman Kitala - Digida

Bakongo X Spectr - Off Guard

Hagan - Welcome to Ghana (Ft. Bryte)

Hard House Bantons - Sirens

Queen Millz - Little Things (Ft. Sigma)

DoomCannon – This Too

Robocobra Quartet - Wellness (Live From SXSW 2023)

Jessica Winter – Sad Music (Live From SXSW 2023)


Get To Know Rarelyalways | RUBII, Lawrence Hart | 17 Mar 2023

Yazmin Lacey - From A Lover

Yakul - The Space

Nabihah Iqbal - This World Couldn’t See Us

Slowthai - HAPPY

Jordan Adetunji - You & I

Duval Timothy - Kam (Feat. Mansa Maca, KBangs & Sammy Søsa)

The Link Up

RUBII - Jammin

CHERISE - Secrets

Proc Fiskal - Pic Of U

Get To Know Rarelyalways

Rarelyalways - WORK

Rarelyalways - AOB

Rarelyalways - REMOTE

Benefits - Warhorse

Mandy, Indiana - Pinking Shears

Kahn & Neek - Shallow Grave (Feat. Rider Shafique)

Happa - Party Chat

Lawrence Hart Guest Mix

Real Lies - Boss Trick (1-800-Girls Remix)

Bakey - Take It Further

Main Phase - All The Girls

Lawrence Hart - Veiled

Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD - Get In The Bin (Feat. Nikki Nair)

Felicita - Riff Raff (Feat. OhEm)

Rubii - Revan (Feat. sydo^)

Kemono L.Riot - Pass Me

Introducing Tip - Sam MacGregor from Introducing in Wales

MACY - Swear Down

The Maddocks - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Lip Filler - Haircut

OneDa - Rollin’

House of EL - Tonight


International Women's Day Special | Tlya X An, Riva | 10 Mar 2023

M(h)aol - Femme


Eliza Rose - Better Love

Hannah Shogbola IWD

Bizarre Inc - I’m Gonna Get You

Jessica Winter - Let Me In

Isamaya Ffrench & Sam Thomas - Mantle (Danny L Harle Remix)

The Link Up

Tlya X An - Daddy

RAYE - Environmental Anxiety.

Enny - No More Naija Men

Sheniece Charway IWD

PinkPantheress & Ice Spice - boy's a liar pt. 2

MELONYX - Solar Power

Clemmie Woodhouse IWD

Amie Blu - powder

Prima Queen - Butter Knife

Hannah BG IWD

Delilah Holliday - Devoted 2 You

Meemo Comma - Bubble Bag

Christie Driver-Snell IWD

Yunè Pinku - Night Light

Riva Gust Mix

Prozac - Pump It (Black Eyed Peas Edit)

Disaffected - Now We Will Commence

Buckley - Binley

Dunman - I LUV U (UKG edit)

Manuka Honey- 777 (Feat. La Favi)

Daughters Of Frank - A Club Serenade

Joanna Philips IWD

TIBASKO - Still Rushing (Azzecca Remix)

AE - Not Your Girl

Introducing Tip from Aleighca Scott from Introducing in Wales

Niques - Grime

Sunkissed Child - Love N Attention (Feat. Otis Mensah)

Kindelan - Feast

Damsel Elysium- Shoreline


Emmeline Session | BINA., Yushh | 03 March 2023

LVRA - Venom (Feat. Spent)

Nukuluk - Covered In Gold

Kam-BU - Live-O

Interplanetary Criminal & porij - Don’t Hurt Me

I Jordan - M1, M3

Marla Kether & Plumm - Revolve

The Link Up

BINA. – Blackjack

Kwengface & SL - For One

Emmeline In Session

Emmeline – Sabrina (Live In Session)

Emmeline – Satellites (Live In Session)

Uma – Tãrã

Soup! - Supplies

Dan Shake – Spring

Philip D Kick - The Journey Home

Yushh Guest Mix

Flatpack & Dudeman - On The Tools

Ido Plumes – Preparations

Syz & Yushh – Fuzbidun

Outsider – Yay

Jasper Tygner - Strangers Around (Feat. Just Lil)

Eljé & Jack Marlow - Peach, Squash Sunday

YAMÄYA Feat. Khadim Sarr  - Karma

Elephant Kind - Love As

Blue Saint - Let Me Go

Ramé Kari - 80 Watts

BINTA - Do You Wanna

Me, Charles - White Pearl


Eastern Margins | Desta French, Heartworms, Badliana | 24 Feb 2023

Because Of Art - Circle Of Light (Feat. Anthony Szmierek)

lau.ra - Down With Me (Feat. Dope Earth Alien)

Hak Baker - Telephones 4 Eyes

Island Of Love - Blues 2000

The Link Up - Heartworms

Heartworms - Retributions Of An Awful Life

J-Felix - Nostalgia (Feat. BODUR)

Speakers Corner Quartet - Can We Do This? (Feat. Sampha)

Desta French SXSW Announcement

Desta French - Bendecida

Sliime - Lehenga

Neue Grafik - Black (Feat. Brother Portrait)

Eastern Margins

LVRA – Anxiety

Jianbo - Chinatown Alley

Strategy - Freezing Cold

Thandii - Give Me A Smile

Damos Room X LYAM - EIN

Sempra - Back 2 U

Guest Mix - Badliana

Solo Jane – Freaks

Baby Pink - Unbothered

L E M F R E C K, Infamousizak - Kings

Badliana, Monokey - Motorola

Emz, Sir Hiss – Finna

Kouslin - King

Adult Play - See Me Now

Tycho Jones - Risk To My Reward

Fräulein - Pet

Introducing Tip from Jess Iszatt from Introducing in London

Chisara Agor - Anonymous

Raquel Martins - Empty Flower

Casper The Ghost - Won’t You Stay?

OhEm - Valentine


SXSW Announcement | Ishmael Ensemble, Jessica Winter, Robocobra Quartet, TYSON | 17 Feb 2023

Mysie - CTRL

Rachel K Collier - ABXY (Live from SXSW 2022)

Squid - Swing (In A Dream)

Kelly Lee Owens - Moebius

Nate Brazier ft. Louis Culture - YSK

Brits Montage

Cat Burns - Go

Central Cee - Cold Shoulder

Eliza Rose - BOTA

Nova Twins - CHoose Your Fighter

Fred again - Clara (the night is dark)

Wet Leg - Chaise Longue

Jadasea & Laron – Scurry

Ruti - So Much More

SXSW Announcement

TYSON - Can’t Be Unstuck (Feat. Coby Sey)

Robocobra Quartet - Heaven

Jessica Winter - Clutter (Feat. Lynks)

Ishmael Ensemble - Polestar (Feat. Rider Shafique)

Maya Law - Mother Tongue

Sam Girling - Take Your Time (V.I.P)

Addison Groove – Elevator

Hannah Thurlow Guest Mix

Burial - Hospital Chapel

Surgeons Girl - Night Moths

Al Wootton - Rope Walk

Facta – Poliwhirl

Batu - Go Deeper


Ella Rosa - Ruin My Lyf

The Link Up

DEJA - Boom Boom Bah

Downtown Kayoto - Run From You

Liner from Steph Nieuwenhuys from Introducing in Solent

DJ X-Rated – Fool For You

Glimji - Blush feat. Elphi (Common Knowledge)

not dvr - emptyhouse (XL Recordings)

Rubii - Riot feat. J P Rose (Self-release)

Latir - E1 (Unity Records)


DEADLETTER Live Session | Yunè Pinku, Goldfinger | 10 Feb 2023

Shelf Lives - Skirts & Salads

Young Fathers - Sink & Swim

Happa - Ice Blink Lost (Feat. Lafawndah)

P-rallel - Evening Time (Feat. Kam-BU & BXKS)

Rarelyalways – Urgent

The Link Up - Goldfinger

Goldfinger - Once Upon A Time

Nia Archives – Conveniency

M(h)aol - Bored Of Men




Louis VI - Orange Skies Ft. Mick Jenkins

Isamaya French & Sam Thomas – Cairo

TQD - Break It Down

Y U QT – Drowned

GUEST MIX - Yunè Pinku

Sonikku - Sweat (SOPHIE Remix)

TAAHLIAH - FMH (4x4 Mix)

Juicy Romance - Hummer

Sleep - D Border Control

Gyrofield - Midnight Minus One

Stone - I Let Go

Cooper T - Gettin’ In The Way

Banditt - Pinot (Feat. Clarq)

Waterbaby - Strawberry Jam

Tragic Sasha - Bottle It Up

Mya Mhemi - Parviaar (Interlude)

Youngshowkey - Black Panther (Selector Submission)


CDR - Tony Nwachukwu | AGAAMA, Béton Brut | 3 Feb 2023

VLURE - Cut it

LVRA - Anxiety

English Teacher - Song About Love

The Link Up - AGAAMA

AGAAMA - Black Box Oracle

Headie One - Martin’s Sofa

Ted Jasper & ALYSS - Tempest

Lucinda Chua - Echo 

Nina Cobham - Empezar De Nuevo (Que Pena)

Tony Nwachukwu from CDR

Oriol - Spiritual Home

Daisuke Tanabe - Kanon

Lu.Re - Certain Way

Summer Pearl - P.G.S. (Kno.One Refix) 

Melle Brown - Night Drift (Feat. Loie) 

Facta - Sick Pup

Sir Hiss x Hamdi - I Don’t Know

Guest Mix - Béton Brut

Hudson Mohawke - Tincture

Tempa T - Next Hype (Plastician Instrumental Remix)

Walton - Black Hole

LCY - Shhh

Trevino - Tweakonomics

Kessler - Foul Play

Jossy Mitsu - Turismo

Mala - Changes (James Blake Harmonimix)

Hannah Thurlow - River

Alexis - angelcore

Nokia Mansion - PHONE

Retropxssy - Fading (Selector Submission)

Issy Wood - All 4s

Robbie & Mona - Sensation

Flat Party - Fish 

Emily Pilbeam Introducing in West Yorkshire

Dainty - Without U 

Meemo Comma - Cloudscape 


Jessica Winter | Blazer Boccle, GIDEÖN | 27 Jan 2023

Skinny Pelembe - Oh, Silly George

Ishmael Ensemble - Reasons (Feat. Rider Shafique)

Yazmin Lacey - Late Night People

Black Honey - Up Against It

The Link Up

Blazer Boccle - Sex Pistol

Heartworms - Retributions Of An Awful Life

Crimewave - 50 Rapid

Jessica Winter - Clutter (Feat. Lynks)

Get To Know Jessica Winter

Archive 45 - You’re Not The Man

Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

PREGOBLIN - Gangsters

Jessica Winter - Choreograph

Gretel Hänlyn - Wiggy

No Nation - Worst

Mandy, Indiana - Injury Detail

Yushh - Same Same

Mafro - Bloom (Feat. Ell Murphy)

Gideön Guest Mix

Gideön - Brighter Day (Feat. Tasty Lopez & Tobirus Mozelle)

Matt Gillespie - Swing With Me

Gideön & Mandel Turner - Nothing Without You (Dub)

Miles From Kinshasa - Don’t Be An Opp II (Feat. Knucks, Sam Wise & Kadiata)

Charli Brix - Fifty Fifty

Hali Ray - Timeless

Ryski - Tell Me Why

Tlya X An - Holy J

S.Lyre - Holdin Her Back

In Tongues - See My Friends

Emily Nash - Step Into It (Golden Ticket)


Mo Ayoub | Sunkissed Child, Jacinta, Ceeow | 20 Jan 2023

STR4TA - To Be As One (Feat. Theo Croker)

Rebecca Vasmant - Broken Biscuits (Feat. Nadya Albertsson)

Nicky Soft Touch - It Bothers Me Everyday

Chelsea Carmichael & Joshua Idehen - Bone and Soil (Shabaka Hutchings Remix)

The Link Up - Ceeow

Ceeow - Twice

Jasmine Myra - Words Left Unspoken

Lovescene - Suits You

Sunkissed Child Interview

Sunkissed Child - Monday Grind

Yusuf Yellow - What Do You See

Sunkissed Child - Come Round, Waste Time

Daviaa - Areia (Feat. Dariiofox)

AK SPORTS - Sayulita

Interplanetary Criminal - Coming On Strong

GUEST MIX - Jacinta

J Wax - All The Things You Say

Jay Carder - Eva’s Stoned

Myriad - Fortified With Soul

Shanti Celeste - Shimmer

Fiyahdred - Got 2 (Let It Go)

Dolores Forever - Conversations With Strangers

Lambrini Girls - Help Me I’m Gay

DRS - Summer (Feat. Dogger and Tyler Daley)

Cakes Tha Vibe - Shake & Go Low (Feat. Shosho Tha Ghost & Squadd9)

Minas - Fight One

Bojockey - My My

Elmeine - Why (Spare Me Tears)


First Look 2023 | TU3SDAY Guest Mix | 13 Jan 2023

Anish Kumar - Steamroller

L’Objectif - The Dance You Sell

Kam-Bu - Eton Mess

Flowerovlove - Get With You

Nate Brazier - First Look 2023

Nate Brazier - Untold

English Teacher - Yorkshire Tapas

Duke Boara - Evergreen

Speedboat - Better Man

Debbie - Cherry Wine

Heartworms - Consistent Dedication

Deadletter - First Look 2023

Deadletter - Madge’s Declaration

Gretel Hänlyn - First Look 2023

Gretel Hänlyn - Today (Can’t Help But Cry)

Blazer Boccle - Sex Pistol 

Yunè Pinku - DC Rot

Queen Millz - First Look 2023

Queen Millz - Red Light

Jackson Homer - Idea Of Us (Feat. Rozzzqween)

98 Poly - 360

Lu.Re - Bound

TU3SDAY - First Look 2023

TU3SDAY - Evil Eye

TU3SDAY Guest Mix

TU3SDAY - Reparations (Bun Babylon Bootleg)

Movement - N20 ( Night Mix )

EVM128 - Bun Dat

Lovellious - Back Your Boy

Barrington Levy - Murderer ( Bushy Dub)

Bailey Ibbs - Fairo

Russ - Flute Song (Calm Stiege Bubbly Booty)

Mordecai - Bling


Sweets - Crack Baby

AGAAMA - Which Way

Jaydonclover - First Look 2023

Jaydonclover - dreamhotel

Emmeline - First Look 2023

Emmeline - Sabrina

Jim Legxcy - Eye Tell!

BINA. - Blackjack

Terra Kin - Flames


Emma-Jean Thackray | Pie Eye Collective, Ben Hauke | 6 Jan 2023

Little Simz - Gorilla

Sault - Fight For Love (Forever Living Originals)

Yazmin Lacey - Bad Company

Venna - Sicily Box ft. Yussef Dayes, Marco Bernardis & Rocco Palladino

The Link Up

Pie Eye Collective - Tangential City

Kokoroko - We Give Thanks

Kamaal Williams - Hold On feat. Lauren Faith

Rudi Creswick - Sometimes feat. Emmavie

Muva of Earth - High

Quinn Oulton - Clashing Colours feat. Moses Boyd

Talking Therapy Ensemble - I Didn’t Want To Wake Up Today (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray)

Alabaster DePlume - Don’t Forget You’re Precious

Jamie Leeming - Shinkansen ft. Nathaniel Facey

DoomCannon - Black Liberation

GUEST MIX - Ben Hauke

Jadasea & Ben Hauke - Bit Real       

SAUL - The Light ft. Allysha Joy

Last Nubian & Dougan - Reaching feat. Achante Nicholson DAM-SLO - FEEL ME (DEMO)

CECIL B & BEN HAUKE - Left For Itself       

Ben Hauke - VTRAIN

Jadasea - quater 2 life

Wu-Lu - South feat. Lex Amor

CoN & KwAkE - One In Five feat. Shabaka Hutchings

Reginald Omas Mamode IV - The Drum

Coby Sey - Petals Have Fallen

Micachu & The Shapes - Oh Baby

King Krule - Dum Surfer

Al Dobson Jr - Vibrations

Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy - Gonna Be


Best Of 2022 | Guest Features, Live Tracks and More! | 30 Dec 2022

Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal - B.O.T.A

Sinead O’Brien - Spare For My Size, Me

Connie Constance - Hurt You

English Teacher - Polyawkward (Live from Glastonbury 2022)

Jeshi - Protein (Feat. Obongjayar)

Istanbul Interview Clip

Dilan Balkay - Düş

Jockstrap - Jennifer B

Nubiyan Twist - Through The Noise (Chant 2)

Rebecca Vasmant Interview Clip

Rebecca Vasmant - Internal Dispute (Feat. Paix)

feeo - feels like we’re getting older (Live Session Track)

Birmingham Special with Jez Collins

Sam Redmore - One More Time (feat. SANITY) [Red Rack'em Remix]

George Riley - You Could Be (Live From SXSW)

Hagan - Textures

Effy - Run It (Feat. Mall Grab)

R U Init - Aceeed


Nukuluk - Feel So

Akiko Haruna - Hotspot

Adam Pits - The Age of Ent

Re:ni - Revenge Body

Bad With Phones - Living & Surfing

Best Of 2022 Link Ups

Robocobra Quartet - Heaven

Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me

Nukuluk - Disaster Pop Song

Ray Laurél - Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Meloynx - Ujjayi (Bruk Rogers Remix)

Anorak Patch - Cousin Sam


Party Show! | Sisters In Dub, Echo Juliet, Manni Dee, Girls Of The Internet | 23 Dec 2022

Willow Kayne - Mr Universe ft General Levy (Jamz Supernova Dub)

Sister in Dub Mix

Aswad - Warrior Charge

Steel Pulse - Plastic smile

Iration Steppas - Kilimanjaro 

Danniella Dee - Ethiopia (Solid Mojo Production)

Tippa Irie - I’m An African

Aza Lineage - Sound System (Sisters In Dub Dubplate)

Echo Juliet Mix

Laura Mvula // TSHA - Green Garden

Echo Juliet - Red Sun (Still unreleased!)

Hagan - Osh (One Level)

Sam Redmore - One More Time (Feat. SANITY) (Jalapeno Ltd)

Monkeyneck, Call Me Unique - Lady (Original Mix) (Monkeyneck Records)

Rockers Hi Fi - Push Push (The Underwater World of Jah Cousteau Remix) (Biggabush)



Manni Dee Mix

Manni Dee - Pillow Princess feat. ANGEL BBY

Manni Dee - See Me Now

Giant Swan - Sugar & Air

SMINX - Be There

IMOGEN - Up To No Good

The Bug - Hammer (Myler Edit)

Girls Of The Internet Mix

Girls of the Internet - Sound Asleep (Frequency Dub)

Lord & Dego - Beee Side

Facta - FM Gamma

Midland - Double Feature

Kassian - Aerial

Dego - Unknown Faults

Bruise - Akiba Choir

Benny Mussa - If You Want


Jamz Supernova's 150th Show! | Emma-Jean Thackray, IG Culture | 16 Dec 2022

Gardna - Everytime I Land (Skibadee Version)

SBTRKT - Forward (Feat. Leliah)

Little Simz - Gorilla

Knucks - Don’t Look Up

Dami Sule - Let It Go

Young Fathers - Tell Somebody

Shovel Dance Collective - Thames Waters Off Greenland Dock

Yard Act - Gangsters (The Specials Cover)

Emma-Jean Thackray - Spectre (Theo Kottis Remix)

Emma-Jean Thackray Interview

Pie Eye Collective - Tangential City

Emma-Jean Thackray - Venus

Maria Chiara Argirò - Clouds

Nate Brazier - Untold

Hannah Thurlow - The Line

IG Culture Guest Mix

Don Surf - Original

Domu & Volcov - Souljah( NameBrandSound Refit)

Haze City - Sound Clash City

A Man Called Ray - Thanks for Coming

J. Poet v Silicone - Chop (Dub)

Entek - YeYe

EVM128 - Get Down Dubplate

Altered Natives - Rass Out

Low End Activist - Get Get (Feat. Emz) (Scratchclart Remix)

The Dark Jazz Project - Birds

Joy Crookes - Man’s World (Live At Reeperbahn Festival)

Rachel Chinouriri - Mama’s Boy (Live Session)

Interview Compilation

DJ Flight Black History Month 2020

Nubya Garcia Mercury Prize Special 2021

International Women’s Day 2022 - Nadia Chopra Sound Engineer, Catherine Marks

Uncle Dugs Rave Special 2021

Chicken Picnic - Home


First Look / Look Back | 98 Poly, Plaintainchipps and MOBO Unsung Session | 9 Dec 2022

Tungz - Messages

The KTNA - Cover Me Blue

Capo Lee & El Londo - Don’t Lose Yourself

Juice Menace - Creepin

Chunky - Dance On The Tables

Nilüfer Yanya - Midnight Sun (Sampha Remix)

98 Poly - 360

Lime Garden - Bitter

Nia Archives - So Tell Me/Baiana

Porij - Lose Our Minds

RJ - Morning Meds

Porij - Lose Our Minds

Morgan harper-jones - Swimming Upstream


Blk.-Enter The Dragon (Are You Up) (Feat. Bklava



Product Toss - Macarena VIP

Ahadadream - Piano Skank

Hagan - Porto’s Groove

TAAHLIAH - Brave (Orchestral Mix)

YeYe - Initialism For Visual

Sente (Diessa Edit) – Coupe

Coby Sey - Night Ride

Rian Treanor & Ocean James - Bunga Bule

Tema_saki - Sleepless

MOBO Unsung Session - United King Dem

Melotone - Entre Ondas

Stacy N.K.R & Danny Chaska - SE17

Bert - Battling

Charlie Stacey - Mamour’s Tune

Ffatri Jam - Cyrff


World Cup Special | QBS Radio, Romance FC, Jamz Live from Qatar | 2 Dec 2022

DJ Cue - Footballer (Murder He Wrote Remix)

Naira Marley & BackRoad Gee - Vawulence

Stormzy - This Is What I Mean

Welsh Football Fans

Violet Skies - Waiting On A Miracle

Dafydd Iwan - Yma O Hyd

Manic Street Preachers - Design for Life

Sage Todz - O HYD feat Marino

Gilles Peterson & Lionel Louke - Hang Up Your Hang Ups

QBS Radio

M.I.A. – Beep

Central Cee - Cold Shoulder

S.A.A.D – Circles

Sahera - U R

Rozi Plain - Help

Skinny Pelembe - Like A Heart Won’t Beat

Jamz Live from Qatar Mix

Working Men’s Club - Money Is More (Toddla T Remix)

Porij - Lose Our Minds

Wet Leg - Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)

PVA - Hero Man

SMINX - Be There

Prodigy - Everybody In The Place

Murder He Wrote - Say

Dismantle - Feature Presentation

Pangaea - Fuzzy Logic

Moby - Go

Ewan McVicar - 1001 Freestyle

Joshua Epithet, pinkpirate & Lucas Lex - Nickelodeon*

Abbie McCarthy - Introducing in Kent

Schak - Movin’ All Around (Jumpin’) feat. Kim English

Humour - Alive & Well

Haquin & Lara - Sympathy

Kaisha - Hard To Please

Keturah - Romance FC

Afro B - Drogba

Hanakiv - No Words Left feat. Alabaster DePlume


Oram Awards | Karen Sutton, Feena Jonny Enser | 25 Nov 2022

Wesley Joseph - MONSOON

Meekz - Fresh Out The Bank (Feat. Dave)

Nia Archives - So Tell Me…

Bar Italia - Polly Armour

Robocobra Quartet – Wellness

MATTERS UNKNOWN - Orange Triangle

Kid Apollo - Lost In Her Phone

Tawiah - Adult

Lunch Money Life - Telecommunion

Loraine James – Enfield, Always

Lula XYZ – Kunjo

Chi Virgo - Social Angst


TAAHLIAH & Loraine James - F*** It!

Feena - Dead Digits


Cleaverhype - Coral Reef

Audio Gutter - Werk Harda (Rapture 4D Remix)

Kami-O - Lock

SMIFF - Broken Bubbles

Kami-O - Back Way

LCY - Cherubim 

Xhosa Cole - Dance Of Ancestra (Feat. Adriano Adewale)

Zeñel - 5dB Freestyle

Rudi Creswick - Fight Or Flight

STANLÆY - The_Everything_Inbetween

Emma Rawicz - Vera

Matt Carmichael - Marram


Welsh Music Prize | Adwaith, Sian Eleri, DJ Q | 18 Nov 2022

Kam-bu - Eton Mess

GROVE - Sound Of The Underground

M(h)aol - Asking For It

Sault - Glory

DEJA - Leave Me

Yazmin Lacey - Bad Company

Muna Ileiwat - Twenty Seven

Shadeemus - Reflections

Adwaith - ETO

Sage Todz - Rownd a Rownd

Sega Bodega - Kepko (NUXXE)

DEADLETTER - Madge’s Declaration

Yune Pinku - Fai Fighter

DJ Q & Finn - Speedy Gs

DJ Q x Star.One x Lily Mckenzie - Love Me Like

DJ Q & Hans Glader - Pipe Dreams

DJ Q & Hans Glader ft Shola Ama - I Can't Stay

DJ Q-I Couldnt See6DJ Q & Todd Edwards - Sweet Day

Facta & K-Lone - Kiss Me, Can’t Sleep


Hana Lili - Solitude

Niall McDowell - It Was An Honour To Be Nominated

Spidey Longaz - Wicked

Goldfinger & Tigs - Once Upon A Time

Don Sinini - Freezy Day (Feat. James Massiah) [SELECTOR SUBMISSION]

Charlotte Plank - Lost Boys

Manami - Rain Dance


Istanbul Special | Beats By Girlz, Jamz Live from Istanbul | 11 Nov 2022

Connie Constance - Miss Power

Daisy George - See Me Now

Romare - Priestess

Tooth Rust - Sing Gaily

Moin - Hung Up

Mount Kimble - Somehow She’s Still Here (ft James Blake)

Adile Yadirgi - Tarlabaşı Kadans

Nilufer Yanya - Rid Of Me

Dilan Balkay - Düs

manGa - Fly To Stay Alive

Nilipek - Bildigim Gibi

Editors - Picturesque

Village Of The Sun - Ted

Kokoroko - We Give Thanks

Ezra Collective - Life Goes On

Wet Leg - Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)

Sinead O’Brien - Spare For My Size, Me

The Comet Is Coming - Atomic Wave Dance

Working Men’s Club - Money Is More (Toddla T Remix)

Roska - Peace

Joy Orbison - Pinky Ring

Addison Groove - Brand New Drop

Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On (Darama Massi Elliot Flip)

Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD - Pax (Four Tet Remix)

Enver Goyken - Byzantium

Emir Taha - Kalp Çare Arar

Kit Sebastien - Şinanay

Chloe Bodur - Why U Always So Mean?

Kehina - Roof

Eda Eren - Red & Green (Blue Lab Beats Remix)

Britizen Kane x Sleazy F Baby - Try Me (Prod TurkishDcypha)


Jockstrap | Pritt, Girls of the Internet | 04 Nov 2022

Lime Garden - Bitter

Lancey Foux - Pendulum

404 Guild - Feedback Loop

Emmeline - Girls Write Rhymes

Venna - Sicily Box (Feat. Yussef Dayes, Marco Bernardis & Rocco Palladino)

Russell Stewart – Inward

The Link Up

Pritt - You Love

HANAH - Where Do I Go From Here?

Jockstrap - Glasgow

Jockstrap - 50/50

Stevie Wonder - Superstitious (clip)

Jockstrap - Concrete Over Water

Jockstrap - Lancaster Court

Affelaye - Seran’s Harp

Cody Currie - Danger (Feat. Eliza Rose)

GUEST MIX - Girls of the Internet

Nebraska - Chant Des Oiseaux

Girls of the Internet - Sound Asleep (Frequency Dub)

Lord & Dego - Beee Side

Facta - FM Gamma

Midland - Double Feature

Lady Lykez - Bully Dem

Badliana - Mayday (Feat. Mussi)

Gemma Bradley from BBC Introducing

EMBY & Sputnik One - Supa Natural

2fox - No Passa (Feat. Cartell)

Reek0 - Realist Set (Feat. BXKS)

Cowboyy – Gmaps

Ellur - Best Face On

Selector Submission

Tigerbalm - KETE (Feat. Joy Tyson)

Gwenno Morgan - Arnofio


Scottish Celebrations with Fergus McCreadie and Berta Kennedy | DJ Paulette, Mafro | 28 Oct 2022

Young Fathers - I Saw

Witch Fever - I Saw You Dancing

Run Logan Run - Where Do You Go?

Youngs Teflon - Magnum

Loyle Carner - Blood On My Nikes (Feat. Wesley Joseph & Athian Akec)

Pip Millett - My Way

Unsung Black Hero - Ni Maxine

The Brand New Heavies - Brother Sister

Jackson Homer - Idea Of Us (Feat. ROZZZQWEEN)

Scottish Award Package

Fergus McCreadie - Landslide

Berta Kennedy - I’m Good


DIVINEANGEL - OBiNRiN (Jkarri Remix)

Joseph Efi - Walker

Chavinski & Ell Murphy - O.B.F.C


Mafro - Revolving

Leon Vynehall - It’s Just (House Of Dupree)

Adelphi Music Factory - Rise

Salute - Jennifer

Mafro - Alright

96 Back - High & Tired

98 Poly - 360

Benefits - Thump

Adult DVD - Bill Murray

Joe Winter - Laughing For The West (Selector Submission)


Hannah Thurlow - Slide

Unsung Black Hero - DJ Paulette

DJ Pierre - Love Desire


Selector Submissions | Mysie, Sans Soucis, Jaguar, Aphty Khéa | 21 Oct 2022

Clipz - No Time (Kilburn Lane VIP Mix)

Willow Kayne ft. General Levy - Mr Universe (Jamz Dubplate)

Lady Lykez - Killa Bee

Working Men’s Club - Money Is Mine (Toddla T Remix)

Bad Sounds - Nu Me Nu Yu

Sidders - Live For Something

Little Simz - How Did You Get Here

Bibio - Potion

Chi Virgo - Good Stuff

Good Health Good Wealth - Give Us A Break

Loverground - My Love Is True

Kwes.E - First

Unsung Black Hero - Mysie

Steve Lacy - Mercury

Rainy Miller - July III

Pure Warmth - Kutsu

Jook & Blumey - She

Guest Mix from Aphty Khea

Two Shell - Dust

Clipz, Ms. Dynamite, Ms. Banks & Jaykae - Again

Ifan Dafydd & Alys Williams - Llonydd

Overmono - Bby

Sammy Virgi & Ragga Twins - No Other

Shanti Celeste - Shimmer

TURNA & Gillian Mapp - Hold On

KS More Time - Humble

Sarah Carton - The Edge

Arturia - Sky Drops

Stillblue - young t

Unsung Black Hero - Sans Soucis

Arooj Aftab - Mohabbat


Get To Know Jaydonclover | Maria Uzor, Lu.Re | 14 Oct 2022

Gretyl Hanlyn - Drive

The Cool Greenhouse - Hard Rock Potato

Dusky - Frontier (Feat. Interplanetary Criminal)

Louis Culture - Twiss

Flohio - Feel Alive

Hagan - Textures

Jackson Mathod - Matador

Loraine James - Black Excellence (Stay On It)

Emmeline - Frank

GTK Jaydonclover

Kate Nash - Merry Happy

Jaydonclover - but my sister feat. Bel Cobain

Jaydonclover - Brown Eyes

Enny - Champagne Problems

Connie Constance - Hurt You

FEET - Can’t Get In

Tom A Smith - Like You Do

Terra Kin - Flames

Namani x CMillano - COMPLACENT

The Link Up

Maria Uzor - Solitaire

Manj - NLS (Breaks Refix)

Ruse - Fukawa

Duke Boara - Evergreen

Anish Kumar - Sadhana


Scart Lead - Soul Food

Xander - Rock the House

Nuboid - Joke Tune

Yosh - Take Me Up

Lu.Re - Certain Way

Bakey - Jack Pot

Bumpi Biznizz & Ell Murphy - Like U

Nova Twins - Taxi


Black History Month | Queen Millz, feeo, Baski+, Mighty Funk'Houser | 07 Oct 2022

Little Simz - Standing Ovation

Headie One - Cry

FKA twigs - papi bones (Feat. Shygirl)

Bree Runway - That Girl

Sherelle - Rhythm Love (Feel It)

Lil Silva  - September

Swindle - Miss Kane

Kojey Radical - Superhuman (Feat. Obongjayar & Michaela Coel)

SAULT - Free

Black History Month

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy

Sons Of Kemet - My Queen Is Nanny Of The Maroons

Janet Kay - Silly Games

kwes. - Rollerblades

Debbie - Cherry Wine

Bel Cobain - Leader

AGAAMA - Blackbox Oracle

Jas Kayser - Stupid On The Beat

The Link Up

Baski+ - BMH+ (Feat. Finch Fetti & 22Ted)

TU3SDAY - Reparations

Junior Simba - Kutamba

Gemini Aaliyah - DRIFTING AWAY

Nia Archives - Baianá

TSHA - Dancing In The Shadows (Feat. Clementine Douglas)

Mighty Funk’Houser Guest Mix

Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers - Hi Life

A, The Connoisseur - Chantay's Vibe (Black Hudu One'A-way)

Dale Howard - The Rhythm

Ben Hauke - Right On

Mighty Funk'Houser - Mystikal Flow

Mighty Funk'Houser - The Convo-sation (Black Hudu One'A-way)

Conducta - Vitamin C


AIM Independent Music Awards 2022 | Luke RV, Manni Dee | 30 Sep 2022

Oscar Jerome - Feed The Pigs

Willow Kayne - Mr Universe (Feat. General Levy)

The Comet Is Coming - ATOMIC WAVE DANCE

Alewya - Let Go

Stormzy - Mel Made Me Do It

Monster Florence - Borstal

Arlo Parks - Softly

Esta Rae Interview

Lethal Bizzle - POW

Nia Archives - Forbidden Feelingz

I. Jordan - Rave City

DJ Q - Pipe Dreams (Feat. Hans Glader)

Jessica Winter - Choreograph

Munah - First Born Child

August Charles - River

Country Dons - I Know

The Link Up - LUKE RV

Luke RV - Long Term Parking

Re6ce - Teeth (You)

Sweets - Crack Baby

Heartworms - Consistent Dedication

Jook & Blumey Ft. Logan - Shade

Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD - Pax (Four Tet Remix)

Maroki - What’s The Trouble Bubble

Manni Dee Guest Mix

Manni Dee - Pillow Princess (Feat. ANGEL BBY)

Manni Dee - See Me Now

Giant Swan - Sugar & Air

SMINX - Be There

IMOGEN - Up To No Good

Ezra Collective - Ego Killah


Alyx Holcombe | Ivohé, Duke Boara | 23 Sep 2022

The Lounge Society - Remains

PVA - Bunker

Shanti Celeste - Cutie

Fred again.. - Danielle (Smile On My Face)

Catching Flies - Oi

Rudi Creswick - Peace Of Mind (Feat. MANNY)

Layfullstop - Act Right

Blazer Boccle - Sex Pistol

Re-emergence of Rock With Alyx Holcome and Nova Twins

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

McFly - Five Colours in her Hair

Slipknot - Before I Forget

Nova Twins - Choose Your Fighter

Talk Show - Leather

flowerovlove - I Gotta I Gotta

Mura Masa - Up All Week (Feat. Slowthai)

Sainte - Sade

Jockstrap - Jennifer B

Alfie Neale - My Girl Likes

KREED - TIRA (Feat. Nanci Correia)

The Link Up

Ivohé - Sirena

Maria Uzor – Solitaire

Cruush - False Start

Medicine Cabinet - Factor 50!

Baski+ - BMH+ (Feat. Finch Fetti & 22Ted)

Seth Baxter - RAMBO

Y U QT - Aight Boom (Feat. Scrufizzer)

Elkka - I Just Want To Love You

Duke Boara Guest Mix

Ell Murphy & DJ Crisps - Freedom

Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies

Nicolas Duque - 2You

The Wideboys - Nothing But Trouble (MJ Cole Remix)

Soundbwoy Killah - Wanna Hold U

Lethal Bizzle - Rari WorkOut


British Underground with Crispin | Bel Cobain, Sam Redmore | 16 Sep 2022

Yazmin Lacey - Pieces

George Riley - Desire

Porij - Outlines

Knucks - Lucious (Feat. Kwengface)

Sam Gellaitry - Serotonin

Himera - Kiss (Feat. Hannah Diamond)

Lu.Re - Bound

Sammy Virji - 5 Star (Feat. Fayyaz Virji)

Wargasm - Super Fiend

Crispin Parry Interview

Comet Is Coming - Summon The Fire

Yola - If I Had To Do It All Again

Shovel Dance Collective - My Husband’s Got No Courage In Him

Deyaz - Bitter

AGAAMA - Blackbox Oracle

Pip Millett - Heal

Dutchie - In Deep

Maya Delilah - Harvest Moon

The Link Up

Bel Cobain - Leader

Elle Chante - Hazy

Luke RV - Long Term Parking

Scrounge - HIT

Mighty Funk’Houser - Dark Matter - Black Chemistry

Danny T & Tradesman - Lazer Quest


Sam Redmore Guest Mix

Titeknots - Released In Layers

Spinx - Twelve

Chelsea Blues - Hoping For The Best

Sam Redmore - Party (Feat. Lumi HD)

ONIPA - Free Up

Kid Kapichi - Rob The Supermarket


Jaubi X Tenderlonious In Conversation | TU3SDAY, Amy Dabbs | 08 Sept 2022

Eliza Rose - B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All)

Gideon - Aaron Carl Lives On

Karen Nyame KG - Taboo

Florentino - Constrictor (Feat. Bambii & KD One)

Sans Soucis - All Over This Party

Dead Pony - War Boys

Ezra Collective - Life Goes On (Feat. Sampa The Great)

cktrl - Yield

Jaubi Interview

Jaubi - Lahore State Of Mind (Al Dobson Jr Remix)

J Dilla - So Far to Go

Jaubi - Nafs at Peace

Dolores Forever - Funeral

Watch The Ride - Time’s Up

Isatta Sherrif - Will They Try (Feat. Koralle)

Carina - Summer Air Buzz (Feat. Bel Cobain)

Lizzie Reid - Soda Pop Stream

China Steps - American Life

The Link Up

TUE3SDAY - Frequency

Lo5ive - Matter Of Time (Feat. Kim English)

Tooth Rust - Sing Gaily

Lens - Marufo

Sharda - It’s A Love Thing

Amy Dabbs Guest Mix

Groovy D - DoUWantMe

Yosh - New Dawn

Theo Everyday - The Way U Feel

Amy Dabbs - No You

Sempra - Lonely

Dwarde - Not Afraid

TYSON - Tuesday (James Massiah DMC Remix)


Mercury Prize Special | Self Esteem, Yard Act | 02 Sep 2022

Arlo Parks - Eugene

Michael Kiwanuka - Living In Denial

Dave - Black

Harry Styles - Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Little Simz - Protect My Energy

Wet Leg - Chaise Longue

Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses

Sampha - Timmy’s Prayer

Fergus Mccreadie - Landslide

Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time

Sam Fender - Play God (BBC Introducing Session 2017)

Joy Crookes - When You Were Mine

Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler - Footnotes On The Map

Gwenno - An Stevel Nowydh

Ms. Dynamite - Dy-Na-Mi-Tee

Yard Act - Land of the Blind (Live from Selector @ 20)

Kojey Radical - Gangsta

Nova Twins - Choose Your Fighter (Live From Glastonbury 2022)

Roni Size & Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag

PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land

Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

Lil Silva - To The Floor

Joy Orbison - Born Slipping

Fred Again - Marco

HAAi - Human Sound

Scalping - Remain In Stasis

Bonobo - Otomo

Maya Jane Coles - Night Creature


Get To Know PVA | Rudi Creswick, Flaurese | 26 Aug 2022

Mr. Williamz - Sound Killa Pt.2 (Feat. Shy FX)

Clipz - No Time (Feat. Nia Archives, Beenie Man, Christal & ShaSimone)

Crate Classics - Whine & Kotch Riddim (Feat. Brixx & Yung Saber)

Stylo G - Google

Stefflon Don - Clockwork (Feat. Spice)

DJ Polo - Shutters (Feat. Ramzee & Gracious K)

Breaka - Dololo (Feat. Kamohelo)

Dubrunner - Spirit (Feat. Breaka)

Romare - Walking In The Rain

Gabriel Gifford - Out The Cage (Feat. Imogen)

PVA Get To Know

PVA - Divine Intervention

PVA - Bad Dad

PVA - Hero Man

Adelphi Music Factory - Rise Again

SAUL - Breaking Moon (Feat. Aden)

Emmeline - Stay With Me

The Link Up

Rudi Creswick - With Want You

Moreish Idols - W.A.M

Splint - Military Procedures

DEJA - Boom Boom Bah

Charlotte Plank - Hate Me

Duke Boara - All Winter

Tutara Peak - Trident & Torch

DJ Q & Finn - Speedy Gs

Flaurese Guest Mix

DB Selective - Dub Train

salute - Sternenhimmel

Nat Wendell - Believe In This

Robbie Riviera - Feel This (Bok's Dub)

Flaurese - In My Arms

Josh Caffé - Box of Talk

KDA ft Tinashe - Just Say (Bok's Dub)

Anz - Real Enough To Feel Good

Flaurese - No Other (Feat. Rosa)

Wet Leg - Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)


Anu Sits In | Jaubi, Weirdo Zine, Shivum Sharma | 19 Aug 2022

Whatever The Weather - 17 Degrees

Coby Sey - Onus

Tirzah - Ribs

Joviale - UW4GM

SAUL - Flowers (Feat. Lex Amor)

George Riley - Jealousy

Lava La Rue - Cry Baby

Wu-Lu - Times

Lunch Money Life - Under The Mercies

Nia Archives - Luv Like

Jaubi - Straight Path (Feat. Tenderlonious and Latarnik)

Jaubi - Insia (Feat. Tenderlonious and Latarnik)

Nabihah Iqbal - Is This Where It Ends

King Monday - Avocados

Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (yourboykiran’s No Lightbulbs Just Fingerguns Remix)

Muscle Vest - A Slow Death

Eädyth X Mangka - RaRaReHei

Shy One - Scorpio Sun

Stain X Zed Bias - Delhi Birds

The Link Up

Shivum Sharma - Satisfy

FYI Chris - Hair Of The Dog

LORD TUSK - Cognative Funktioning

Anu Guest Mix

Yullola - Bad Juju

SUCHI - Lykke

Ahadadream - Piano Skank

Darama - Vera

Nikki Nair - Shufflin'

Jeshi - Protein (Feat. Obongjayar)


Nice Swan Records | Melonyx, R U Init | 12 Aug 2022

TSHA - Water (Feat. Omou Sangare)

Hagan - Pray For Me (Feat Ayeisha Raquel)

NSG - In Da Car (Feat. MHD)

Kokoroko - Tojo

Nubiyan Twist - Through The Noise (Chant 2)

Sad Night Dynamite - What Does That Make Me

Connie Constance - Till The World’s Awake

Flowerovlove - Get With You

Plastic Mermaids - Girl Boy Girl

Nice Swan Interview

Dead Pretties - Social Experiment

Malady - Round The Bend (808 State Remix)

Darkness - 100 degrees (Feat. Elf Kid & Jus Rival)

Pa Salieu - Lennon (Freestyle)

Actress & Mount Kimbie - AZD Surf

Es.cher - Sword (Feat. Chorus’s From The Rock & MTMBO)

Muna Ileiwat - Twenty-Seven

Jaydonclover - But My Sister (Feat. Bel Cobain)

Carris Auburn - Fantasy

Rudi Creswick - Sometimes (Feat. Emmavie)

The Link Up

Melonyx - Ujjayi (Bruk Rogers Remix)

Len - Solace

Manni Dee -  Pillow Princess (Feat. Angel BBY)

Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD - STEAMIN

R U Init Guest Mix

R U Init - The Raver

R U Init - Aceeed

R U Init - N.A.T.O

R U Init - Sunshine

Prodigy - Outta Space

Top Buzz - Living In Darkness

Liquid - Sweet Harmony

R U Init - Wicked Dance

Shy One - Be As One (Feat. Simeon Jones)


Selector Submissions | Naima Bock, Jordan Nocturne | 5 Aug 2022

Amy Dabbs - Baddest Gal

PVA - Hero Man

BABii - Dune

Tülin - Vices (Selector Submission)

AGAAMA - Which Way

Lana Lubany - SOLD

Luchi - I Wanna Be The Wind Again (Selector Submission)

Fergus McCreadie - Landslide

Amy Gadiaga - Everything I Do (Selector Submission)

Munboi - Lost & Found (Selector Submission)

Jules - Soul (Selector Submission)

MINIKINGZ - Not A Gyalis (Feat. Knucks & Nippa)

Deyah - Black Glamour

LADY - Does He Ever Think Of Me?

The Continentals - Chasing Down The Sun (Selector Submission)

Medicine Cabinet - The Signs

The Link Up

Naima Bock - Working

Yvonne Hercules - NENE (Selector Submission)

Ibz - Eyes (Selector Submission)

hidingthehurt - All We Are

Ithaca - Fluorescent

Mormegil - The Destroyer (Selector Submission)

Mina & Bryte - See Something (General C'mamane Remix)

Anish Kumar - Bhāvachakra

Jordan Nocturne Guest Mix

Make a Dance - Queen

Matheson - Luv Hangover

Kyle Starkey - Lip Reader

Jordan Nocturne - Rise to It

Gramrcy & John Loveless - Highdive

Paddy Chambers - Give me your Love (Edit)

Opus Kink - Dog Stay Down


Birmingham City Special | Jez Collins, Holly Hollister, SpitXL, Echo Juliet | 29 Jul 2022

Reuben James - All I Wanna Do

Xhosa Cole - Zoltan


Wesley Joseph - COLD SUMMER


Rosie Tee - Anchors

Flashback Mini Mix!

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky

Duran Duran - Rio

Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution

Au Pairs - It’s Obvious

Bally Sagoo -  Chura Liya (Woofer Destruction Mix)

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Joan Arrmatrading - Love and Affection

SPEW - Fight The Power

Jez Collins Interview

Andy Hamilton - Silvershine

Xhosa Cole and Soweto Kinch - Hangin’ with Mr Hamilton

The Friendly Fire Band - It’s a Brum Ting

SANITY & Black Voices - Midlands Child

The Pagans S.O.H. - Emergence of Forgotten Power

Sam Redmore - Just Can’t Wait (Feat. Lumi HD)

J.K.B - Young Professional

The Link Up


TU3SDAY - Evil Eye

Holly Hollister Interview

SIPHO. - Bodies

Sly Diggers - Wake & Bake

Jaydonclover - dreamhotel

Boyoca - Mama (Feat. Janel Antoneisha)

Jossy Mitsu - ø

Echo Juliet Guest Mix

Laura Mvula // TSHA - Green Garden // I Know

Echo Juliet - Red Sun

Hagan - Osh

Sam Redmore - One More Time (Feat. SANITY)

James Indigo - Taste My Body (Feat. TAAHLIAH)


Tomorrow's Warriors X Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra | Ni Maxine, Anna Gram | 22 July 2022

LF System - Afraid To Feel (Warner Records)

Roska - Call Mi ft. なかむらみなみ, Sweetie Irie, Serocee & Flowdan (Roska Kicks and Snares)

Sorry - Let the Lights On (Domino Records)

Beabadoobee - the perfect pair (Dirty Hit)

Temptress - Catch 22 (DMY)

George Riley - Time (PLZ Make It Ruins)

Chinwe - Something Beautiful (Self-release)

DoomCannon - Dark Ages (Brownswood Recordings)

Ni Maxine X Tomorrow’s Warriors X Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Session Orchestra

Nubya Garcia - Stand With Each Other

Ni Maxine - Strange Love

Raffy Bushman - Olympus

Sahra - Come With Me (Major Tom’s)

bb sway & Basile Petit - Your Type (7476)

Link Up with margomool

margomool - Night

Ka Boukie - Strip Away (Boukie World)

No Manors - Honey (Self-release)

bib sama. - CLC!! (Self-release)

Stone - Waste (Polydor)

Jordan Nocturne - Day 2 feat. Le Bloom (Acid Version) (Permanent Vacation)

Zed bias, Chimpo & Salo - Started With you (Precinct Records)

Daniel Avery - Higher (vocal version) (Phantasy Sound)

Anna Gram Guest Mix

Brain Dancing – Better Than Late (Unreleased)

Benjamin Fröhlich – The Longest Night (Anna’s Half A Gram Remix) (Pleasure Principle)

Stevie Cox & Fossil Archive – Searching feat. ZaaZaa (Remmah)

DJ Absolutely Sh*t – Overtime (Dub Version) (Red Laser Records)

The Streets - Has It Come To This


Sinead O'Brien Album Chat | Leo Lore, niina | 15 Jul 2022

Wu-Lu - Slightly

Lava La Rue - Don’t Come Back

Loyle Carner - Hate

Hope Tala - Is It Enough

Carmody - Well (Feat. Tom Misch)

Ojerime - Nothing

Joe Armon-Jones & Mala - All Ways

Sinead O’Brien Interview

Sinead O’Brien - Taking on Time

Manic Street Preachers - Faster

Sinead O’Brien - Holy Country

Sinead O’Brien - Like Culture

Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Ewan Pearson Remix)

Spare For My Size, Me

Yemi - Run Sound

Regressive Left - The Wrong Side Of History

Noya Rao - Cards

The Link Up

Leo Lore - Billie

Girls Of The Internet - Sound Asleep

Stain X Zed Bias - Delhi Birds

Effy - Vexed

AVA Akira - Skin (Phonewifey Remix)

niina Guest Mix

niina - miss u (Feat. Lolo the Great)

niina - everything's gunna be alright, niina said so

niina - I see it now

niina - fragile

niina - miss me

Ni Maxine - Strange Love


Glastonbury Live Tracks | Nate Brazier, Jamz Supernova | 8 Jul 2022

P-Rallel - Love Me I’m Scum (Feat. Hak Baker)

Ivohé - Huevitos Fritos

Melonyx - Ujjayi (Bruk Rogers Remix)

Lil Silva - Leave It (Feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)

Honeyglaze - Childish Things (Live from Glastonbury)

Nova Twins - Choose Your Fighter (Live from Glastonbury)

Ray Laurél - Coconut Perfume

Yard Act - 100% Endurance (Elton John Remix)

Nia Archives & Watch The Ride - Mash Up The Dance

Porij - Figure Skating (Live from Glastonbury)

English Teacher - Polyawkward (Live from Glastonbury)

IDLES - Well Done (Live from Glastonbury)

Little Simz - Protect My Energy

KH - Looking At Your Pager

Speedboat - Better Man

BXKS - Collateral Damage (Live from Glastonbury)

Adwaith - Nid Aur (Live from Glastonbury)

Lewis McLaughlin - Summer (Live from Glastonbury)

A.G - No Shade (Feat. Taliwhoah)

Bel Cobain - Leader

The Link Up

Nate Bazier - Inertia

Deyah - Suffa

Melé - Talkin Drums (Feat. Touré Kunda)

Hagan - Sise Ntweni (Feat. Aymos)

Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

Mella Dee - Ridgewood

Pearson Sound - XLB

Suchi - Seher

Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up (Pangaea's Mix)

Ploy - Stinky

Damu - Beat of Zen


Get To Know Queen Millz | Shamiya Battles, Panooc | 1 Jul 2022

Ego Ella May - Miss U

Harvey Causon - Vertebrae

Biig Piig - Fun

Kadeem Tyrell - Let Me Know (The Cypher) (Feat. Shaé Universe & Geovarn)

Joey XL - Special

Asher Kosher - Focus (Feat. Whoeva? & Eerf Evil)

Volleyball - Kitua Fortune

Jackson Mathod - Come on Now

Queen Millz Get To Know

Queen Millz - Body & Shape

HAZEY - Packs & Potions (Queen Mix)

Chipmunk - Chip Diddy Chip

Queen Millz - More Than

Fable - Onion Brain

Talk Show - Cold House

PVA - Untethered

Jjjacob - Stereo

Mustbejohn - Days Feel Like Seconds

Flaurese - I Want You (Feat. CHARLTON)

The Link Up

Shamiya Battles - One Way

Morgan Munroe - Voldermort

Fya Fox - Busy

Headboy - Toothrot

MJ Cole - You Got Me

Murder He Wrote - Future

Panooc Guest Mix

QRTR - Like That (Panooc Remix)

Panooc - Limerent Object

Panooc - Territorial Intersectional

Panooc - Stalling

Sinead O’Brien - Spare For My Size, Me


Pride Special | Ponyhawke, Anna Gram, Spectrum Queer Cafe, Ray Laurél, DJ Soyboi | 24 Jun 2022

Lynks - Silly Boy

Yazzus - U Tlk 2 Much

SBTRKT - Bodmin Moor

Eliza Rose - B.O.T.A (Feat. Interplanetary Criminal)

Haich Ber Nah - St. Leville

Robocobra Quartet - Labyrinth (Live Session Track)

Jockstrap - Glasgow

Shy One - Y U So Cute?

Cormac - Heartcore

Anna Gram - Heaven Help Me (Feat. Bonzai Bonner)

Tony De Vit - Burning Up

Rina Sawayama - Chosen Family

Tirzah - Beating (TONE Remix)

Jah Digga - Grandma’s Place (Feat. Ghetts & Georgia Copeland)

Lois Levin - You Don’t Make Me Feel Good Anymore

Sol Paradise - More Patience / More Love

0171 - Welcome Back To My Channel

BABY - How U Been?

The Link Up

Ray Laurél - Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Anish Kumar - Steam Roller

Mall Grab - Times Change (Feat. Novelist & D Double E)

DJ Soyboi X salt pillar - Big Splenda

DJ Soyboi Guest Mix

Ahead of Our Time - It Ain't Fair (Sterlo Edit)

No Nation - Xen (Feat. Sheba Q)

Charla Green - Riddim Biznes

Tim Reaper - Give Me More

Porter Brook - To Remain Undivided

Sully - Up

SOPHIE - Burn Rubber

Goldman - Bloodrave

Queen Millz - Body & Shape


Robocobra Quartet Live In Session | R U Init, Yasmeen | 17 Jun 2022

Melle Brown - Feel About You (Feat. Annie Mac)

Joy Anonymous - JOY (Don’t It Make You Feel)

Sinead O’Brien - Spare For My Size, Me

Opus Kink - Dog Stay Down

Soup! - Only Time

Shygirl - Come For Me

TAAHLIAH - Fall Into Place (Feat. Tsatsamis)

Ego Ella May - The Morning Side Of Love

Robocobra Quartet Session

Robocobra Quartet - Labyrinth (Live In Session)

Robocobra Quartet - Wellness (Live In Session)

Robocobra Quartet - Plant (Succulent Blues) (Live In Session)

Minikingz - New Skin Care

5amDiaries & Jackson Homer - SOFA

Robin Knightz - It’s About Time

Scott Is Okay - Split Screens

Drive Through Hazy - Critter

The Link Up

R U Init - Aceeed

Eraan - Enough

niina - everything's gunna be alright, niina said so

Sonnee - Your Love

Yasmeen Soudani Guest Mix

Avernian – Maleable

Syz - Bunzunkunzun

DJ Excel – Taming

Keplrr – Full Contact

Debba – Souls

Alex R – The Drums Pt 3

Agrippa - Harbour Run

Circuit 900 - Halite

DJ Soyboi X salt pillar - Big Splenda


Moses Boyd Interview | Dolores Forever, Ebi Soda | 10 Jun 2022

Working Mens Club - Ploys

Sam Girling - Osmo

Gardna - Light It Up (Feat. Fox & Dynamite MC)

Ezra Collective - Victory Dance

Otik - Skylines

Lu.Re - Ruminate 2 Step

Rachel Chinouriri - Happy Ending

Lava La Rue - Hi-Fidelity (Feat. Biig Piig)

Tamu Massif - So Kin

Moses Boyd Interview

Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction

Binker & Moses - Feed Infinite

Kokoroko - Age Of Ascent

TC & The Groove Family - Boss Fight

Nadeem Din-Gabisi - Wear

L’objectif - Feeling Down

The Link Up

Dolores Forever - Baby Teeth

Baytrees - Stitches

Freddie Lewis - Bell Jar

Ni Maxine - Strange Love

Ahadadream - Piano Skank

Ebi Soda - My Man From College

Ebi Soda Guest Mix

Ash Walker & Laville - There's Nothing Like This

Ash Walker & Madeleine - Can I Feel enough

Dego & Samii - Good Morning

Afronaught - Shapin' Fluid

Jarami - Company (Ebi Soda Remix)

Robocobra Quartet - Wellness


Selector Submissions | Link Up with Joshua Idehen | Sonnee Guest Mix | 3 June 2022

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 3 June 2022

Mura Masa - Blessing Me (Feat. Pa Salieu & Skillibeng)

Novelist - SOUTH MAN

Shygirl - Firefly

Murkage Dave - The World Is Changing Some Don’t Like It

Miraa May - Miraacle Freestyle

Quinn Oulton - Never

Jeshi - Killing Me Slowly

Hypothetics - Newborn

The Link Up

Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me

Dexter - pressure

JayaHadADream - Drifted / Notice

Jeff Darko - Strange Dreams (Feat. Yarni)

Eliza Rose - Move To The

Wilmore - Music (Hessle View)

Charlotte Harding - III

Vanives - Basic Love

Raelle - Grace

Big Society - Something We Can Work Out

Floral Image - Dial In

The Likelihood - Right Swipe Generation

R U Init - Aceeed

Sonnee - Leave The Water Still

Sonnee Guest Mix

Ones - Burning

TSHA - Power

Fred Again.. - Hannah (The Sun)

Bonobo - Rosewood

Jamie XX - All Under One Roof Raving

Ebi Soda - Tang Of The Zest


Interview with TĀLĀ, feeo Live In Session, Sisters in Dub Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 27 May 2022

Grove - Feed My Desire

Effy - Run It (Feat. Mall Grab)

Jeremiah Asiamah - The Groove

Barry Can’t Swim - Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

Morgan Hislop - Apricity (Feat. Jules)

Connie Constance - Miss Power

black midi - Welcome To Hell

deep tan - device devotion

Greta Isaac - NUH UH

feeo Live In Session

feeo - Feels Like We’re Getting Older Doesn’t It (Live In Session)

feeo - Iris (Live In Session)

Oscar Jerome - Sweet Isolation (Feat. Kaidi Akinnibi)

Ojerime - Alarming

Shamiya Battles - One Way

Jaish - Hazey (Feat. Mantha)

BXKS - Collateral Damage

The Link Up

TĀLĀ - Melintir

TS Lagga - Slide

Queen Millz - Blowing

Nate Brazier - Patterns

Sam Gellaitry - Angel

Juls - Jamestown Riddim

Crate Classics - Pusana (Feat. Tres)

Sisters In Dub Guest Mix

Aswad - Warrior Charge

Steel Pulse - Plastic Smile

Iration Steppas - Kilimanjaro 

Danniella Dee - Ethiopia

Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me


The Great Escape Festival, Interview with krapka;KOMA and Neone the Wonderer Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 20 May 2022

Phoebe Green - Lucky Me

Wu-Lu - Blame

SCALPING - Tether (Feat. DÆMON)

Kendrick Lamar - Father Time (Feat. Sampha)

Nia Archives & Watch The Ride - Mash Up The Dance

The Link Up

Nukuluk - Disaster Pop Song

Mysie - Gin + Juice

Sinead O’Brien - There Are Good Times Coming

Dreya Mac - Ain’t No Way

Krapka;KOMA Interview

Starless - На вогні сподіваюсь

Krapka;KOMA & Pixi Ink - Sugar Moon

Ebi Soda - Tang Of The Zest

Jackson Mathod - Brazil Nut (Feat. James Beckwith)

Obongjayar - Wrong For It (Feat. Nubya Garcia)

Honeyglaze - Shadows (Live from TGE)

Leo Lore - January (Live from TGE)

Youth Sector - No Fanfare (Live from TGE)

Opus Kink - Mosquito (Live from TGE)

Regressive Left - Bad Faith (Feat. Mandy, Indiana)

Surusinghe - Bad Girls

Niina - Miss Me

Cat Burns - Go (Loski & Russ Millions Remix)

NeONE The Wonderer Guest Mix

Shandanan - 90’s Baby

Lasse - Atari

NeONE The Wonderer - Nose Dive

Paal x Ed’s X Sohaib - Bolivian

JIGGS - Different

Trill Troy - Hefner

Cayleb - Beltway Drill

Mr Auden Allen - Dark Night Of The Soul

T.ACE - 2018

Aubrey x Shao Kai x Kierantime - Clouds

Hali Ray - Timeless

Jordan Emanuel - Routine

Kae Kuzi - Local Tyrant

feeo - Feels Like We’re Getting Older Doesn’t It


Phoebe I-H Sits In for Jamz AND Kreed Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 13 May 2022

Poppy Ajudha - FALL TOGETHER

Denai Moore - Don't Close The Door

Nneka - Love Supreme

PinkPantheress - Where You Are (Feat. Willow)

Ezra Collective - More Than A Hustler (Feat. Novelist)

Deborahe Glasgow - Don't Test Me

Mansur Brown - Serious

Phoebe I-H Sound System Mix

Lara - Common Sense (Feat. Sutty)

Tigs - Bad Like We (Feat. Peppery)

Ekula - WDYTMF (Feat. Jago & Ell Murphy)

Soulecta - Chunky (Feat. Gemi)

Ghoulish - Overgassed

Kasra - Guilty (Feat. Catching Cairo)

Dolores Forever - Baby Teeth

Kitti - How Long

Eva Lazarus - How Am I Looking?

George IV - You Don't Need To Fall

Bob Vylan - Wicked & Bad

Overmono - Bone Mics

Barry Can't Swim - God Is The Space Between Us (Feat. Taite Imogen)

Pariah - Orpheus

Kreed - Weeper’s Lament

Kreed Guest Mix

Kreed - Sleepwalking

Nãnci Correia - HEAL

Kreed - Freedom of Speech (Feat. Prynce Mini)

Sad Night Dynamite - Mountain Jack

Gardna - City Slicker (Feat. Doktor) (Prod. by Kreed & Brad Baloo)

Ragz Originale - OG Lullaby (Instrumental)

Kreed - In The Night (Feat. Charli Brix & Gardna)

Bianca Oblivion - Selecta


Deaf Rave AND Werkha GUEST MIX

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 6 May 2022

Mac Wetha - Dani Song

Billy Nomates - Blue Bones

Murkage Dave - World I Want To Live In

Debbie - Stay

XOA - World Tour (Feat. Gardna)

The Link Up

Giulia Tess - I Feel You (Feat. Ell Murphy)

Yazzus - Bounty Hunter

IVVVO - I’m Not Dead

Auclair - Sinti Holo

Tony Njoku - Rhododendrons

Deaf Rave

Chopstick Dubplate - Cool Off Version

DJ Hazard - Stranger Danger

Wilma Vritra - One Under

Deyah - pART 4

Mace The Great - A Boogie

Adwaith - Hey!

Nia Wyn - Oughta Be

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 - Y Ferch Ar Y Cei

Kelly Lee Owens - Olga

Elkka - Head Back

Sally C - Downtown

Emmavie & Nikhil Beats - Tune Remix

Werkha Guest Mix

Ellen Beth Abdi – Once Around The Block

Julian Sartorius and Matthew Herbert – Four Twenty

Bonobo – Shadows (Feat. Jordan Rakei)

Werkha – Beauty & The Bloc

Hector Plimmer - Step (Daz I Kue Remix)



First broadcast from the UK on Friday 29 April 2022

Potter Payper - Gangsteritus Part 2 (Feat. Nines & Tiggs Da Author)

Rebecca Vasmant - Procrastination (Feat. Nikki Foster & Harry Weir)

Piri & Tommy Villiers - Words

Amy Dabbs & Coco Bryce - Geezer Like Me

Robocobra Quartet - Wellness

Ryoko Virgil & HNRNO - Loneliest Time

Dreya Mac - Ain’t No Way

XVOTO - Catacumbas

GLOR1A Interview

GLOR1A - Running Man (Manuka Honey Remix)

GLOR1A - Smoke You (Demo)

Auntie Flo & Sarathy Korwar - Dha

Fyfe & Iskra Strings - Purpose (Feat. ghostpoet)

Sinead O’Brien - There Are Good Times Coming

JS X YD - Clout

Ivohé - Termínelo

Donor Lens - Strange Direction (Feat. Midori Jaeger)

The Link Up

Anorak Patch - Paris Will Be Paid For

Voidie - wyd, clogging arteries

R U Init - Sunshine

Manami - Lizard Den

Melle Brown - One More Chance

Ryan De La Cruz - Loketu

Trekkah (T.O.N.E.S) Guest Mix

Trekkah & Hardihood - Uzima (Feat. Tina Ardor)

Kryptic & Elias Kazais - Tumaa

Team Distant, Jalal Ramdani & Mr Silk - Sesa (Feat. Mel D) (Simo Remix)

Fiddla - Home

P4BLO - Haiti78 (P4BLO Mix)

Native Tribe & Saint Evo - Ancestor’s Calling (Feat. Ttan) (Saint Evo Extended Mix)

Giulia Tess - I Feel You (Feat. Ell Murphy)


Freya Roy Live In Session and Shivum Sharma GUEST MIX

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 22 April 2022

Haich Ber Na - Now We’re Strangers

Poppy Ajudha - PLAYGOD

Jas Kayser - Jamie’s Blues

Walt Disco - How Cool Are You

English Teacher - Mental Maths

God Colony - U Really

Morgan Hislop - Mirror Mirror (Feat. Nakamura Minami)

Crows - Slowly Separate (Joel Wolf Alice Remix)

Freya Roy Live In Session

Freya Roy - Naked (Live In Session)

Freya Roy - Calling My Name (Live In Session)

Joshua Idehen - Don’t You Give Up On Me

Ted Jasper - Alone

Amaroun - Orchid

Dundundun - Future Hope (Feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)

Chiedu Oraka - For A Minute

Treasure Bloom - Consent

The Link Up

Robocobra Quartet - Heaven

Lu.Re - Hold On

AVA Akira - Skin

Magugu - Badmon

Carl Cox & Fatboy Slim - Speed Trials on Acid (Feat. Dan Diamond)

Shivum Sharma - Overload

Shivum Sharma Guest Mix

Ms. Dynamite - All I Ever

Lava La Rue - G.O.Y.D.

LYAM - Origami (Feat. Shygirl & John Glacier)

Maxwell Owin & Phoebs - Come With The Ragga (Original Mix)

Ego Ella May - Introvert Hotline

Oliver Palfreyman - Paris

GLOR1A - Running Man (Manuka Honey Remix)


Industry Insider: Music Management AND SCALPING GUEST MIX

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 15 April 2022

Digga D - Hold It Down

Sad Night Dynamite - Tramp

Wet Leg - Oh No

Overmono - Cash Romantic

Supershy - Something On My Mind

Kae Tempest - Priority Boredom

Lil Silva & Sampha - Backwards

Frisco - Bad & Clean (Feat. Infamousizak)

Gretyl Hänlyn - Apple Juice

Industry Insider - Lauren Roth de Wolf

Africa Express - Season Change (Feat. Ghostpoet, Doucoura)

Orchestra of Syrian Musicians - Out Of Time

Ghetts - Mozambique (Feat. Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly)

Anorak Patch - Paris Will Be Paid For

Shivum Sharma - Overload


Adz - Window

Tayo Sound - Forwards & Backwards

Emma Rawicz - Mantra

The Link Up

XOA - Programme Change

Niina - Miss U (Feat. Lolo The Great)

SUCHI - Glisten

Barry Can’t Swim - God Is The Space Between Us (Feat. Imogen Taite)

SCALPING - Blood Club


Nukuluk - Feel So

Akiko Haruna - Hotspot

Adam Pits - The Age of Ent

Re:ni - Revenge Body

Frey Roy - Calling My Name


Get To Know Gretel Hänlyn, The Link Up and Surya Sen Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 8 April 2022

Folly Group - Faint Of Hearts

Lynks - Perfect Human Specimen

Franc Moody - Mass Appeal

Smokey Bubblin’ B - FTC (Feat. Smasher)

Miso Extra - Great Taste (Feat. Nayana IZ)

Knucks & SL - Nice & Good

Mychelle - Forbidden Fruit (Feat. ENNY)

Flowerovlove - Will We Ever Get This Right

Get To Know Gretel Hänlyn

Gretel Hänlyn - Motorbike

Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods

Gretel Hänlyn - Apple Juice

Joy Anonymous - JOY (Love’s Not Real)

Jeshi - 3210 (Ross From Friends Remix)

Kelly Lee Owens - Sonic 8

Congee - Honest

Akemi Fox - See You Soon

Honeyglaze - Female Lead

Quinn Oulton - Clashing Colours (Feat. Moses Boyd)

The Link Up

Yunè Pinku - DC Rot

Jelly Cleaver - Cosmovisions

Ebi Soda - Gated Community with a Public Pool

Kilig - Circuit Breaker

Kayla Painter - Balloons In The Arcade

Surya Sen Guest Mix

KeepVibesNear Ft. Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn - Late Night Drive

Sidders - Breathe

Bone Slim Ft. Ric Wilson, Lucy Tun - Let Me Ride

Darama - Vera

Cody Currie Ft. Eliza Rose - Moves

Scalping - Remain in Stasis (Feat. Grove)


Los Bitchos Interview, The Link Up and Ryan Winters Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 1 April 2022

Obongjayar - Tinko Tinko (Don't Play Me For a Fool)

P-rallel - Can’t Get Enough (Feat. Rachel Chinouriri & Venna)

Anz - You Could Be (Feat. George Riley) (Live from SXSW 2022)

Rachel K Collier - A B X Y (Live from SXSW 2022)

Elkka - Head Back

Alabaster DePlume - I’m Good At Not Crying

Bree Runway - Somebody Like You

Mace The Great - A Boogie (Live from SXSW 2022)

Theodor Black - Top Down

Los Bitchos Interview

Los Bitchos - Change Of Heart

Working Men’s Club - Teeth (Live from SXSW 2022)

Crate Classics - Ghost Mode (Feat. Catching Cairo)

Walt Disco - Weightless (Live from SXSW 2022)

Baba Ali - Living It Up (Live from SXSW 2022)

Nuha Ruby Ra - My Voice

The Link Up

Jas Kayser - Jamie’s Blues

Low Hummer - Never Enough (Live from SXSW 2022)

Poison Zcora - Certain People

Giulia Tess - I Feel You (Feat. Ell Murphy)

Ryan Winters Guest Mix

Lone - Melted (Out of Body Experience)

Lawrence Hart - The Sun Sets On The Eastern Bloc (Ryan Winters Remix)

RIP Productions - Pick Me Up (Licenced Mix)

Ghetto Funk - Doing My Thing

Darama - Dracaena


Blue Lab Beats Interview and N-Type Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 25 March 2022

Scalping - Remain In Statis (Feat. Grove)

Deijuvhs - deAth2Wings

Yunè Pinku - DC Rot

Jeshi - 3210

Harvey Causon - Midas

Speedboat - Sadie Grey

Robin Knightz - I Like It

Kokoroko - We Give Thanks

XOA - Programme Change

Blue Lab Beats Interview

Blue Lab Beats - Motherland Journey (Feat. Killbeatz & Fela Kuti)

Blue Lab Beats - Real Good (Feat. Jerome Thomas)

Blue Lab Beats - Warp (Feat. Jackson Mathod & Kaidi Akinnibi)

Poppy Ajudha - PLAYGOD

Phoebe Green - Make It Easy

Robocobra Quartet - Heaven

Kasien - HOL TYT

Deyah - pART 4

The Link Up

Tia Gordon - Call Me

Lua. - Selfish

Malady - Round The Bend

El Train - Waiting (Feat. Victoria Port) (Murder He Wrote Remix)

Prospa & Kettama - Close Your Eyes

Space Afrika & Blackhaine - B£E (Aya Wavefold)

N-Type Guest Mix

Wiley - Fire Hydrant (On1 Bootleg)

Wiley - Wot Do U Call It (Burna Bootleg)

Fork and Knife - 57% Burnt

Royal-T - Tabloids (Extended)

Wiley - Eskimo (Burna Bootleg)

Jack Dat - FM Riddim (Burna Bootleg)

Dark Cities - Don't Mind

ColtCuts - Catnip

Darkai - Foundation

Reso - Destroy Mode

Dalek One - Anger Dub

Gretel Hänlyn - Motorbike


Deliaphonic, Kris Halpin Interview, The Link Up and lau.ra Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 18 March 2022

Pa Salieu - Frontline

Skatta - Blockbuster

Jay1 - 4AM in Coventry

Bella Deanie  - Come Around (Feat. Daddy Woody & Ossie Holt)


Loraine James - Simple Stuff

LoneLady - The Catcher

lau.ra - I’ll Wait

Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke

The Specials - Gangsters

Kris Halpin Interview

The Selecter - On My Radio

Dyskinetic - Weird Flex          

Doc Scott - VIP Drumz

Holy Goof & Takura - Untouchable

Zkeletonz - Superstar

Teelowe - Magick Mushroom

ROSSO - Wilderness

Danniella Dee - Closer

The Link Up - KANDA

KANDA - IHGYN (I Have Got You Now)

Feisty - Pass Me Your Phone

Siana MB - Feelin’ You

Whiney & Inja  - Game Face (Stay Alert)

Saadaan - Korangi Iron Works

lau.ra Guest Mix (Archive)

Jasper Tygner - Kashmer

Wavezd - Amsterdam

Decorum - Feel Good

Gemi - All Night

Ell Murphy & Highrise - Letting Go

Dunning Krueger - Kale Tacos

Junior Simba - Need For Speed

Blue Lab Beats - Motherland Journey


International Women's Day, The Link Up and Joy To The World Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 11 March 2022

Bree Runway - Pressure

Charlie XCX - Baby

FKA Twigs - papi bones (Feat. Shy Girl)

Ivorian Doll - Bow Down

Wet Leg - Angelica

Nilufer Yanya - The Dealer

Lime Garden - Marbles

Los Bitchos - FFS

International Women’s Day

The Mysterines - Dangerous

Zas - I Love My Body

FKA Twigs - Mothercreep

Morgan Harper-Jones - Want Me

Tia Gordon - Call Me

The Link Up

Kathleen Frances - Boy

Jas Kayser - Darkness In The Light (Feat. Ava Joseph & Giacomo Smith)

Chelsea Carmichael - All We know

Nia Archives - Luv Like

Giulia Tess - I Feel You (Feat. Ell Murphy)

Yunè Pinku - Affection

PinkPantheress - All My Friends Know (Anz Remix)

Joy To The World Guest Mix

Pritt - Identity

Nayana IZ - Breaking Point

Bambi Bains - Retro Rarri

Priya Ragu - Kamali

Joy Crookes - Bad Feeling

The Selecter - Cool Blue Lady


Megatronic Interview, The Link Up an Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 4 March 2022

Bakar - Free

Central Cee - Straight Back To It

Blue Lab Beats - Motherland Journey (Feat. Killbeatz & Fela Kuti)

Ego Ella May - Introvert Hotline

Ed Sheeran - A64 Clip

Nadia Rose - Warm Up Session

Stormzy - Crown

Fyfe, Iskra Strings & Mysie - Deletia

Porridge Radio - Back To The Radio

Megatronic Interview

Nese Karaböcek Yali Yali (Todd Terje Edit)

Desta French - Señor

Jessica Wilde - Head’s In The Roses

Ezra Collective - May The Funk Be With You

PIE - No Men

Slim Papi - Asparagus Tips

The Link Up

HXNTZ - Under Pressure

Jaz Kayser - Darkness In The Light

Quinn Oulton - Better

Auclair - D.I.A.A.R.L

Scalping - Flashforward

Tsha - Boyz

Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

Hagan - Right Here

Tom Blip - Kickdrums!!!

??? - ???

Bodhi - Drop One

The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place

Addison Groove - Brand New Drop

Sam Interface - Flashing Hype

The Big Moon - Cupid


Jaguar Interview and Lynks Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 25 February 2022

Shy Fx & Liam Bailey - Come Around Slowly

Los Bitchos - FFS

Surya Sen - Earn It

Eliza Rose & m4a4 - All Night Long

Porij - Figure Skating

Kojey Radical - Silk (Feat. Masego)

Rebecca Vasmant - Broken Biscuits (Feat. Nadiya Albertson)

Murkage Dave - Us Lot

Sinead O’Brien - Holy Country

Jaguar Interview


TAAHLIAH & James Indigo - Taste My Body

Police Car Collective - MIKE

Kae Tempest - Salt Coast

Lone - Visited By Astronauts (SHERELLE Had A Groove Remix

Angel Lee - The Disco feat. Raven Mandella

Jodie Harsh - Good Time

Lawrence Hart & Ryan Winters - Ldn Vbz

Athlete Whippet - Nogueira

Two Shell - Home

Lynks - Silly Boy

Lynks Guest Mix

Charli xcx - Lucy Liu

Shygirl ft. Slowthai - BDE

Leikeli47 - Money

COBRAH - Debut

Channel Tres - Jet Black

Tkay Maidza - Shook

Dev & The Cataracs - Bass Down Low

Soulwax - Krack

Blaqstarr ft Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground

SOPHIE - Pony Whip


The Link Up, Rebecca Vasmant Interview and Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 18 February 2022

Ewan McVicar - Movin’ On Over

Denham Audio - Psyche Of A Raver (Mani Festo Remix)

Tim Reaper - Agony Tonight

Fred Again… & India Jordan - Admit It (U Don’t Want 2)

Folly Group - I Raise You (The Price Of Your Head) \

Crows - Room 156

Anorak Patch - Cousin Sam

Kokoroko - Something’s Going On

Rebecca Vasmant Interview

Rebecca Vasmant - Internal Dispute (Feat. Paix)

Rebecca Vasmant - Dance Yourself Free

Alabaster DePlume - Don't Forget You're Precious

Wesley Joseph - Cold Summer

Bree Runway - Pressure

BABii & Pholo - Ember

YAZ - Mr Valentine

Niko B - I Had A Fist Fight With An Emo Outside Subway

The Link Up - Kinkajous

Kinkajous - Still (Drifts)

Nix Northwest - Satan Doesn’t Swim

Kathleen Frances - Boy

Freya Roy - Calling My Name

Ben Marc - Sometimes Slow

Durrty Goodz - Bar Code #9 Trainers

Rebecca Vasmant Guest Mix

corto.alto - Charlie Boy

OJ - Crooq

Josef Akin - Di Avenie

Fergus McCreadie - Jig

Hamlet - Sunset Sunside


Outlook Festival, The Link Up and Megan Leo Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 11 February 2022

Mysie - Joyride

Morgan Harper-Jones - Want Me

Gretel Hänlyn - Motorbike

Jeshi - Another Cigarette (Feat. Fredwave)

Ebi Soda & Yazz Ahmed - Chandler

Solah - Everything is Possible

Fox & Swing Ting - Day Ones (Lenzman Remix)

Just Geo - When You Remember

Outlook Festival

Skream - Midnight Request Line

GROVE - Skin2Skin

Hazey - Packs & Potions Remix (Feat. M1llionz, Digga D & Unknown T)

ShaSimone - SCHWEET (Feat. Suspect OTB)

Emz & OH91 - Mask

VXMob - Choppa

Jasmine Oakley - Gone

Daniel Ness - Wounded

Emir taha - Kalp Çare Arar

Biyi - Lately

The Link Up

IZCO - With Light (Feat. Novelist)

LMajor & Decibella - Waiting 4 U

Dance System - Bring The Noise

Sam Binga x Foreign Concept - Turns Me

Megan Leo Guest Mix

Fila Brazillia - Mermaids

Confidence Man - Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 

Man Power - Severin             

Kiara Scuro - Trance Would Be A Fine Thing

Rebecca Vasmant - Dance Yourself Free


The Link Up and Mica (UK) Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 4 February 2022

Scratcha DVA & DemiMa - Siyobonga

P-Rallel - Get Down (Feat. Kasien)

Pink Pantheress - All My Friends Know (Anz Remix)

Nia Archives - Luv Like

Rebecca Vasmant - Dance Yourself Free

Bad With Phones - Living & Surfing

Yard Act - Pour Another

Scuti - Eating

Stores - Bones

Melt Yourself Down - Balance

Scalping - Flashforward

Jianbo - Chinatown Alley

Subjective - Dark (Feat. Greentea Peng)

Obongjayar - Try

Flowerovlove - I Love This Song

Enola Gay - Sofar Surfing

SOAK - Knock Me Off My Feet

Strandz - 4eva Timeless (Side A)

Nadeem Din-Gabisi  - Holy Wata

The Link Up

rAHHH - Blinking

Hiro Ama - Free Soul

Werkha - In St Gilles 

Wev X Lauren Faith - Dusk

Mica (UK) Guest Mix

Audio Analysis - Flying Low (Mica (UK) Remix)


DC Dubz, Kerouac & SMILE - 96


Roska - Count Me Out Fam


Selector Submissions and Gina Breeze Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 28 January 2022

Kilo Jugg - Drink

Ivorian Doll - Boss

IQ ft Stefflon Don - Bun Fi Bun

Amaria BB - Cheaters

Mboogz - Missing You

SL - Mission Complete

TV Room - Balcony

Selector Submissions

Shanteh - In My Lane

Stizee - 2 The World & Back

Gisèle - Dance & Gyrate

Chris Wavey - Rearrangements

James Larter ft. Will Heard - And Then There Were Vibes

Margomool ft Tom Theythem - The Space Between

Recky Reckz - What Do You Mean

TJ - Red

Hxxdz ft Fizzler - 2 Bandz Up

Dubbul O & Jointhedots - Stay Shippin

Rosie Charles - Green & Gold

Piper Grace - Caught Up

Hiro Ama - Free Soul

Matt Ryder - Before I Go

Zar - Want You To Know

Mica (UK) - Love At First Sunrise

Gina Breeze Guest Mix

Gina Breeze - Lucid Skies

Two Shell - Missing In Action

Tibasko - Icaro (ABSOLUTE. Neon Energy Remix)

Gina Breeze - Check Yourself ft Robert Owens (DSP Edit)

Orbital - Are We Here? (30 Something) (Shanti Celeste Remix)

Wev X Lauren Faith - Dusk


Children of Zeus Interview, The Link Up and Dave (Ad Hoc Records) Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 21 January 2022

D Power Diesle ft Frisco, Shorty & Lay Z - The March

FKA Twigs ft Rema - Jealousy

Kojey Radical ft Knucks - Payback

Zed Bias ft Jaki Graham - Music

Calle Lebraun X Callie Amoiyah - Kiss Me In The Dark

C Biz ft Ambush - Finders Keepers

Hazey - Packs & Potionso

Benjiflow ft Juls - Ready

Sotsha Tee, Bhudescar, Steez Hazard - Dali (Prod. Terrie T)

Children Of Zeus Interview

Children of Zeus - No Love Song

FLISS - Oxygen

Children of Zeus - Balance ft Akemi Fox & Georgie Sweet

Children of Zeus - I Know

Wiz 36IX - Love Is A Drug

Marcella Chi - Needed You

Scuti - Eating

The Link Up

Mimi Mxnroe - Want From Me

Gina Breeze - Lucid Skies

Tommy Saint - Never

Juice Menace & Sym Worldd - Run It Up

2b.Frank - Nice Touch (Prod. Channell)

Wayward - Thirty Three (Eliza Rose Re-Rub)

Dave (Ad Hoc Records) Guest Mix

ZULA - Winter Blues

Joaquín Cornejo - Morning Eyes (Hermanito Remix)

Nymad - Fog Lane Park

Alps 2 - Burnt

Tommy Tickle - Goldrush

TURNA - Ducky


Junior Simba Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 14 January 2022

D Double E & Skepta - DON

Finn & India Jordan - All About Love

Stay Flee Get Lizzy - Rib-Eye (Feat. Do Road)

AJ Tracey & Mabel - West Ten

Nia Archives - Headz Gone West

Jorja Smith X GuiltyBeatz - All Of This

D-Block Europe Feat. Central Cee - Overseas

Stefflon Don Feat. BEAM - Beg Mi Ah Link

Skeamer Feat. Ard Adz - Pride

WSTRN Feat. Fireboy DML - Be My Guest

Emile Londonien - Covered Bridges (Mark De Clive Lowe)

Morgan Harper-Jones - Lonely

Matt Wilde - Dilla Impresses Me

The Mouse Outfit -  Chillout Vibes 2 (Feat. Josh Ivell)

RJ - R.O.B.

Lost Girl Feat. Ivorian Doll - Lazy Love

Cesar Feat. XP BurstGang & K.I.M.E - Play Da Game (Prod by KHABS)

Rago Loco - Black Man

Porij - EGO

Hope Tala - Tiptoeing (Tommy Villiers Remix)

Lime Garden - Clockwork

Secret Night Gang - Journey

EBII Feat. Prido, Vic Tory & K3vo - Grind Pon Dis

Surya Sen (Feat. Bone Slim) - So I Just (Cousn Remix)

TAAHLIAH - Electronica Vividness

Junior Simba Guest Mix

Chungo - Charcoal

MJSB - Grey Area

Junior Simba - Senna

Anz - Morphing into Brighter

Elkka - I. Miss. Raving

KUU, Alex Metric, Riton, Shungudzo - We'll Always Have This Dance (TSHA Remix)

Junior Simba - Rain

Siana MB - Feelin’ You


Roesh Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 7 January 2022

Big Zuu X Jme X Novelist - Offline

D Double E - G’s Only (Feat. Chip)

Giggs  - Innocent

C.Roots X GManSlewdem X Big Moviee - Composition

FKA twigs - Measure Of A Man (Feat. Central Cee)

The Compozers - It’s Time (Feat Kojey Radical)

Potter Payper - Gangsteritus (Feat. Tiggs Da Author)

Victoria Jane - Fake Love

Just Banco - Vodafone

[ K S R ] - Harmless

Superlative - Coincidental (Feat. Karis Jade)

Bella Penfold - Pretty

D Jordan - Stunt Hard

Abnormal Sleepz - Give Thanks

Sofian - Soul Plane

Pip Millett - Running (Feat. Ghetts)

Cooper T - Scared

Chrissi - Tracksuit

Kahreign - Let Me In

Lojay - Monalisa (Feat. Sarz)

Donae’O - I’m In A Good Mood (Feat. Terri Walker)

Scott Garcia - Closer Than Close

Zed Bias - Rock The Boat


Nia Archives - 18 & Over

Roesh Guest Mix

Trigga X Chimpo - ?

Piri - Soft Spot

Motiv - Better Off (Feat. Diligent Fingers)

Flava D - All We Ever Do (Feat. DRS & Paige Eliza)

Slay x Sl8r - Falling (Feat. Chimpo)

Slay x Sl8r - Danger

Little Simz - I Love You, I Hate You


Swindle Interview and Josey Rebelle Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 31 December 2021

Jazz Jamaica - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Nubya Garcia - The Message Continues

Kokoroko - Baba Ayoola

The Cavemen - Osondu

Golden Mean - Orbit Trip

Omar - It’s So

Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine

Swindle Interview

Swindle - What More (Feat. Greentea Peng)

Swindle - Lost

Emmavie - Tune

Hi Tension - British Hustle

Little Simz - Two Worlds Apart

Breakage, David Rodigan & Newham Generals - Hard

Ezra Collective - More Than A Hustler (Feat. Novelist)

Roll Deep - When I’m Ere

Steam Down - Free My Skin

Sticky Feat. Ms. Dynamite - Booo!

Blue Lab Beats - Labels (Feat. Kofi Stone & Tiana Major9)

Yussef Dayes - Ride Out

Danny Red - Something Wrong

Nubya Garcia - Source (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)

Josey Rebelle Guest Mix (Archive)

FunkinEven - Abyss (Feat. Jay Daniel)

Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek - Turn It On

K15 - The Story Of HER Life

Royal T & Flava D - On My Mind (Version Three)

Mark Force - Smoke It (Feat. Bembe Segue) (Blakai Remix)

Congo Natty - Get Ready


DJ EZ Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 24 December 2021

Izzy Bizu - Work

Yazmin Lacey - Still

Little Simz - Point and Kill (Feat. Obongjayar)

Zola Marcelle - Eternal

Juls - Soweto Blues (Feat. Jaz Karis and Busiswa)

Floetic - Floetry

Kaidi Tatham - Try n Follow

Nubya Garcia - Source (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)

SAULT - Son Shine

Kojey Radical - Gangsta

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet

Mina Rose - Run

Ashley Henry - Cranes (In The Sky)

Tirzah - Send Me

Ms Dynamite - Dy-Na-Mi-Tee

Son of Scientists - The Drum (Feat. Eska)

Zara McFarlane - Fussin’ and Fightin’

Jorja Smith - All of This (Major League Djz x Dlala Mlungu Remix)

Ezra Collective - More than a Hustler (Feat. Novelist)

Loyle Carner - Ottolenghi

DJ EZ Guest Mix (Archive)

Flava D – String Steppa (Self-Released)

Jess Glynne – Right Here (Nu Era Remix) (Free Download)

Cause & Affect – Social Experiment (Free Download)

Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Flava D Remix) (Unreleased)

Craig Scott – I Need Your Love (Riddler Records)

Omar - Dancing (Feat. Zed Bias)


The Link Up - Jaydonclover and Manami Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 17 December 2021

Nightmares On Wax - Wonder (Feat. Haile Supreme & Shabaka Hutchings)

SAULT - Bitter Streets

Yard Act At Home Session - Gangsters (The Specials Cover)

NAO - Woman (Feat. Lianne La Havas)

Mestizo Collaboration Track - Arroyo

Little Simz - I Love You, I Hate You

Biig Piig - American Beauty

Sad Night Dynamite - Krunk

TROPHY - Moments

Coco Bryce - U I Luv

Special Request - Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)

Private Caller - Inside

Borai - Need U

Denham Audio - Thirty Eight Snub

Mantra - Craven Park

Local Group - Baby E

Mani Festo - Shunt

Lau.ra - I’ll Wait

Barry Can’t Swim - Some Day I Will (Jacana People Remix)

Anz - You Could Be (Feat. George Riley)

Harvey Causon - Tenfold

Hyll - Taliesin

Clyde Built Radio

Eadyth - Inhale / Exhale

The Link Up - Jaydonclover

Jadu Jadu & Tambala - Honey Lemon Tea (Feat. Jaydonclover)

Louis VI - Nature (Live In Session)

All Day Breakfast Cafe - Old School Struggling

India Jordan - And Groove

TSHA - Demba (Feat. Trio Da Kali)

Model Man - Don’t Cry (Feat. Hamzaa)

Manami Guest Mix

Manami - Eventide in Orbit

Harry Oscillate - Oshee

Peach - Clovers Groove

Breaka - Mass Gathering

Longeez - Keep Movin

Yushh - Periwink

Delay Grounds - I'd Like To See You Try

Hodge & Simo Cell - Medusa

Ezra Collective - Sao Paulo


Sywel Nyw Interview, The Link Up and Tomos Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 10 December 2021

Blue Lab Beats - Labels (Feat. Kofi Stone & Tiana Major9)

Jordan Stephens - Shake!

Mared - Pictures

SONLIFE - Recollect (Feat. Abi Hardiman)

Ebi Soda - Yoshi Orange

System.Inc x Jax Jones x Stefflon Don – The Don

Shygirl - Cleo

Sam Fender - The Dying Light (Winter Edit)

Sywel Nyw Interview

Sywel Nyw - Seagal

Sywel Nyw - Amser Parti (Feat. Dionne Bennett)

Papur Wal - Arthur

Crawlers - Come Over (Again)

Alewya - Zuggy

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18 - Cariad, Cariad

Tiny Chapter - If Only For A Time

Kinships - Vice

The Link Up

Sola - You Don’t Have To Say

L E M F R E C K - Falling

Simmerdown - Dilate

Bonobo - Shadows (Feat. Jordan Rakei)

Feena - Dead Digits

Tomos Guest Mix

Pinty - Comfort Me [Tomos’ Dub Mix]

Dauwd - La Nota

Tomos - Go [Rework]

Herbert - Friday They Dance

Jasper Tygner x Joe Hertz - Equals


Deyah Interview, The Link Up and The Allergies Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 3 December 2021

Sans Soucis - I'm On (a.blubox Remix)

Seb Wildblood - Night Ride (Feat. Lex Amor)

Mr Jukes x Barney Artist - Gratitude

Scrimshire - Heron (Feat. Miryam Solomon)

Chartreuse - Deep Fat

Alice Auer - Daydreaming

Wet Leg - Too Late Now

French The Kid - Thrill

Sola - Eyes Wide Shut

Deyah Interview

Deyah - Genesis

Deyah - SYS

Little Simz - Selfish (Feat. Cleo Sol)

The KTNA - Summer Never Dies

Kinkajous - Still (Drifts)

Awst - Haul Olaf

ones - burning (Feat. just lil)

The Link Up

AV Dummy - DWP

Hana Lili - Don’t Try To Call Me

James ID - What I Should Have Said

Elkka - Voices

Tommy Farrow - Forever (Feat. Clementine Douglas)

The Allergies Guest Mix

Skunkadelic - No Time

Sam Redmore - On the One (Feat. Mr Auden Allen, Renegade Brass Band

Greentea Peng - Free My People (Feat. Simmy, Kid Cruise)

The Allergies - I’m On It (Feat. Dr. Syntax & Skunkadelic)

Gotts Street Park - Diego

4dee - Get Up

Junior Simba - Senna


Ben Hauke Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 26 November 2021

Yakul - What Does It Feel Like? (Feat. Camilla George)

Ego Ella May - for the both of us

Sans Soucis - Air (Live from Selector at 20)

Nilüfer Yanya - stabilise

Max Pope - No Love (Mr Shady)

Kojey Radical - Gangsta

Sega Bodega - Naturopathe (Feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)

Kan Wakan - Gestalt (Feat. SAIGO)

Connie Constance - Monty Python (Live from Selector at 20)

Tora-i - PBFF

Greta Isaac - Polyfilla

Godford - No One

Kelly Lee Owens - Wake Up

The Ninth Wave - Piece and Pound Coins

Magoya - The Most Beautiful Lie (Feat. Ella Knight)

Snowy - All That Matters (Live from Selector at 20)

Yard Act - Land of the Blind (Live from Selector at 20)

Notchyy - Ruskin

Laurence Guy - Yeh Good, You?

Model Man - Don’t Cry (Feat. Hamzaa) (TSHA Remix)

Ben Hauke Guest Mix

Groove Chronicles - Got You Now (2step Mix)

Bertie - Oh Ur Gonna Love

Ben Hauke - Negative Test

Aæe - UK Funky Riddim

Re:Fill - Stillness (Ben Hauke Remix)

Ben Hauke - ?

Anish Kumar x Barry Can’t Swim - Blackpool Boulevard


Sian Eleri Interview, The Link Up and Babylon Fox Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 19 November 2021

Ewan McVicar - Plain Outta Luck

Surya Sen - Here We Go Again (Feat. FELA.Mi)

Seb Wildblood & Lex Amor - Night Ride

Miso Extra - Deep Fried

Murkage Dave - Awful Things (Feat. Caroline Polachek)

Desta French - Hija

Femi Tahiru - Counting On You

Blue Lab Beats - Labels (Feat. Tiana Major9 & Kofi Stone)

Freya Roy - Fantasies Reimagined (Feat. Gabriel Gifford & Maya Law)

Sian Eleri Interview

Thallo - Pressed And Preserved

Barry Can’t Swim - Rah That’s A Mad Question

Sola - You Don’t Have To Say

rAHHH - Tetris People

English Teacher - Good Grief

FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac - Own Brand Freestyle (Feat. Finch Fetti)

Cristale - Merryland

The Link Up - BXKS

BXKS - Swish

Louis VI - Nature (Live In Session)

Mali Hayes - Save Ourselves (Live In Session)

MrWize - Deprivation

Suchi - Swift

Breaka - Solaria

Babylon Fox Guest Mix

Subculture, Goya Gumbani - Only Time Will Tell

Balimaya Project - Balimaya

Sons Of Kemet, D Double E - For The Culture

Nubya Garcia, Moses Boyd - Pace (Moses Boyd Remix)

Moon & Sticky Dub - Soul Of Man

Deyah - Shoreditch


Peter Quicke Music Declares Emergency Chat and Coldcut Environmental Emergency Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 12 November 2021

TSHA - Power

George Fitzgerald - Ultraviolet

Kelly Lee Owens - Melt

Louis VI - Nature (Live Session Track)

Mali Hayes - Save Ourselves (Live Session Track)

Wet Leg - Wet Dream

Sarathy Korwar - Birthright

Peter Quicke Music Declares Emergency Chat

Kokoroko - Baba Ayoola

Sons Of Kemet - Think Of Home

Jordan Rakei - Clouds

Tony Njoku - The Reset

Mali Hayes - Rewind Reload (Live Session Track)

Louis VI - Orange Skies (Live Session Tracks)

Franc Moody - Tired Of Waiting

Idles - The Beachland Ballroom

Jammz - FM Allstar Riddim feat. Buggsey

Coldcut Environmental Emergency Guest Mix

Moss Covered Technology - The Eastern End

George the Poet - Climate Change

Daniel Pemberton, Fsol - Behind The Eyes

Mr Lefteye - Ancient City Of Kyoto

Burial - State Forest

Collocutor - Deep Peace

Hannah Peel - Emergence In Nature


Shygirl Live Session from BBC Introducing, The Link Up and Suchi Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 5 November 2021

Lime Garden - Clockwork

Mrley - Sat On The Fence

Babii - Zero

AZADI.mp3 - Nazar

Theon Cross - Roots ft. Shumba Maasai

BackRoad Gee - Dark Place

Swindle - What More ft. Greentea Peng

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - A Dream I Have

Nova Twins - Antagonist

Shygirl Live Session from BBC Introducing

Shygirl - Sour Candy (Shygirl & Mura Masa Remix)

Shygirl - Tasty In The Morning

Shygirl - Cleo

Snowy - Crazy Again

Joesef - Fire

Rarelyalways - Excuses

Mimi Mxnroe - Want From Me!

Izco - With Light ft. Novelist

The Link Up with Tutara Peak

Tutara Peak - Light Fills The Room

Lucy Tun - Monarchy ft. Lila Yin Remix

Tendai - Infinite Straight

Jessica Winter - Like A Knife

Nowsm - Leave Your Circle

Suchi - Gula i Deg

Suchi Guest Mix

Seb Wildblood ft. Theophilus London - MDS (Club Version)

Darama - Holloway Road

Ahadadream - ???

R.O.S.H. - Atah

Hodge - Do What You Need To Do

Mali Hayes - Save Ourselves


Black History Month Roundtable, The Link Up and Kay Young Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 29 October 2021

Little Simz - Standing Ovation

Dave - In The Fire

Headie One - Cry

Greentea Peng - Free My People

Nubya Garcia - Pace (Moses Boyd Remix)

Black History Month Round Table

Cherise - Rise

Shingai - Too Bold

Loraine James - Simple Stuff

Sam Akpro - Cove

Obongjayar - Message In A Hammer

BXKS - Bones 2 Pick

Sola - The Score

The Link Up - Chrissi

Chrissi - Lady Kisses

Anz - Real Enough To Feel Good

Nia Archives - Forbidden Feelingz

Steam Down - Free My Skin II

Juls - Summer In The Ends (Feat. Jaz Karis & George The Poet)

Enny - I Want

Kay Young Guest Mix

Little Simz - Woman (Feat. Cleo Sol)

Cleo Sol - Promises

Loyle Carner ft Jordan Rakei - Ottolenghi

Jorja Smith - Blue Lights

Kay Young - White Teeth

Kay Young - For You

Shy Girl - Cleo


Rachel Chinouriri Session Tracks, The Link Up and Effy Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 22 October 2021

PinkPantheress - I Must Apologise

Alewya - Play

Young T & Bugsey - Big Bidness

Juls - Mare (Feat. Sauti Sol)

Kay Young - Wait For Me

The Mouse Outfit - It’s True (Shift Ops Remix)

Babeheaven - The Hours

James Blake - I’m So Blessed You're Mine

Rachel Chinouriri Session Tracks

Rachel Chinouriri - If Only (Live At Maida Vale)

Rachel Chinouriri - Give Me A Reason (Live At Maida Vale)

Rachel Chinouriri - Darker Place (Live At Maida Vale)

Hak Baker - Irrelevant Elephant

Morgan Harper-Jones - All I Do

Miles From Kinshasa - Don’t Be An Op (Feat. Kadiata)

David GotSound - IT’S TIME!

Tara Lily - The Ones I Lost

Lilah - Lilah’s Lullaby

The Link Up - LVRA

LVRA - Money And Power

Salmon Cat - Mémoire De Saumon

Fizzy Blood - Ka Palaho Beach (Feat. Dead Nature)

The Lounge Society - Last Breath

Prospa - Voyage

AARRT - Nightline999

Effy Guest Mix

India Jordan - Emotional Melodical

Nightwave - La Selva

Anz - Loos in twos

Haider - Bakamono

Skream - Doolally

Cherise - Rise


Joy Anonymous: Get To Know, The Link Up and Wayward Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 15 October 2021

Jeshi - Hit By A Train

Nadia Rose - Woah

Jelani Blackman - Gorgeous ft. Jords

Finn Foxell - Slow Kisses

Katy B - Open Wound feat. Jaz Karis

Benjiflow - My Bella feat. Oxlade

All Day Breakfast Cafe - What if Nile Rogers & Fela Kuti Were Friends

Sega Bodega - Angel On My Shoulder

Joy Anonymous: Get To Know

Joy Anonymous - JOY (Meet Me In My Dreams)

Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band - Sunshower

Joy Anonymous - JOY (Human Again)

San Soucis - Games ft. Cecile Kyenge

Palmaria - Lanes

Matt Ryder - Run

Harve - Other Side Of The Room (Remix)

Ben Hauke - Everywhere I Go

Barkley Bandon - Always Gonna Wait For You

Common Saints - Fastlane

The Link Up: Gabriel Gifford

Gabriel Gifford - Better Than Before ft. Sans Soucis

Qendresa - Karma


1-800 GIRLS - By Your Side

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - The Distance

Guest Mix: Wayward

Aloka - Chroma

Wayward - The Cause

Kessler - Cognitive Bias

Walton - Cold Winter

Kamran - Tombak Track

Wayward - Waiting For The World (Cameo Blush)

Conducta - Right Together ft. Rachel Chinouriri


Archived Live Music Session: Kano and Guest Mix: Kiimi

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 8 October 2021

George FitzGerald - Ultraviolet

Sebwildblood - MDS feat. Theophilus

Wet Leg - Wet Dream

E L L E - Bodmin More

Mandy, Indiana - Bottle Episode

Wayward - Run Out Of Love

Don’t Problem - Liminality

Headie One - Cry

Archived Live Music Session: Kano

Potter Payper - Plain Clothes feat. NSG

Dreya Mac - Take My Lovin

CKTRL -  Zero feat. Mereba

rAHHH - Blinking

J Rhys, Dfunds, Cal1sto, Luca Santamaria - London

Daniel Casimir - Safe (Part 3)

Leyma - Can’t Stay Still

all cats are beautiful - skipping down the stairs like a slinky

Liv Walker - Sad Raver

Hen$haw - Gift

Guava & Breaka - Hand It Over

Overmono - Bby

Kiimi - Breaking My Mind

Guest Mix: Kiimi

Otik - Four Feet

Tom VR - Acheless

Josh Hussaney - Come On Down (Z Lovecraft Remix)

Effy - Fluffy Clouds

Throwing Snow - Righteous Minds (TSHA Remix)

Adam Pits - Pest Control

Breaka - Mass Gathering

Scalping - The Perimeter (Object Blue Remix)


Women in Jazz, The Link Up and Jasper Tygner Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 30 September 2021

Mrley - So Much To Say

Grove & Lynks - BBB

Steam Down - Can’t Hold Me Back

Flohio - Whiplash

Hak Baker - Cool Kids

Backroad Gee - See Level (Feat. Olamide)

Miso Extra - 1013

Piri - Soft Spot (Feat. Tommy Villiers)

Kojey Radical - War Outside (Feat. Lex Amor)

Women In Jazz

Yazz Ahmed - Bloom

Celeste - Strange

Jas Kayser - Feel It

Venna - Sun, Moon & Herbs (Feat. Jvck James)

Nao - Nothing’s For Sure

Porij - Divine

LVRA - Money & Power

BXKS - Mean Amount

The Link Up

Lime Garden - Pulp

Chrissi - Back In The Day

Sola - Feels Like A War

Crate Classics - Injekt (5 Easy Pieces Remix)

Firee Young & $H The Producer - I Neverrr

Y U QT - Dancehall Damager (Feat. Riko Dan)

Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies

Jasper Tygner Guest Mix

BICEP - Light

Jasper Tygner - Thats Too Slow

KETTAMA - Higher

Ross From Friends - The Daisy

Overmono - So U Kno

Kano - Got My Brandy, Got My Beats (Feat. Lil Silva)


Nathan Clark (Brudenell Social Club) Chat and Shauna Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 24 September 2021

Anz - You Could Be (Feat. George Riley)

Kay Young - I’ve Got You (Feat. Jnr Williams)

Pa Salieu - Shining (Feat. Tay Iwar & Zlatan)

CASISDEAD - Park Assist (Feat. La Roux)

Yard Act - The Overload

Sega Bodega - Only Seeing God When I Come

Connie Constance - Gran Torino

Selector Submissions

Lizzie Esau - Caffeine

Tac-si-dermi - Ble Pierre

Geejay - Mama, It’s Ok To Cry

Rasida - Don’t Go Back

Mazoulew - Ditto

Recky Reckz - Run It Up

CMJ - Back It Up

Notion - Cherry

AV Dummy - Man Burns Self Online

Bad With Phones - Ghost (Feat. Carina)

The Link Up

Quinn Oulton - Play You In My Dreams

Honeyglaze - Burglar

Temptress - My Heart Can’t Break Anymore

Joy Anonymous - JOY (You Got To Learn)

Conducta - Right Together ft. Rachel Chinouriri

Kayla Painter - Mangrove Forest

Samia Guest Mix

Manuka Honey - Pestañas

R.O.S.H - Rithik Chandra - Atal

GIRL UNIT - Dilbar Refix

TLC - No Scrubs (Manj Edit)

Hashira - Spicy Malai

Jorja Smith (Feat. Popcaan) - Come over (Manj Edit)

Yazz Ahmed - Barbara


Nathan Clark (Brudenell Social Club) Chat and Shauna Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 16 September 2021

Working Men’s Club - Be My Guest

The Cribs - Men’s Needs

Eagulls - Tough Luck

Graft - You Know What

Nightmares on Wax - You Wish

Far Caspian – Attempt

Harkin - Nothing The Night Can’t Change

Cara Hart & 1011 - SKIN

Walt Disco – Weightless

Chat with Nathan Clark from Brudenell Social Club

Gang of Four - Damaged Goods

Yard Act – The Overload

Temz - Step In

Bored At My Grandma’s House – Showers

English Teacher - R&B

Cole LC - 80 Quid Freestyle

August Charles – Blessed

Ellur - Moments

Yusuf Yellow - Lost But Not Forgotten

Yaatri - In The Clouds (Part 1)

Musumba - Numbers

Kloyd – Apex (Radar)

Junior Simba – Reason

Shauna Guest Mix

Shauna - Modes of Thinking (Club Quarantine Rework)

Shauna - Android Hotline

Shauna - Work It!

Shauna - Good Times Will Come Again

Shauna – Mindshake

Tom Everett - On My Mind


Horse Meat Disco Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 9 September 2021

Elkka - Everybody Is Welcome (Violet’s It’s A Gay Club Remix)

Shygirl - Siren (Basement Jaxx Cruise Remix)

Sherelle - Rhythm Love (Feel It)

Grove - Big Poppa

Loraine James - Simple Stuff

Giulia Tess - Mesto Ritma (Feat. ioieo)

Absolute. - U41A (Feat. Bklava)

Shy One - House Party

Pauli The Psm - Don’t Leave Me (Feat. Elheist & Kelsey Lu)

Toya Delazy - Resurrection (Feat. Sam Interface, Ahadadream and Mxshi Mo)

Darkoo - Gangsta

Gabriel Gifford - Cold Too (Feat. Maya Law and Freya Roy)

Shivum Sharma - Diamond (Kindness Remix)

All Cats Are Beautiful - Thought I Saw You In The Shop Last Nite

Porij - 150

Cat Burns - Into You

Lava La Rue - For You

Tia Carys - Intro

Flohio - Sweet Flaws

Lynks - This Is The Hit (Feat. Charlie Steen)

Bebeluna - Drunk

Midland - The Alchemy Of Circumstances

Horse Meat Disco Guest Mix

Dave Lee - Why (Hot Toddy Boogiefield Mix)

Melvo Baptiste - Bad Company (Feat. Phebe Edwards)

Crazy P - Like A Fool (Fred Everything Lazy Vox)

Horse Meat Disco - Love If You Need It (Feat. Fi McCluskey)

Horse Meat Disco - I’m You Dancing (Feat. Annette Brown and Fi McCluskey)

W. H. Lung - Showstopper (Feat. Softlizard)


Malady Package and Kiran Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 3 September 2021

Toddla T x Jeremiah Asiamah x Sweetie Irie – SHAKER ft. Stefflon Don & S1mba (Warner Music)

Mina & Bryte - Awolonge (Earth Kicks via DMY)

Juls - Love Me ft. Niniola (LOF COLLECTIVE)

Scratchclart - Flex ft. :3LON (Hyperdub)

BenjiFlow - Go (BenjiFlow via DMY)

Desta French - Señor (Unity Records)

Nubya Garcia - La Cumbia Me Está Llamando ft. La Perla (Kaidi Tatham Remix) (Concord Jazz)

Jelani Blackman - Bubblin (18 Records)

Sad Night Dynamite - Psychedelic Views ft. IDK (Parlophone)

Deyah – Shoreditch (High Mileage, Low Life)

Malady Package

Malady - London, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (Nice Swan Recordings)

Malady - Famous Last Words (Nice Swan Recordings)

Cleo Sol – 23 (Forever Living Originals)        

JGrrey - Lavish ft. Finn Askew (self-release)

Adam Znaidi - Holy Moon (self-release)

Gabriel Gifford - Better Than Before ft. Sans Soucis (Charlatan Jazz)

Good Health Good Wealth - The Weekend (Japan Road)

Porij – Ego (Oat Gang Records)

Chinatown Slalom - Why’d Ya Wanna Come and Act Like That? (September Recordings)

Wayward - Sapphire Eyes (self-release)

The Bug - Pressure ft. Flowdan (Ninja Tune)

EVM128 - Tell Me ft. Natalie May (Co-Op Presents)

Karen Nyame KG - The PSA (BEAUTIFUL)

Kiran Guest Mix

Darama – Vera

Suchi - Gula I Deg (Ganzfeld Records)

Kishan & Darama - Daytime Parties (self-release)

Provhat Rahaman x Britney Spears - I'm a Pedal 4 U (yourboykiran Edit) (Rhythm Labs Records)

Ahadadream – Shakedown Drum Dub (XXIII)

Chandé x yourboykiran - Pani Puri Pirates (Stamp The Wax)

Manara - J Sweeet x Dhak Dhak (Stamp The Wax)

SBTRKT x Little Dragon – Wildfire (Young)

Sukh Knight - Diesel Not Petrol (Original) (DAKU)

Aditi Paul x Shail Hada - Ang Laga De (Daytimers Refix)


Nubya Garcia Interview, The Link Up and Swindle Guest Mix (Archive)

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 27 August 2021

Ghetts - Mozambique (Feat. Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly)

Laura Mvula - Conditional

Celeste - Both Sides Of The Moon (Live From The Great Escape Festival 2019)

Arlo Parks - Cola (Live In Session)

Hannah Peel - Andromeda M31 (Live From Hull City Hall)

Sault - Free

Berwyn - Glory

Nubya Garcia Interview

Nubya Garcia - Source

Nubya Garcia - Pace

Nubya Garcia - Before Us: In Demerara And Caura (Feat. Ms Maurice)

Nubya Garcia - La Cumbia Me Está Llamando (Feat. La Perla) (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Black Country New Road - Track X

Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Movement 5

Mogwai - Supposedly We Were Nightmares

Wolf Alice - Smile

Michael Kiwanuka - I’ll Get Along (Live In Session)

Little Simz - Introvert

The Link Up

Volleyball - Aloosh

Swindle - Darkest Hour (Feat. Poppy Ajudha & Dayley)

Swindle Guest Mix (Archive)

Swindle - If I Was A Super Hero

Joker - Milky Way

Silkie - Float

Royal T - Missing Aurora

Silkie - New York City

Swindle - Pineapple Vip

Preditah - Circles Vip

Malady - Famous Last Words (Remix)


Franc Moody Session, The Link Up and E L L E Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 20 August 2021

Bala Bala Boyz - Vie Des Rois

404 Guild - Substation

Shaybo & Jorja Smith - My Sister

Joy Orbison - Better (Feat. Léa Sen)

Blanco - Asura & Indra (Feat. Sango)

Bakar - The Mission

Nayana IZ - Breaking Point

Swindle - Darkest Hour (Feat. Poppy Ajudha and Daley

Steve Spacek & Yazmin Lacey - Another Like This

Franc Moody Session

Franc Moody - Losing Touch

Franc Moody - Dopamine

Onipa - Chicken No Dey Fly (Feat. Franz Von)

Folly Group - Butt No Rifle

Molly Payton - You Cut Me So Much Slack

Sans Soucis - On Time For Her

Mom Tudie - Better Days (Feat. Sidders)

Faye Meana - Giving It In

Cody Currie & Eliza Rose - Flame

The Link Up

Ted Jasper - Do Something (Feat. Kay Young & Shaquille-Aaron Keith)

Jasper Tygner - Change Your Mind

Kayla Painter - Unseen and Unknown

Tutara Peak - Motion In The Shadows

E L L E Guest Mix

The Cure - Plainsong

Oxhy - Flaka

Giant Swan - 55 Year Old Daughter

Palmistry - wyrdo

Nubya Garcia - La Cumbia Me Está Llamando (Feat. La Perla) (Kaidi Tatham Remix)


Nayana IZ, South Asian Heritage Month Round Table, The Link Up and Shama Anwar Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 13 August 2021

Sarathy Korwar - Birthright (Feat. Zia Ahmed, Mirande & Swadesi)

Nabihah Iqbal - Is This Where It Ends

Nayana IZ Co-Host

M.I.A - Pull Up The People

Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

Nitin Sawhney - Homelands

Ahadadream - Hydration

Nayana IZ - Breaking Point

Round Table

MIA - Bucky Done Gun

Kromestar - In 2 Minds

Cornershop - Brimful of Asha

Panjabi MC - Giddah x Benga & Coki - Night

Shy FX & UK Apache - Original Nuttah

Joy Crookes - Skin

The Link Up

HIRA - Reminisce

Nikhil Beats - Falling

YXNG SXNGH - Brown Munde Freestyle (Feat. MK, Stretch DCM, Spacey)

Chloe Bodur - Watch Me (Feat. Bubba Janko)

Surya Sen - Jessica

Manuka Honey - Ssling

Manara - Dhak Dhak x J Sweet (Live Blend)

Darama - Maa Boli

Shama Anwar Guest Mix

El Chicano - Tell Her She's Lovely

The Blackbyrds - Dreaming About You

Womack & Womack - M.P.B.

Don Blackman - Heart's Desire

Mera Bhai - Mañana Groove


Latitude Live Tracks, The Link Up and WheelUP Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 6 August 2021

Mina & Bryte - See Something

Skepta - Eyes on Me

Sam Akpro - Drift

Chimpo - The Now (Feat. Abnormal Sleepz & Nia Archives)

Ragz Originale - No Doubt (Feat. Knucks & Lady Donli)

Emmavie - 2003 (Feat. Brandon Woody)

John Glacier - Boozy

Denzel Himself - 10

Latitude Live Tracks

Freya Roy - Day Is Done (Live from Latitude Introducing Stage 2021)

Ishmael Ensemble - Empty Hands (Live from Latitude Introducing Stage 2021)

TAAHLIAH - Bourgeoisie / Transdimensional (Live from Latitude Introducing Stage 2021)

Joseph Lawrence - Love Lockdown (Live from Latitude Introducing Stage 2021)

Joe Armon-Jones - Pray (Live from Latitude Introducing Stage 2021)

Volleyball - Aloosh

Balimaya Project - Dakan

Gotts Street Park - Diego

The Link Up

Deema - I Wish I Had To

Kwengface - Chef

Mistareez - Realistic Goals

Kiimi - Ritual

Monki - Flipside

WheelUP - Rise Above (Feat. Abacus)

WheelUP Guest Mix

Simon Gray - The Galactic Suite (Domu Remix)

Domu - Let Me Be (Rima Remix)

L’Aroye - Be The One

Afronaught - Transcend Me (Feat. Melissa Browne)

Ahadadream & Moonshine - Woah


Emma-Jean Thackray Interview, The Link Up and Dan Shake Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 30 July 2021

Dave - Survivor’s Guilt

Obongjayar - Nobody

Blue Lab Beats - Sensual Loving (Feat. Ghetto Boy)

Juls - Wicked (Feat. Kadiata, Kucks & Sam Wise)

Lisa Mercedez - Avengers (Feat. Giggs)

Alewya - Spirit_X

Connie Constance - Prim & Propa

Steam Down - Untie (Feat. Lady Shaynah)

Ben Hauke & Oscar Jerome - No Need

Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something

Emma-Jean Thackray Interview

Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something

Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow

Emma-Jean Thackray - Rahu & Ketu

Emma-Jean Thackray - Our People

Quinn Oulton - Eye Glass

Anaiis - Chuu (Feat. Topaz Jones)

Kai Whiston - Drayan!

The Link Up

Tiberius b - Stains

Lime Garden - Pulp

Willow Kayne - I Don’t Wanna Know

Ewan McVicar - Tell Me Something Good

Dan Shake - Paper

Dan Shake Guest Mix

Dego & Kaidi - Tresure Beach

Elkka - Alexandra

Doc Daneeka - Unreleased

Unknown Artist - B2 (Hodstash003)

Lord Leopard - Malibu Stacey

Erol Alkan - Automatic (Palms Trax Remix)

Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD - Pax

Cromby - Shake It

DJ Q, Shola Ama & Hans Glader -  I Can't Stay


Joel Culpepper Interview, The Link Up and Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 23 July 2021

Dance System - All I Wanna Do

Surya Sen - Jessica

Harvey Causon - Corinthians

NiNE8 - Love U Do

Porij - Ego

Lunch Money Life - Nicholas Cage Please Get In Touch

Footshooter - Malaika (Ft. MA.MOYO) (Poison Zcora Remix)

Harleighblu - Stuntin’

Joel Culpepper Interview

Joel Culpepper - Thought About You

Joel Culpepper - Tears of a Crown

Omar - The Man

Joel Culpepper - Poetic Justice

Joel Culpepper - The Return

Enny - Under 25

Gabriel Gifford - Cold Too (Ft. Maya Law & Freya Roy)

PinkPantheress - Passion

Balimaya Project - Balimaya

John Glacier - If Anything

The Link Up

English Teacher - R&B

Sam Akpro - Swan

Kiimi - Breaking My Mind

Effy - Raging

Jamz Supernova Guest Mix

Ewan Mcvicar 1001 Freestyle

Genius Cru - Boom Selection

Zed Bias - Basic Needs 2021

Zed Bias - Say It (Feat. Tyler Dayley)

Bakongo x Spectr - Off Guard

Afronaut - Transcend M.E (Ft. Melissa Browne)

Emma-Jean Thackray - Our People


The Link Up and Nia Archives Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 16 July 2021

Krept & Konan Presents - Olé Feat. S1LVA, Millionz & Morrison

Dave - Clash Feat. Stormzy

Shygirl - BDE Feat. Slowthai

Deijuvhs - Butterfly

Shire T - Full Attention

Sherelle - Rhythm Love (Feel It)

Mina & Bryte - Cool Cool

The Bug - Clash Feat. Logan

Grove - Big Poppa

Farah Ahmad Khan, Balraj Samrai, Vikaash Sankadecha - Healing

Little Simz - I Love You, Hate You

Barry Can’t Swim - El Layali

Pip Millett - Hard Life

Rachel Chinouriri - November Feat. Hak Baker

dexter - I Like Me

Deema - Rainbow

Jessica Winter - Funeral

The Link Up

Regressive Left - Cream Militia

Jaden Thompson - Only One

UK Apache with Shy FX - Original Nuttah

Nia Archives Guest Mix

Reek0 - Be With Me

Samtheman - It’s a Long Way

Dochi - Speciality

Nia Archives - Headz Gone West

Lava La Rue - Magpie (Nia Archives Remix) Feat. Phoebs & Congo Natty

Joel Culpepper - Poetic Justice


Uncle Dugs Interview, Club Glow Get To Know and Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 9 July 2021

The Prodigy - Firestarter

India Jordan - Only Said Enough

Jossy Mitsu - Turismo

Yazzus - Sleazy

Seb Zito - Mission FM

Dance System - Better Days (Feat. Rush Davis)

Uncle Dugs Interview

Skream - Ectogazm

Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon

Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy

The Source (Feat. Candi Staton) - You’ve Got The Love

Ewan McVicar - 1001 Freestyle

Club Glow Get To Know

Borai - Need U

Bodysnatch - Euphony (Just For U London) (Kuff Mix)

AK Sports - 5AM No Hot Water

Kessler - The Message

Farsight - Renegade Master (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)

ABSOLUTE. - Piano Theory

Overmono - So U Kno

Anz - Morphing Into Brighter

Club Glow Guest Mix

Borai - Need U

Denham Audio - Thirty Eight Snub

Mantra - Craven Park

Local Group - Baby E

Mani Festo - Shunt

Mani Festo - Higher

LMajor - Energy

AK Sports - 5AM No Hot Water

Kessler - Ard Crew

Denham Audio - U Give Me

Borai - Bells of Doom

Mani Festo - Dangerous Species

LMajor - Tear My Heart

Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me (AK SPorts Remix)

Rave 4 Evar - Rave 4 Evar Pt. 1


Yazmin Lacey Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 2 July 2021

Ezra Collective - The Philosopher

Cymande - Brothers on the Slide

Hi-Tension - Power and Lightning

Incognito - Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing

Light of the World - I Shot the Sheriff

Central Line - (You Know) You Can Do It

Amy Winehouse - In My Bed (Bugz in the Attic Remix)

Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam

Omar - It’s So…

Egypt - In the Morning (Let Your Love Come In)

The Streets - I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (Feat. Donae’o and Greentea Peng)

Kojey Radical - Woohaa

Skepta & Wizkid - Energy (Stay Far Away)

Kokoroko - Baba Ayoola

Joel Culpepper - Tears of a Crown

Children of Zeus - Hard Work

Corinne Bailey Rae - Is This Love

Alfa Mist - Run Outs

Nubya Garcia - Source

Greentea Peng - This Sound

Joy Crookes - Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Yazmin Lacey Guest Mix

Jorja Smith - Bussdown (Feat. Shaybo)

SAULT - Masterpiece

Kadeem Tyrell - All My Love feat. Omar

Tora-i - Serial

TYSON - Tuesday

Children of Zeus - No Love Song

SAULT - I Just Want to Dance


The Link Up, Selector Submissions and Om Unit Archive Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 25 June 2021

Steam Down - Free My Skin II

Fox - Walk Out (Feat. DLR & Alix Perez)

Little Simz - Rollin Stone

Dean Blunt - ZaZa

Wesley Joseph - Patience (Feat. Jorja Smith)

Hope Tala - MAD

TSHA - OnlyL (Feat. Nimmo)

Bklava - Only For Tonight

Orchid - Doe Eyes


The Link Up


Space Afrika - B£E feat. Blackhaine

Dejiuvhs - Scumbag Anthem

all cats are beautiful - thought i saw u in the shop last nite

Chris Kaz - Time Changer

Selector Submissions

Echo Juliet - Affirmation

Shaun blaQ - To The Top (Feat. ironik)

Raelle - Purple Skies

Tülin - What You Thinking?

Kasia Konstance - You Never Do (Feat. KinKai)

BXKS - Must Feel

Kelly Lee Owens - L.I.N.E (Yazzus Remix)

Darkstar - Jam (Pushups In The Rave Mix)

Om Unit Archive Guest Mix

Om Unit - Cold Love (Cosmic Bridge)

Om Unit – Twilight (Cosmic Bridge)

Om Unit – Cloudwerk (Cosmic Bridge)

Om Unit feat. Rider Shafique - Nothing (Cosmic Bridge)

Ezra Collective - Quest For Coin II (Feat. JME & Swindle)


Guide To The City, BBC Introducing In Scotland, The Link Up and Nightwave Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 18 June 2021

Sophie - BIPP

Kode9 - Rona City Blues

Hudson Mohawke - Chimes

Rustie - After Light

Guide To The City - Rosehips From Clyde Built Radio

Konx-om-Pax - Cascada


Wheelman - Train Track

BBC Introducing In Scotland - Phoebe I-H, Shereen Cutkelvin

Escape Roots - Guide Us

Mungo’s Hi-Fi - Back In The Dayz Feat. Gardna and Catching Cairo

Bemz - Suddenly Feat. Kobi Oyname and Cold North

Anna Gram - Heaven Help Me

TAAHLIAH - Bourgeoise


That Kind - Summer in Love

KT Tunstall - Heal Over

Joesef - Limbo

Cloth - Tripp (Wuh Oh Remix)

Rebecca Vasmant - Timings End

corto.alto - Is That It? Feat. Soweto Kinch

Walt Disco - Selfish Lover

The Link Up

K4CIE X Black Josh - Baby Sky Hook


Nightwave -  Nagual Power

Nightwave Guest Mix

Konx-om-Pax - I'm For Real Feat. Nightwave

Big Miz - Sun

Fear-E - Jump On The House Train

Ewan McVicar - Stu Boy

Liam Doc - Disco Break

The Wasp & Neil Landstrumm - Hooligan Lee

Drumheller -  Gubbed


Puma Blue Live Session, The Link Up and lau.ra Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 11 June 2021

Toya Delazy - Resurrection

Lava La Rue - Magpie Feat. Congo Natty & Phoebs (Nia Archives Remix)

Flava D - All We Ever Do Feat. Paige Eliza & DRS

Loraine James - Black Ting Feat. Le3 bLACK

Shaybo - Mud

Pa Salieu - Glidin Feat. Slowthai

Poté - Valley II Feat. Pierre Kwenders

Greentea Peng - Free My People Feat. Simmy & Kid Cruise

Puma Blue Live Session

Puma Blue - Velvet Leaves

Puma Blue - Opiate

Emma-Jean Thackray - Spectre

George Riley - power

Chinatown Slalom - You Can Bet Your Hat On It 

Henjila - yellow face

dexter - Blue Skies

Tora-i - Serial

Enny - I Want

Mali Hayes - Forgive You

The Link Up

Le3 Black - Black Pluto

Hella x Logan - Chattings

Dan Shake - Paper

AK Sports - Back In The Game

lau.ra Guest Mix

Jasper Tygner - Kashmer

Wavezd - Amsterdam

Decorum - Feel Good

Gemi - All Night

Ell Murphy & Highrise - Letting Go

Dunning Krueger - Kale Tacos

Junior Simba - Need For Speed

TAAHLIAH - Bourgeoisie


The Linkup and Laurence Guy Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 4 June 2021

Jerome Thomas - No B.S

Sinead Harnett - Like This

Tirzah - Sink In

feeo - The Party Ends (Live From Big Weekend for BBC Introducing 2021)

Jacana People - Second Story Sunlight (Live From Big Weekend for BBC Introducing 2021)

Matters - A Beginning

Oscar Welsh - Busy (Live From Big Weekend for BBC Introducing 2021)

Enny - Same Old (Live From Big Weekend for BBC Introducing 2021)

KAM-BU - Dumpling

Potter Payper - Topshottas Freestyle

Snazzback - Reading

Tiawa - Sonhos Cor De Rosa

Ted Jasper - All Mine feat. John Givez

LoneLady - Fear Colours

Kynsy - Happiness Isn’t A Fixed State (Live From Big Weekend for BBC Introducing 2021)

Talk More - King Street (Live From Big Weekend for BBC Introducing 2021)

The Linkup

Barnaby Keen - Trust Me

Lixo - Vacation

Cameo Blush - §§§§§

Barry Can’t Swim - Lone Raver

Jeremiah Asiamah - Bring It

Laurence Guy Guest Mix

Fred Again - Angie

Calibre - Lit

Mark Force - Gypo

Bugz In The Attic - Once Twice

Wookie - Down

DMZ - Anti War Dub

Puma Blue - Oil Slick


Pinty Get To Know and Tim Reaper Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 28 May 2021

Tion Wayne & Russ Millions - Body

Steam Down - Empower

KG - Nazinga feat. Toya Delazy

Master Peace - Slow Song feat. Kasien

Joviale - Up In Flames

Biig Piig - American Beauty


Redinho - Bullet feat. Sans Soucis

Pinty Get To Know

Pinty - Red Lorry (I’m Sorry)

Pinty - Comfort Me feat. Emma-Jean Thackray

Pinty - Off

Anchorsong - The Ocean feat. Bookend

Elkka - Euphoric Melodies

Belot - Kiss You

Raven Bush - Never

Hayden J Barlow - Out Of The Blue

Thai Chi Rosè - Print Out

ATO - Muscle Twitch

MiMi Mxnroe - We Don’t Give A ****

Lady Ice - No I.D feat. Kyze & Heavytrackers

Nova Cheq - NN Hardcore (Nightwave Remix)

Villem - Deep Step

Tim Reaper Guest Mix

Code 071 - A London Sumtin' (Tek 9 Remix)

London's Most Wanted - Girls Dem Want It

Bodysnatch - Euphony

Dica & Kid Andy - Dis For The London Crew

Cool Hand Flex - Rude Boy

Dillinja - South Side (Riffin Mix)

Remarc & Lewi Cifer - Ricky

Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix)

Laurence Guy - Your Good Times Will Come


BABii interview, New Name and Moxiw Guest Mix (Archive)

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 21 May 2021

Sons Of Kemet - For The Culture (Feat. D Double E)

Sam Gellaitry - Assumptions

Pote - Stare


Pip Millett - Running (Feat. Ghetts)

Children Of Zeus - No Love Song

Arlo Parks - Cola (Live Session for Selector Radio 2019)

Overmono - If U Ever


BABii Interview


BABii - DRiiFT

Elphi - Out My Head

Koreless - Black Rainbow

Subculture - Tornados (Feat. Hak Baker)

Mista Silva - Amanfour (Feat. Flow King Stone & Novelist)

Queenie - One Thing

The Pleasure Dome - Pretty Picture

New Name

Deijuvhs - Freakazoid

Athlete Whippet - Fanfa

Saadaan - Bittersweet

Shire T - Blue Kiss

Breaka & Frazer Ray - Phone’s Ringin’

Moxie Guest Mix (Archive)

Ishmael - Takoma (Medlar Remix)

Nightmares on Wax - African Pirates

Outboxx - Denim Dreams

Shanti Celeste - Porto Seguro

Breach and Cinnaman - Avocado

Pinty - Another Lost Soul


The Great Escape Archive Tracks, New Name and GLOR1A Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 14 May 2021

Little Simz - Woman feat. Cleo Sol

Tony Allen - One Inna Million feat. Lava La Rue

Yard Act - Dark Days

Mac Wetha - REM

Denzel Himself - 001

Cosha - Run The Track

India Jordan - Feirabend

The Great Escape Archive Tracks

Master Peace - Eyes On You (Live Session 2019)

Benin City - Double or Nothing (Live Session 2018)

Celeste - Both Sides of the Moon (Live From The BBC Introducing Stage 2019)

Mahalia - No Reply (Live From The BBC Introducing Stage 2018)

Alicai Harley - Gold (Live From The BBC Introducing Stage 2018)

Idles - Well Done (Live From The BBC Introducing Stage 2016)

Ariel - ***TOO BIG TO FAIL***

Dreya Mac - Time

New Name

Social State - Aerial feat JD Reid

O’Flynn - Talia

Hemai - Awake Indigo feat. Ruby Woods

Bungle - The Need of Being Alone

feeo - Feels Like We’re Getting Older Doesn’t It

XVOTO - Friends

GLOR1A Guest Mix

Chris Kaz - Evil Weapons

Chamber 45 - KONDENSHUN

Ikonika - Passenger

Farai - Lion

GLOR1A - Running Man

BABii - DRiiFT


India Jordan Interview, New Name and FYI Chris Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 7 May 2021

Franc Moody - Tired Of Waiting

Elkka - Alexandra

salute - Want U There

WheelUP - Rise Above feat. Abacus

Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something

KG - Koko (feat. Mista Silva)

Porij - Nobody Scared

India Jordan - For You

India Jordan Interview

India Jordan - Only Said Enough

India Jordan - Feierabend

Little Simz - Introvert

Wesley Joseph - Ultramarine

Deema - CAN I?

Phoebe Green - IDK 

Scalping - Monolithium

Deijuvhs - Uck! DXD

K4CIE - Baby Sky Hook (feat. Black Josh)

New Name

Pollena - Glitter

Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time

Pinty - Another Lost Soul

Seb Zito - Mission FM

Catching Flies - GLY

FYI Chris Guest Mix

TD_Nasty - Serendipity (feat. J. Caesar)

Gold In The Shade - Over You (Mix 1)

Dazzle - Dazzle You

Still Life - Round 6

Master Peace - PDA


Naina Interview & Guest Mix, New Name and Marcus Intalex Archive Guestmix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 30 April 2021

Chase & Status - Heater (Feat. General Levy)

Shy FX & Breakage - Michael Knight

Everything Is Recorded - This World (Clipz Remix)

Sam Interface - Going In

Zed Bias - Just Dance (Bladerunner Remix) (Ft Inja)

Flava D - What You Mean 2 Me

Special Request - I Wish Time Didn’t Matter

[K S R] & Dogger - Sweet Jungle

Naina Interview

Special Request - Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix)

Machinedrum - Gunshotta

Naina Guest Mix

TROPHY - Moments

Coco Bryce - U I Luv

Special Request - Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)

Private Caller - Inside

Denham Audio & Mani Festo - So Good

Deft - Koover in 92

Philip D Kick - Drips

Pablo Dread - Fyah Burnin’ (Fixate Remix)

Yazzus - Impulse

SW2 & Moses Boyd - Dirty South (Sully Remix)

Mani Festo - Disengage

New Name

Tim Reaper & Kid Lib - PTSD

Borai - Yellow (Well Well Well)

Casement - Movement

FAUZIA - When It’s All Over (Feat. Kelela)

p-rallel & Lauren Faith - Blue Denim Jeans (Nia Archives Remix)

Philip D Kick - Funk 160

Marcus Intalex Archive Guest Mix

Marcus Intalex - Celestial Navigation feat. S.P.Y

Calibre - Who’s Singing

Calibre - Notting Hill

Unknown - Unknown

India Jordan - Only Said Enough


Ahnansé Interview & Mestizo Live Tracks, New Name and salute Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 23 April 2021

Wu-Lu - Times

Virgil Hawkins & HNRO - Medusa

Snowy - All That Matters

Sans Soucis - I’m On

Tirzah - Send Me

Don’t Problem - Whale

Mestizo Jam Track - Moment Two

Ahnansé Interview & Mestizo Live Tracks

Ron Carter - Little Waltz

Agrupación Changó - Manglares, Selva Y Rio

UK Musicians Led By Ahnansé - Reflections

Colombian Musicians - Arroyo

iceè tgm - TLC


Sam Gellaitry - Duo

New Name

feeo - End Song

English Teacher - R&B

lau.ra - I’ll Wait

Black Bones - Gabi

LCY - Teeth

Ikonika - What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About? (Ikonika VIP)

salute Guest Mix

2562 - Flashback

Laurence Guy - Your Good Times Will Come

salute - Jennifer

Facta - Doves

Y U QT - U Belong 2 Me (4x4 Mix)

MPH - Nova

Pangaea - Like This (Volt Mix)

Eliphino - Devoted

Special Request - Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix)


Jordan Rakei Play Back Session, New Name and Kiddus Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 16 April 2021

Shy FX, Break & Breakage - I Got You (Feat. Tyler Daley)

Nia Archives - Headz Gone West

SL & M1llionz - Versus

Shaybo - Streets

Good Health, Good Wealth - Rarely’s Extras feat. Rarelyalways

Sinead O’Brien - Kid Stuff

Mr Jukes & Barney Artist – Blowin Steam (Open Up Your Mind)

BERWYN - 100,000,000

Jordan Rakei Play Back Session

Jordan Rakei - Goodbyes (Live from 2017)

Jordan Rakei - Sorceress (Live from 2017)

Sorry - Don’t Be Scared

Saint Jude - The Archaeologist

Joviale - Blow!

Franc Moody - Big Cheese

Khazali - You’ll Be The One

Tiberius b - No Smoke

Modern Modern Life - Orbit

New Name

Elphi & Jonah White - Cloud 9

Effy X Mall Grab - FMG

Monki - Yurican Soul

Breaka & Frazer Ray - The Loudest Woiioii Ever

GLOR1A - Cracked Out Dreams (Yazzus Remix)

Piers James - Best Out Here

Kiddus Guest Mix

Cay Caleb - Ganjafarmah

Kiddus - GIRLS ARE WATCHING (Extended)

Lex Amor - 341 Freestyle

Dean Blunt - A/X

Kiddus - CRY NOW CRY LATER feat. Drake, Lil Durk

Baccyard - THIS IS 2 EASY feat. Wiley, Skepta, Belly

Mercston - No Banter feat. Wretch 32

Steam Down - Etcetera


Maya Law Interview, New Name and Modern Modern Life Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 9 April 2021

Sam Interface - Going In

Sad Night Dynamite - Icy Violence (Champion Remix)

Modern Modern Life - London Wants You There

India Jordan - Only Said Enough

Poté - Young Lies feat. Damon Albarn

Farah Ahmad Khan, Balraj Singh Samrai, Vikaash Sankadecha - Healing

STR4TA - Rhythm In Your Mind

Bree Runway - Hot Hot

Maya Law Interview

Maya Law - Hitchhiking

Maya Law - Say It Ain’t So

Leo Lore - Billie

Kidä - Souvenir

Sons Of Kemet - Hustle feat. Kojey Radical

Regressive Left - Take The Hit

Aaron Taylor - Flowers feat. Che Lingo (Gold Edit)

New Name

Naomi Banks - Moving On

Virgil Hawkins - Wifey feat. HNRNO & LCYTN

Samuel Organ - Kindness feat. Babii

Laurence Guy - Love Theme For The Morning After

LCY - Shh

Poison Zcora - Broadway Send

Kaidi Tatham - DSXSWC

Modern Modern Life Guest Mix

Modern Modern Life - Technology (ambient)

Daniel Avery - Lone Swordsman

Aphex Twin - Xtal

Modern Modern Life - London Wants You There

Burial - Rodent

Jordan Rakei - Imagination


Ghostpoet Interview, New Name and Carly Wilford Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 2 April 2021

black midi - John L

Connie Constance - Electric Girl

Deijuvhs - Freakazoid

Big Zuu - Variation feat. D Double E

Ocean Wisdom - Drilly Rucksack

House Gospel Choir & Todd Terry - My Zulu (Scratcha DVA’s Ancestral Reprise)

Elkka - Burnt Orange

Joel Culpepper - I Thought about You

Ghostpoet Interview

Ghostpoet - Finished I Ain’t

Ghostpoet - Bruised Fruit

Demae - Stuck In A Daze feat. Ego Ella May

Rachel Chinouriri - Through The Eye

Mysie - Keep Up With Your Heart

Tiawa - Shine Bright

Emir Taha - Kendi Yoluna

New Name

HANAH - Maid Of Smoke

Pollena - Glitter

Barnaby Keen - Lay Our Cards

GLOR1A - Cracked Out Dreams

Social State - Ariel feat. JD Reid

Gage - Untitled (Outro)

Break - Conversations feat. MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss (Breakage Remix)

Carly Wilford Guest Mix

House Gospel Choir - Everything is Love (Blinkie Remix)

Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin (Moon Rocket Extended Remix)

Sam Holland - Roll The Dice

Carly Wilford & Mr. V - Generation X

AmyElle - Animal Kingdom

GotSome - River Ocean (Tribal DJ Mix)

Skream - Ectogazm

Maya Law - Hitchhiking


SXSW Sounds out of the Box, New Name, SXSW Live Tracks and Josey Rebelle Archive Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 26 March 2021

Sorry - Cigarette Packet

Friedberg - Yeah

Squid - Paddling

Shygirl - Sirens (Basement Jaxx Cruise Remix)

Saint Jude - Altitude

Pauli The PSM - I Got The Beat

JAE5 - Dimension (Feat. Skepta & Rema)

Enny - Same Old

SXSW - Sounds Out Of The Box

Hannah Peel - Tainted Love

Ennio Moriccone - Deborah’s Theme

Kano - Home Sweet Home

Toots and the Maytals - Pressure Drop

Hannah Peel - Carbon Cycle

Elphi - OMG

Le3 bLACK - Status (Feat. Aerside)

New Name

Good Health Good Wealth - Guinness

feeo - End Song

SXSW Live Tracks

Doom Cannon - This Too (Live from SXSW 2021)

Doom Cannon - Black Liberation (Live from SXSW 2021)

Joe Turner - Too Much

LR Groove - Silverback

Josey Rebelle Archive Guest Mix

FunkinEven - Abyss feat. Jay Daniel

Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek - Turn It On

K15 - The Story Of HER Life

Royal T & Flava D - On My Mind (Version Three)

Mark Force - Smoke It feat. Bembe Segue (Blakai Remix)

Ghoestpoet - Bruised Fruit


L E M F R E C K Get to Know, New Name and Finn Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 19 March 2021

Kouslin - Dem Nah Want It feat. Riko Dan

Alewya X Moses Boyd - The Code

Tony Allen - Cosmosis feat. Ben Okri & Skepta

Nubiyan Twist - 24-7 feat. Ego Ella May

Cosha - Tighter feat. Coby Sey

Lauren Faith - It’s All A Blur

Grove - Black feat. Griz-O

Wesley Joseph - Thrilla

L E M F R E C K Get To Know

Stevie Wonder - All I Do

L E M F R E C K - Late

Deyah - Moons Ago

L E M F R E C K - Falling

L E M F R E C K - U GD?

Central Cee - Loading

Lord Apex - Like You Know

George Riley - Cleanse Me

Tamaraebi - Brown Angel

New Name

Ntantu - Pressure (Oh My Goodness)

Franc Moody - Losing Touch

Beringei - Without You feat. William Florelle

Vegyn - B4 The Computer Crash

Gemma Cullingford - 104

Leon Vynehall - Snakeskin Has Been

Yazzus - Sleazy

Finn Guest Mix

Gage - Untitled (Outro)

Unknown - Unknown

Jossy Mitsu - 1997

DJ Perception - Know Your Name

Hannah Peel - Andromeda M31 (Live from Hull City Hall)


GROVE Interview, New Name and GROVE Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 12 March 2021

India Jordan - And Groove

Mr Mitch - Lazy feat. Manga Saint Hilare

Drumheller - Kayfabe

Swing Ting - Just A Feeling feat. HMD (Brackles Remix)

Barry Can’t Swim - Skylab District

Poté - Open Up

KaizzaB - How You See The World

Kaidi x NK-OK - Clash feat. Cassie Ryt

GROVE Interview

Grove - BLACK feat. Griz-O

Grove - Ur Boyfriend’s Wack

Grove - Sticky

Loraine James - Simple Stuff

FYI Chris - Outie feat. DJ Morris

Naomi Banks - Moving On

HANAH - Watch The World In Detail

New Name


Good Health, Good Wealth  - Guinness

Modern Modern Life - London Wants You There

Damos Room - Bricolage

Hated28 - Natalie

Kida - Brother

Sad Night Dynamite - Krunk

GROVE Guest Mix

Alewya - Sweating

Cosha - Lapdance from Asia (ft. Shygirl)

Ojerime - Give It Up 2 Me


Haich Ber Na - 0594 Help

L E M F R E C K - U Gd?


Women of the World Festival, New Names and Kidä Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 5 March 2021

Poppy Ajudha - Strong Womxn

Greentea Peng - Nah It Ain’t The Same


Arlo Parks - For Violet

Asha Gold - Naive

Nubya Garcia - Stand With Each Other

Emma-Jean Thackray - Open

FKA twigs - mary magdalene

Women Of The World Festival

Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Sun Kissed (Live for WoW)

Yazz Ahmed - A Shoal of Souls (Live for WoW)

Maya Law - Hitchhiking (Live for WoW)

Heka - Redwoods (Live for WoW)

TSHA - Demba feat. Trio Da Kali

Bree Runway - ATM feat. Missy Elliott

Rina Sawayama - Akasaka Sad

New Names


Deyah - Ultimate Dinner Party

Ms Banks - You Don’t Know

lau.ra - Don’t Waste My Time feat. JessB

Jossy Mitsu - 1997

Effy - Bodied

Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG)

Kidä Guest Mix

Hype Williams - Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro

Loshh - É Beré

Klein - Claim It

Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways

GROVE - Ur Boyfriend’s Wack


Scratcha DVA Interview, New Name and Scratcha DVA Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 26 February 2021

Moses Boyd - 2 Far Gone (Feat. Katy B)

Vegyn - I See You Sometimes (Feat. Jeshi)

SG Lewis - Back To Earth

Lava La Rue - Lift You Up (Feat. Karma Kid)

Shura - Obsession (Feat. Rosie Lowe)

Sans Soucis - Red Coat (Feat. Kadhja Bonet)

Ghetts - Sonya (Feat. Emeli Sande)

Clafrica - Skip Thru That Lane

Scratcha DVA Interview

Scratcha DVA - Babylon 3

Scratcha DVA x Bamz x DJ NG - Tell Dem Agen

Scratchclart x Scottie Dee x DJ Polo - Banx Skanx  

Ben Hauke - Ain't Bad

Friedberg - Midi 8

For Those I Love - Birthday / The  Pain

Dry Cleaning - Strong Feelings

Don’t Problem - CD’s Lament

New Name

Subculture Sage - Hackers

Sal Dulu - Zumo (Feat. Fly Anakin)

Cody Currie - Moves (feat. Eliza Rose)

Krankhead - Hadouken (Feat. Mio Flux & Patchy The Rockstar) (CB Remix)

DRS - Light In My Memories (Feat. Think Tonk)

Scratcha DVA Guest Mix

Trim - Yardman

Scratcha Dva X Citizen Boy - Ammo

Scratcha Dva X Razzler Man - Razzclart

Scratcha Dva - Whoo Hoo

Scratcha Dva X TMP - Unknown

Lady Lykez - Unknown

Scratcha Dva X DJ Polo - Headtop

Scratcha Dva X Mez X Merky Ace - Babylon 3

Scratcha Dva X Mxshi Mo – Afrotek

Scratcha Dva - Influencer

Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Sour Face (dego Remix)


XVOTO Get To Know and Jakwob X Scuba Archive Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 19 February 2021

Slowthai - Vex

JME, Capo Lee, Frisco & Shorty - Baitest Sound

Alicai Harley - Tek It To Dem

P. Montana - Fuego (Feat. Twitch 4eva & Camidoh)

lau.ra - Don’t Waste My Time (Feat. JessB)

BABii - Shadow

Sinead O’Brien - Fall With Me


XVOTO Get To Know

XVOTO - Mommy Can’t Sleep

New World Ray - Off A Bean!

XVOTO - Brainfreeze

JB Scofield - Hello Hi (Feat. Skeamer, Sai So & Skore Beezy)

NiNE8 - FVR105

Patawawa - So Late (Goldteeth Remix)

Lauren Auder - Heathen

Sinead O’Brien - Most Modern Painting  (LIVE)

Sinead O’Brien - Roman Ruins (LIVE)

Shadeemus - Lost Souls

Maya Law - Hitchhiking

Anchorsong - Tunis Dream

Leon Vynehall - Mothra

Mani Festo - Disengage

Jakwob X Scuba Archive Guest Mix

Jakwob – Work It Out

James Jacob – In Detroit

Jakwob – Feel So Good

Jakwob & Hife – Excuse Me

Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)

Sigha - Hf029a2

Boddika - Basement

Horsepower Productions - Classic Deluxe Part 2

Scratcha DVA - Razzclart (Feat. Razzler Man)


Bree Runway Interview, New Name and Cody Currie Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 12 February 2021

Everything Is Recorded - Patients (Feat. Aitch & Infinite Coles) (Clipz Remix)

Pinty - Comfort Me ft Emma-Jean Thackray & Tomos)

Bree Runway - Gucci (Feat. Maliibu Miitch)

Digga D & AJ Tracey - Bringing It Back

Ghetts - No Mercy (Feat. Pa Salieu & Backroad Gee)

Sam Binga - Hea (Feat. Emz)

Bicep - You (Feat. Ejeca)

Sad Night Dynamite - Smoke Hole

Bree Runway Interview

Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat

Bree Runway - ATM

Bree Runway - Ain’t It

Bree Runway - Rolls Royce

Puma Blue - Already Falling

Jaz Karis - Mistake

New Name

Arielle’s World - My Love

Deyah - Ultimate Dinner Party

Do Nothing - Uber Alles

Nubya Garcia - The Message Continues (Mark De Clive Lowe Remix)

Ruf Dug - Addicted (Feat. Danielle Moore)

Salute - Jennifer

Y U QT - Look Good

Cody Currie Guest Mix

Peven Everett- I Found Inside (Mesmerised Soul Mix)

Cody Currie - Unreleased

Agora - Montayo (Joey Negro Edit)

Scan 7 - Sunday on Saturday 

Byron The Aquarius - Timeless

Cody Currie - Unreleased

XVOTO - Brainfreeze


P-rallel GTK, New Names and Oh Annie Oh Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 5 February 2021

Sophie - It’s Ok To Cry

FKA Twigs - Don’t Judge Me (Feat. Headie One & Fred Again)

Arlo Parks - For Violet

Poppy Ajudha - Weakness

Ragz Originale - Mirrors (Feat. Laura Groves)

Alfa Mist - Run Outs

KESH - Jadines Escape

P-rallel GTK

P-rallel - Signs

P-rallel - Soulboy (Feat. Greentea Peng)

Finn Foxell - Coming in 3’s

P-rallel - Blue Denim Jeans (Feat. Lauren Faith)

Wu-Lu - South (Feat. Lex Amor)

Good Health, Good Wealth - Love Hangover

Whiney - Headlines (Feat. Subten)

Ntantu - Pressure (Oh My Goodness)

New Names

Kida - The Garden

Spang Sisters - The Ballad Of Joyce Vincent

Bakongo - Close Call (Feat. Spectr)

Katy B - On a Mission

Chip - Party Ah Keep (Feat. Stylo G & Haile)

Diana Drill - Winning

Oh Annie Oh Guest Mix

Moko – Eighteen

Eerf Evil, Srigala & Manik MC – Lock & Key

Mya Craig & Arin Ray – You & Me

Odeal – Drain Me

Greentea Peng – Spells

Ruby Francis, Kadeem Tyrell – What’s the Problem

Scribz Riley – Mandy

Miraa May ft. Louis Rei – Lemme Talk

Ray Blk - Lovesick

Bellah – Supernova

ENNY & Jorja Smith - Peng Black Girls Remix

Shae Universe – Royalty (Feat. Kojey Radical)

Bree Runway - ATM (Feat. Missy Elliott)


Connie Constance Interview, Self-Isolation Creation and Bicep Guest Mix (2007)

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 29 January 2021

Special Request - Pull Up (Tim Reaper Remix)

Bicep - Fir

Ross From Friends - Burner

WheelUP - Good Love (Feat. Afrounaut Zu, Brint Story & Destiny Will)

Andrea Oliver Selector Radio 2001 - 2009

Yard Act - Dark Days

XVOTO - Brainfreeze

RV X Chip X Backroad Gee - Moonwalk Slide

Connie Constance Interview

Connie Constance - Trouble

Connie Constance - Costa Del Margate

X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

Lynks - Everyone’s Hot (And I’m Not)

Sophie - Bipp (Autechre Remix)

Cosha & Shygirl - Lapdance From Asia

Self-Isolation Creation

Sans Soucis - Words Of Children

Rachel Chinouriri - Darker Place

The Specials - Gangsters (Yard Act Cover)

Eyez - Boxing Bars (Remix) (Feat. Big Zuu & Grim Sickers)

Snowy - Focus

Gemma Cullingford - Wide Boys

Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You

Bicep Guest Mix (2007)

Aphex Twin - Xtal

KRL - Remember Donny (Greymatter Remix)


P-Rallel - Soulboy (Feat. Greentea Peng)


Eurosonic 2021, New Names and Blue Canarinho Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 22 January 2021

Ghetts - Skengman ft. Stormzy

Tony Njoku - Zoro ft. Zoro Jackson

Grove - Ur Boyfriend’s Wack

Pluralist - Slightly Brown (Kouslin Remix)

Scratcha DVA - Hardbody 999

Carly Wilford - Generation X

Central Cee - Pinging (6 Figures)

The Mirror Ball Test - Reflections

Black Country, New Road - Track X

Eurosonic 2021

Lava La Rue - Magpie (Live At Eurosonic 2021)

Jelani Blackman - Lies (Live At Eurosonic 2021)

Shae Universe - Royalty ft. Kojey Radical

Arielle’s World - My Love

Aystar - Stepped In ft. Giggs

Joseph Efi - This Is Lovely

New Names

Kiddus - Pair ft. Tahir & Ed Riley

Premium Leisure - Ready For Forever

dvr - friends - demo

Subculture Sage - Hackers

Hannah Peel - Emergence In Nature

James Vincent McMorrow - Gone (Bklava Remix)

Nubiyan Twist - If I Know ft. K.O.G

Blue Canarinho Guest Mix

Blue Canariñho - Tudo Dobre Você

Casskidd X Ogranya - Feel Free (Blue Canariñho Remix)

Blue Canariñho - Pronto Ou Não

Blue Canariñho - Em Mim

Blue Canariñho - 4u

Blue Canariñho - Birthday Night

Blue Canariñho - Contemplation

The Fontanas - Loucuras De Uma Pixão (Blue Canariñho Chill Baile Flip)

Blue Canariñho – Bailenextdoor

Connie Constance - Costa Del Margate


Kensaye Interview and Emily Dust Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 15 January 2021

Shanique Marie & Finn - Lifey

Kojey Radical - Good

Kensaye - Vas-y

Native Dancer - Pixies

Joel Culpepper - Poetic Justice

Sharkey Major ft. Manga - For The Music [Scratcha DVA's RnG Mix]

The Bug ft. Dis Fig - Blood

Intro (Do You Remember?) - London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984​-​1993, Vol. 1

Kensaye Interview

Kensaye x Fwonte - Problèm Pap Fini

Kensaye x Ms Mavy - Back Home

Kensaye x Mohammed Yahya - Too Much Sauce

Village Cuts ft. Mahon Sounds - Cheza

Gloria - Juice

SOMA - Pressure

Hagan - Coastline

Scotti Dee - Lost In Abyss

Architect - Last One Out

Kode9 - Rona City Blues

Special Request - Elysian Fields (Tim Reaper remix)

Hysterics ft Kristian Hamilton - Liked You

KG & UNIIQU3 - Black Roses

Emily Dust Guest Mix

Death Is Not The End – Walls of Babylon   

Roska x GHSTGHSTGHST - Walk & Live

Murder – He Wrote - Reflectionz Dub

Lil Silva - Different VIP

Florentino - RIP FUNK

Scratchclart – X

Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG)       

Arma x Donia Touglo - Happy Hour x Ginga Tea X Jahdas (Emily Dust blend)

Pluralist - Decode


Elheist Interview and Tempo LDN Inspired Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 8 January 2021

Pluralist - Slightly Blown (Kouslin Remix)

Ms Banks - You Don't Know

KG & Uniiqu3 - B2B

Blanco - Anakin

LCY - Garden of E10

Elheist - No Delay Freestyle

Om Unit x Martyn - Tracksuit Dub

Flohio - Unveiled

Alexis - Who's There

Elheist Interview

Elheist - AMO

Elheist - Done Talking

Amia Brave - Sweet Love

Soltura - Propprioception (Club Edit Instrumental)

Semma x Kingdom - His n Hers

M1onthebeat & X10 - Homerton 2 Holly (Instrumental)

Pa Salieu & Mahalia - Energy

Scratcha DVA - Influencer

Oscar #Worldpeace ft. Scuti - One

Batu - SYX

Call Super, Parris, Fox - Design Of An Eye Sublime

Clemency - Biblical Names (Boofy Remix)

Giggs - I’m Workin (feat. Jorja Smith)

Cristale - Whites

Anz - Stepper

Tempo LDN Inspired Guest Mix

TripSixVivo, Backlit & Syymz - Loot Box

A.G - Positions

Flohio - Booby Traps

Footsie - Pepper Stew (Instrumental)

Ikonika - Blood Tinge

Juice menace - Street Heir

Kamran - Internal Pressure Rising

Ivorian Doll - Clout

Flowdan - Light Work Instrumental

Silvia Kastel - Ormai


New Wave Artists for 2021 and Jamz Supernova Club Jamz Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 1 January 2021

Toya Delazy - Qhawe ft. Joy Anonymous & Raf Riley

Pa Salieu - My Family ft. BackRoad Gee

Nines - Airplane Mode ft. NSG

Nicki Knightz – India Arie

God Colony – The Real ft. Flohio

Elheist - Done Talking

Moses Boyd - Shades Of You ft. Poppy Ajudha

Connie Constance - Trouble

Yard Act – Fixer Upper

Otta – just like the rain

Enny - Peng Black Girls (Jorja Smith Remix)

Sega Bodega - Make U Stay ft. Lapsley

Jockstrap - Acid

Ojerime - Empty ft. Mansur Brown

Virgil Hawkins - Cavali Cousins

Sad Night Dynamite – Killshot

Amaroun – Highest Head ft. Jung Mergs

Everything Is Recorded - 12:12AM ft. Aitch & Infinite Coles

Ted Jasper - Heavy On My Heart ft. Alyss

Otherliine - Where We Get To

Swing Ting - Drama (KG Remix)

MJ Cole - Strings For Jodie (MJ Cole Remix)

E L L E – Catfish

Hagan – Waves

Jamz Supernova Club Jamz Mix

Lorenzo BITW – Basta ft. MC Yallah & Swordman Kitala (Future Bounce)

Jumping Back Slash – He’s Spangled Again (Swak Catalog)

DJ Polo – That Time Again (Roska Kicks & Snares)

ARMA – 909 Piano Jam (Arma Trax)

An Arvin – Pearce Deers (Scuffed Recordings)

Roska – Gelato (Roska Kicks & Snares)


Kenny Allstar Interview, Black History Month Special, Juls Guest Mix (Repeat) and Nabihah Iqbal Guest Mix (Repeat)

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 18 December 2020

Headie One - Parlez-Vous Anglais ft. Aitch

Loski - Anglo Saxon ft. Blanco

AM - Monster

Kenny Allstar Interview

Unknown T - Homerton B

Kenny Allstar - Tracksuit Love ft. Headie One

ONEFOUR - Ladz in the Hood

Pop Smoke - Sweetheart ft. Fivio Foreign

Ivorian Doll - Rumors

Nubya Garcia - La Cumbia Me Esta Llamando

Chiminyo - Breathing ft Clara Serra Lopez (LIVE SESSION)

Sans Soucis - Unfinished Live (Self Isolation Creation)

Nadia Rose - Freestyle (Sugar Zaddy Mashup) (Self Isolation Creation)

Nayana IZ - Final Hour (From R1 Weekend 2020)

Kokoroko - Ti-de (British Music Embassy Session)

Anz - Rave Casual

Black History Month Special

Hi-Tension – Peace on Earth

SL2 – On a Ragga Tip

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray

Sister Sledge – Thinking of You

Juls Guest Mix (Repeat)

Lighthouse Family - Loving Every Minute

Loyle Carner & Tom Misch - Angel

Oscar #Worldpeace - Mmm ft. Ragz Originale & BenjiFlow

J Hus - Helicopter ft icee tgm

Ragz Originale - Proof Read

Pa Salieu - Frontline

Nabihah Iqbal Guest Mix (Repeat)

Noor Jehan - Kaisa Naseeb Lai Thi

Kalash peoples - Imtiaz

Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan - Disco Deewane

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Kalam-e-Bahoo

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Na Jaween Dholna

Vital Signs - Dil Dil Pakistan

Slowspin - Wilted Greens

SUNRAZ - Silky

Niomi - Lover

Catman MU & Arsalan - Vacation Candy

Ali Suhail - Bubbleboi

TMPST - I Know You Do

Saadaan - Sunrise At Astola


Selector Panel for Radio Academy, New Name, LXURY Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 11 December 2020

Toddla T - Silence In The Night (Feat. Serocee)

Stylo G - Oh Lawd

Chop Daily - My Touch (Feat. Eugy)

KG & Uniiqu3 - B2B

Oscar Jerome - Sun For Someone (Shy One Remix)

Redlight - Dreamquest

Matt Ryder - Feel (Seb Wildblood Remix)

Dan Kye - Focus

Selector Panel for Radio Academy

GreenTea Peng - Spells

Ruf Dug - Dance With Me Baby (Mali-I Version)

Ego Ella May - How Long ‘Til We’re Home (Josette Joseph Remix)

Harve - Anything (Feat. Fatima)

New Name

Romarna Campbell - Inherently Political

Enny - Peng Black Girls (Jorja Smith Remix)

Olivia Dean - What Am I Gonna Do On Sundays?

Waldo’s Gift - Hot Pursuit Rework (Commodo Rework)

Monki - Queen Of Hearts

Murder He Wrote - Reflectionz Dubs

Hodge - Lanes (Anz Hoover Remix)

LXURY Guest Mix

Max Wyatt - Interselecta

James Welsh - Sitting

Miles - Golden Facade

Blakkat - Mo Fear (Original Mix)

Lxury - Tokyo

WheelUP - We Shape The Future


Matt Ryder GTK and India Jordan Guest Mix Reload

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 4 December 2020

Arlo Parks - Caroline

Biig Piig - Feels Right

Ego Ella May - How Long 'Til We're Home

Rachel Chinouriri - Give Me A Reason (p-rallel Remix)

Berwyn - Vinyl

GLOR1A - Juice

Manik MC & Elisa Imperilee - July (prod. by Midnight Phunk)

Kokoroko - Baba Ayoola 

Matt Ryder GTK

Matt Ryder - Soundless Motion

Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra ft Q-Tip

Coldplay - Parachutes

Matt Ryder - Medicine

Thea - Homecoming 

ROMderful - The Sun Shines So Bright With You

Chartreuse - Enemy’s Belly

Sinead O’Brien - Most Modern Painting

Louis Dunford - London’s Requiem

The Lounge Society - Burn The Heather

Flohio - Roundtown

Snowy & Sam Binga - Run

Mayhem NODB - Change (Prod. By Gesher + Jammz)

Al Wooton - Ubu

Scratcha DVA - Yardman ft. Trim

Daniel Haaksman - Overture (KG Remix)

India Jordan Guest Mix Reload

15 min tracklist:

Megalon - Motion (Slapjack Remix)

Finn & India Jordan - F.U.R.L

Nightwave - Amazon Glide

Paul Blackford - Simple Things

India Jordan - Emotional Melodical

Pépe - Hills Themselves

Haider - Why So Blue


The Silhouettes Project, New Names and 5TATIC Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 27 November 2020

Shygirl - TASTY

Dance System - Hands In The Air ft. Hudson Mohawke

Conducta X JGrrey - Time

Bicep - Saku ft. Clara La San

TSHA - Demba ft. Trio Da Kali

Tony Njoku - Death By Dimitri

Sad Night Dynamite - Mountain Jack

Jeshi - Look Like Trouble

The Silhouettes Project

Bel Cobain, Lex Amor - At The Bay (prod. by Illiterate)

Eerf Evil & Kosher - Chase It (prod. by Joe Beard & Outrageous Claims)

Mom Tudie - Take Your Time ft. Sahra Gure

Iman Houssein - Slow Things Down

Premium Leisure - Ready For Forever

Marie Bashiru - Joyride

Spang Sisters - Eddie Murphy

New Names

KinKai - Scatty Brain Dump

Saint Jude - Keep The Light Inside The House

Blackhaine - Blackpool

XVOTO - Mommy Can’t Sleep

Loski - Blinded ft. Mike Skinner

Roska - Intro (Fresh & Clean) ft. Serocee

5TATIC Guest Mix

CIL - Lavandula pt2

Miles - Breakbeat Tool

Stanza Rel – Trips To The Zone


Miles – Dying To Work It Out

KG X Uniiqu3 - Black Roses


Sad Night Dynamite GTK, New Names and Jonny Reebok Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 20 November 2020

Ezra Collective - Quest For Coin ft. JME & Swindle

Nubya Garcia - Source (Makaya McCraven Remix)

Grove - Sticky

Jeremiah Asiamah - Get Down

Osquello, Goldie & James Davidson - Restless

NameBrandSound - Home Demo ft. Aleisha Lee

Miles From Kinshasa - Wearing Smiles

Ivy Lab - Pain

Sad Night Dynamite Get To Know

Sad Night Dynamite - Icy Violence

The Clash - Guns Of Brixton

Sad Night Dynamite - Killshot

Sad Night Dynamite - Crying Over Nothing

Kida - Kneel To You

George Riley - Trixxx

Dutchavelli - Bando Diaries

Oscar #WorldPeace - Lightspeed

Tenderlonius - Azeem

New Name

Mauv - Pillow Talk

Kitt Philippa - Fahrenheit

Phoebe Green - Golden Girl

Wonky Logic - Elation

Dampe - Oil

Joe Turner - Textures

DieMantle - Wait For The Drop

Jonny Reebok Guest Mix

Samba - Kami

Benga & Coki - Night

De-Tu - Slap

Sir Hiss - Rolling ft Emz (Kahn Remix)

TRG - Put You Down (Ramadanman Refix)

Natty Wylah - Eucalyptus


Miles From Kinshasa GTK, New Names and Medlar X Dele Sosimi Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 13 November 2020

Sega Bodega & Lapsley - Make U Stay

Bree Runway - ATM ft. Missy Elliott

Jessica Winter - Psycho

BackRoad Gee - Enough Is Enough ft. JME & Lethal Bizzle

Giggs - Don’t Be Shy tt. Obongjayar

DJ TESS - Cattiva II

Barry Can’t Swim - Some Day I Will tt. Hawi

Master Peace - Never Wanna Be

Miles From Kinshasa GTK

Miles From Kinshasa - Best of You

Miles From Kinshasa - Motionz ft. Murkage Dave

Miles From Kinshasa - Testing

Jamilah Barry - Glitter

HIRA - Scream

Amaroun X Jung Mergs - Highest Head

L E M F R E C K - U GD?

New Names

Valenciz - Pa Lo


CKTRL - Robyn

Cousin Kula - McLovin’ You

Shrink - Drowning

Waldo’s Gift - Ultimate Lunch Buffet

Yard Act - Peanuts

Medlar X Dele Sosimi Mix

Shabaka and The Ancestors - The Observed

The Colours That Rise & Yasmin Lacey - Atmosphere

Sun Palace - Movement I

Ezra Collective featuring Ty - Chapter 7

Dele Sosimi & Medlar - Full Moon

Overmono - Clipper (Another 5 years)


Chiminyo Live in Session, New Names and Blinkie Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 6 November 2020

Bakar - 1st Time

Greentea Peng - Revolution

Pa Salieu - Block Boy

RarelyAlways - Baby Buffalo

Babeheaven - In My Arms

Hagan - Coastline

Mak 10 X Bala Bala Boys - Mad In The Fete

DJ Q - All That I Could

Chiminyo Live In Session for Selector Radio

Chiminyo – Breathing ft. Clara Serra Lopez

Chiminyo – Reaching

Chiminyo – See Me ft. K.O.G

Jerome Thomas - Right There

Sad Night Dynamite - Mountain Jack

Manik MC - Alchemy ft Maverick Sabre

Kayla Painter - Glaciers and Dust

New Names

NeONE The Wonderer - Never Die

DEWEY - Is It Infatuation?

Tilly Valentine - Brick by Brick

Uma - Bring Me The Mountain ft. Lucy Lu

Ahadadaream - Tabla Gqom

Sharda - Dreamer

Blinkie Mix

Gorgon City & MK - There For You

Sammy Porter & George Mensah – Ain’t Nobody Else

GW Harrison - Hear My Soul

DJ S.K.T - Ballers

Idris Elba ft. Shadow Boxxer – Girl With The Bat          

Miles from Kinshasa - Motionz ft. Murkage Dave


DJ Flight + Mix and Blue Note Re:Imagined

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 30 October 2020

Gorillaz - Strange Timez feat. Robert Smith (Parlophone Records)

Shygirl - Slime (Because Music Ltd)

Pa Salieu - B***k (Warner Music)

Connie Constance - Trouble (Jump The Fence)

Swing Ting X Thai Chi Rose - Drama (KG Remix) (Swing Ting Records)

Actress - Turin feat. Aura T-09 (Ninja Tune)

House Gospel Choir - Everything Is Love feat. Todd Terry (Universal)

Everything Is Recorded - This World (Clipz Remix) (XL Recordings)

DJ Flight Package

SL2 - On A Ragga Tip (XL Recordings)

Breakage - So Vain (Bassbin)

Fauzia - Tell Me What’s Up (self-release)

Maya Law - Say It Ain't So (self-release)

Blue Note Re:Imagined Packages

Donald Byrd - Wind Parade (Blue Note Records)

Jordan Rakei - Wind Parade (Blue Note Records)

Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man (Blue Note Records)

Poppy Ajudha – Watermelon Man (Blue Note Records)

Andrew Hill – Illusion (Blue Note Records)

Madlib - Andrew Hill Break (Capitol Records)

Skinny Pelembe – Illusion (Silly Apparition) (Blue Note Records)

Dodo Greene - I’ll Never Stop Loving You (Blue Note Records)

Yazmin Lacey - I’ll Never Stop Loving You (Blue Note Records)

Call Super - Every Mouth Teeth Missing (Incienso)

Faithless - Innadadance feat. Suli Breaks & Jazzie B (BMG Rights Management)

DJ Flight Mix

Workforce - Two Words (Tim Reaper Remix) (Must Make)

DJ Co.kr - Soundbwoy, Rudebwoy ft Riko Dan (Denham Audio Remix) (White Label)

Missing - Jack It Operator (Fracture's 'Jacket Operator' Remix) (Sub System)

Nia Archives - Crossroads (Unreleased)

No Nation - It Use To (Unreleased)

Chiminyo - Pan’s Call (Gearbox Records)


Norman Jay Interview, Introducing Live Masterclass, New Names and Star.One Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 23 October 2020

James Blake - I Keep Calling

Dance System & India Jordan - Let’s Go!

TSHA - Change ft. Gabriel Aplin

Roisin Murphy - Game Changer

Bicep - Apricots

Anz - Loos In Twos

Stush & Roska - Me Nuh Deal Wid Dat

Dele Sosimi x Medlar - Gúdú Gúdú Kan (Daz I Kue Remix)

Norman Jay Interview

Kiss FM Launch Day Snippet with Gordon Mac

Sister Sledge - Thinking of You

Archie Bell and the Drells - Don’t Let Love Get You Down

Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up Look Sharp

Omar - There’s Nothing Like This

Johnny Nash - You Got Soul

San Soucis - Air

Introducing Live Masterclass

Mysie - Bones

Bamily - Inspirational Quotes

New Names

Badliana - Make Me Cry

RarelyAlways - Another

Tana - Arch It

Kamixlo - Sick

Star.One Mix

Jeremy Sylvester - Que Sexy

Moony - Without You

24 Hour Experience - Together

Logic - Blues For You

Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close (Tuff Jam Remix)

Tracy Hamlin - Cranes in Sky (DJ Oji Mix)

Steam Down - Etcetera ft. Afronaut Zu


DJ Paulette, Kayla Painter + Mix and Shii

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 16 October 2020

Lunch Money Life - Lincoln VIP ft. Flowdan (Remix)

Headie One - F U Pay Me ft. Ivorian Doll

Potter Payper - Purpose

Sola - Try

Chartreuse - Keep Checking Up On Me

Babeheaven - Craziest Thing

The Lathums - I See Your Ghost

Quantic - Theme From Selva

DJ Paulette

Roni Size and Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag

4Hero - 2-Bs-74638

Nuyorican - Soul Gotta New Life

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

Hacienda Classical - Carino

Anz - Loos in Twos (NRG)

Jarreau Vandal - My Way ft. Col3trane (Melle Brown Remix)

Kayla Painter

Kayla Painter - Made of Light

Kayla Painter - Sacrifice the Other


Shii - Seeing Flowers

Shii - Love Ssega Remix

Overmono - Everything U Need

Sam Binga & Hyroglifics - Bad ft. Snowy

Kayla Painter Mix

TSHA - Sister

LXURY - Blue Orchid

Burial - Street Halo

Hector Plimmer - Shift

Slvsh Three - Even Yet

Eliphino - NSPG

Four Tet - Baby

Cooly G - What AirTime

Floating Points - Les Alpx

Joy Orbison - GR Etiquette (‘09 Mix)

Hi5ghost - Long Way Home



Trevor Nelson Package, George Riley, Mysie and Wuh Oh Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 9 October 2020

Hamdi - Trumpet (Salute Remix)

Dan Kye - Rainbow Road

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - Can You Feel It

Gabriel Gifford & Harvey Causon - Dust Rises

Cosha - No Kink In The Wire

Jeshi - Mask On

Master Peace – PNE

Trevor Nelson Package

Hi Tension - Peace on Earth

Lynden David Hall - Crescent Moon

Mahalia – Sober

Kwollem - Never Invited (Mellow Mix) ft. Manga Saint Hilare, Novelist & Flowdan

Rarelyalways – Another

George Riley New Name

George Riley – Move

Mysie New Name

Mysie – Bones

DEWEY - Is It Infatuation?

AV Dummy - Natural Born Killers

Loraine James - Nothing ft Lila Tirando a Violeta

LCY – Milan

Wuh Oh Mix

Wuh Oh - Wolverines

Wuh Oh - Saxy Beast (Dancing Overdrive Version) 

EYK - Let a Little Light In (Wuh Oh Remix) 

Noizu - Summer 91 (Wuh Oh Remix)

Wuh Oh - Softstyle (Myd Remix)

Wuh Oh - Yass

Lixo - Lancer


Co-Lab Theory Interview, New Names and Sam Interface Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 2 October 2020

Midas The Jagaban - Party With A Jagaban

Nubiyan Twist - Tittle Tattle ft. Cherise

Pa Salieu - My Family ft. BackRoad Gee

Hope Tala - All My Girls Like To Fight

Che Lingo - Dark Days ft. Kojey Radical

Berwyn - 0171 Freestyle

Michael Kiwanuka - I’ll Get Along (Selector Radio Session)

Hudson Mohawke – Be Ur Fantasy

Connie Constance – Costa Del Margate 

Co-Lab Theory Interview

Mr Scruff & Superlative – Read All About It

Trim & Burke - Poseidon

Chiminyo - Pan’s Call

Chloe Bodur - Reasons

Yaz Leon - Rinse At 30

New Names

Grove - Big Poppa

Josif - I Am A

Bullion - Heaven Is Over 

Actress - Loveless ft. Aura T-09

Franc Moody - Flesh & Blood (Harvey Sutherland Remix)

Dan Shake - We Have Love 

Sully - Swandive

Sam Interface Mix

Sam Interface - Throwing Hundreds

Avernian - 51.2544

Tribal Brothers - Marching

Hagan - Waves

Magugu & Famous Eno - Big Don

DJ Polo - Overwatered

Sam Binga - Now Do You

Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Zepherin Saint Edit)


Fari B Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 25 September 2020

Slowthai - Feel Away ft. James Blake & Mount Kimbie

Lava La Rue - G.O.Y.D.

Porridge Radio - 7 Seconds

Yellow Days - You

A.G. COOK - Airhead

Kaidi & NK OK - Sweet Shop

Flohio – Unveiled

Chase & Status - Engage ft. Shabba Ranks

HAAi - Bon Viveur

Jung Mergs - Revenge (Selector Submission)

Nihilism - In Motion (Zar Remix) (Selector Submission)

Owain K - Pixelated scenery (Selector Submission)

Micayl - Ivory (Selector Submission)

Heka - Redwoods (a few interesting facts about sequoias) (Selector Submission)

Bklava - Back To Then (Todd Edwards Remix)

Finn Foxell - Herd (Feat. Sophie DeMasi)

Misogi - Heart Chained ft. No Rome and Master Peace (NEW NAME)

George Gretton - Overheard

Niki Knightz - India Arie

Skeltr - KinKai’s Questions ft. KinKai

Planet Battagon - Wezlee’s Disco Inferno

Commodo - Stakeout

Evian Christ – Ultra

Fari B Guest Mix

Katy Carr - We Can Go Dancing

Persian Dubplates - Never Nuff Time

Leah Kardos - Into Sporks

Toyah Delazy - London Town

Fritz Von Runte + Gary Asquith - The Truth With Set You Fritz

Melt Yourself Down - Fix My Life

Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rapping Hood

LondonBridge - Sound of the Underground

Sade - Love is Found (Gareth Wyn Remix)

Rhod Parry X Werkha - Flatcap


Leifur James Album, New Names and Saadaan Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 18 September 2020

P-rallel & Greentea Peng - Soulboy (Izco Remix)

Paul Epworth - Twenty Second Century ft. Lianne La Havas

Chiminyo - See Me

Sinead O’Brien - Most Modern Painting

Valenciz - Sola

Blanco - Anakin

Brixx – Ready

Shame – Alphabet

Leifur James Album Chat

Leifur James - Alien (feat. Coby Sey)

Leifur James - Ritual

Leifur James - Angel in Disguise

Loraine James - Don’t You See It ft. Jonnie Landish

Sad Night Dynamite - Killshot

Arlo Parks - Hurt

Puma Blue - Velvet Leaves

Aaron Taylor – Flowers

New Names

Glue70 - Stay

Hugo Mari – Mind’s Eye

Model Man - 2005 NYE

Nightwave - Sacred Heart

Lucent & Buggsy - Originate (Zed Bias Remix)

Saadaan Guest Mix

Shunaji - On My Mind feat. My Rugema

Alexis Michelle - Let Go

Suraj Hua Maddham - Day Timers (Anti Chill Pill Mix)

Brain One - Shuttle ’71

Saadaan - Gelato #41

Mauvey - YEYEYE


Oscar Jerome Interview and Sean OD Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 11 September 2020

Disclosure – ENERGY (Island Records)

Shy Girl – Freak (Because Music)

Idle Minds Workshop - Take Time ft. Rider Shafique (Murder He Wrote Remix) (White Label)

D Double E - Tell Me a Ting ft. Kano (Bluku Music)

Ghetts - Mozambique ft. Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly (Otherliine Remix) (Warner)

Mr Mitch & Milo MB - Pocket Money (Self-release)

Jockstrap - Niṅos y Niṅas TaylorBASSMIX ft. ELSAS (Warp Records)

Krapka;KOMA x Pixi Ink - Sugar Moon (Self-release)

Oscar Jerome Interview

Oscar Jerome - Sun for Someone (Caroline International)

Oscar Jerome - Coy Moon (Caroline International)

Oscar Jerome - Joy Is You (Caroline International)

Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Sour Face (Dego Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Fauzia - When It’s All Over ft. Kelela (Self-release)

Actress - Walking Flames ft. Sampha (Ninja Tune)

Theodor Black - SUB CULTURE (Songular Music)

Jack Storm, George IV - Smooth Operator (Lengoland)

Lonnie Story - Alligator Wrestling (Self-release)

Silvastone - Falling For You (Self Release)

Jeremiah Asiamah – Back It Up (Ground Up Records)            

LR Groove X Toya Delazy - Fak’ Usos (Future Bounce)

Denham Audio - Check 1 (Maruwa Remix) (Lobster Theremin)

Anz - Loos In Twos (Hessle Audio)

Sean OD Guest Mix

Johnny Hunter - U.K.AIM (Pleasure Club)

Doppelate - Johnny Longneck (X-Kalay)

Psychic TV – I C Water (Evil Eddie Remix) (Invisible Records)

DJ Hud - Scaters Delight (White Label)

Krome & Time – Unity (Pure Music)

Desert Sound Colony & Guava - Gypsy Moth (Scenic Route)

Leifur James - Angel In Disguise (Night Time Stories)


International Selector Submission Competition and Dizraeli Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 4 September 2020

Nao - Woman ft. Lianne La Havas

Nubya Garcia - La Cumbia Me Esta Llamando (Feat. La Perla)

Duval Timothy - Groundnut ft. Twin Shadows

Sharky - Tenerife


Nines - Airplane Mode ft. NSG

Jafaris - Glue

International Selector Submission Competition

Da Poet, Barış Demirel – Uyku Yok

Erekle Getsadze – Tsintskaro On My Mind

Krapka;KOMA and Pixi Ink – Sugar Moon

Qerenne – See Through

Flava D - What You Mean 2 Me

Jeremiah Asiamah - Back It Up

Sam Interface - Underground

Pearson Sound - Mi Cupero ft. Clara!

TSHA - Sister

Laurence Guy - Your Good Times Will Come

Kelly Lee Owens – Flow

Chartreuse - Enemy’s Belly 

Dizraeli Guest Mix

Lex Amor – Praises

Subculture ft. Rachel Chinouriri - The River Bend

Skittles - Problematic

Sault - B.A.B.E

Simbad X Francis Bebey - Senza Tristess (Simbad Edit)

Avelino - Higher Power

Dizraeli - I Freak Out (Everything’s Fine Remix) ft. Orifice Vulgatron

Oscar Jerome - Sun for Someone


Tebi Rex Interview, Rampage Sound Interview and Nick Bam Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 28 August 2020

Jafaris - Glue

JONES - Camera Flash

Finn Askew - Roses

Jacknife Lee - The Studio

Jordan Adetunji - Wokeup!

April - Forever (To Feel Like Tonight)

Juice Menace – Sundown

God Knows - We Move the Needle ft Boni and Murli

Tebi Rex Interview

Tebi Rex - Men Are Trash

Tebi Rex - I Never Got Off The Bus

Tebi Rex - I Got My Whole

Lucy McWilliams - Runaway

Joesef & Loyle Carner - I Wonder Why

Izzy Bizu - Tough Pill

Rampage Sound Interview

Ms Dynamite – Boo

Dena Anuksa - Wavey

Leo Miyagee - Paro

JyellowL - Jewels

Yinyang - Black Mamba

Connie Constance - James

Denise Chaila - Chaila

Nick Bam Guest Mix

P-rallel & Greentea Peng -Soulboy

Chronixx - Skankinʼ Sweet

Sango - Preto e Dourado

Natureboy Flako - Besito

Airto - Tombo

Pa Salieu - Bang Out

D Power Diesle X Skepta - Sniper

Ghetts Ft Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly - Mozambique

DC- Neighbourhood

So Solid Crew Dilema (Instrumental Mix)

Niko B - Who’s That What’s That


AIM Awards Reflection, Juice Menace Get To Know and Eden Prince Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 21 August 2020

Barry Can't Swim - Sunday at Glasto (1-800 Girls Remix)

Murlo - Catharsis

High Contrast - Time Is Hardcore feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay

Che Lingo - Spaghetti feat. Nadia Rose & 808Ink (Toddla T Remix)

Kwamz - What Is This

The Japanese House - Dionne feat. Justin Vernon

Wesley Joseph - Ghostin’

Oscar Jerome - Timeless feat. Lianne La Havas

AIM Awards Reflection

Zara McFarlane – State of Mind

Sarathy Korwar – Coolie feat. Prahb Deep and Delhi Sultanate

Daniel Casimir & Tess Hirst - These Days (Remix)

Gia Ford - Sleeping In Your Garden

E L L E - Catfish

Master Peace - Regular Feelings

Juice Menace Get To Know

Juice Menace - Money Dance

Benzy - Fiver

Juice Menace - Sundown

Scrimshire - Anadwo (Tonite) feat. K.O.G

Saint Jude - Bodies Of Water

Demae - Use It

Sam Binga - Now You Do You

Dubrunner - Destination Unknown

Eden Prince Guest Mix

Eden Prince - Let it Go

Eden Prince - Memories

Eden Prince - Lift Your Energy

Junior Jack - My Feeling (Eden Prince Remix)

Jordan Adetunji - Flintsone


Despa Robinson, Sun Cellar, Wesley Joseph Interviews and Sharnie Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 14 August 2020

Jorja Smith & Preditah - On My Mind

Lady Leshurr - Ms Rona

Mist - Savage

Jaykae - Heartache

Despa Robinson Interview

The Streets – I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him

Dapz on the Map – Beautiful feat. Pheleba

Lady Sanity - Get It

Sum Cellar Interview

Lil Silva – Seasons

The B15 Project feat. Mr Vegas – The Birmingam Crew

Swifta Beater - Levels

DJ Hazard - Bricks Don’t Roll

Romarna Campbell - Inherently Political

Wesley Joseph Interview

Wesley Joseph – Imaginary Friends

Wesley Joseph – Ghostin’

Reuben James - My Line (Feat. Col3trane)

Kofi Stone - It’s Ok To Cry (Feat. Loyle Carner)

Seb. T - Notion (Feat. Eddy Luna)

Fleur Shore - Confusion

Timma T - Sol

Sharnie Guest Mix

Layfullstop - SOS

Sigmund - Stronger than me remix


The Mouse Outfit - Built In A Day feat. Fox & Sparkz

Digital Mozart - Digital Zone Act 1

Footshooter - Lay (ft. Natty Wylah)

Dips & Lo-Wu - FREE (Ft. Tinyman, Eklipse, K The Infinite, Ayeisha Raquel)

Digital Mozart - Background Noise (Remix)

Hurricane - All of a sudden

Emmavie - Cluck (Interlude)

Mundu - On my ones

[ K S R ] feat. Kinkai - flex with me

LAUSSE THE CAT - Redstripe Rhapsody

p-rallel (feat. Finn Foxell and Killowen) – Brakes

Jossy Mitsu - Whirl


Get To Know Nayana IZ and Nabihah Iqbal Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 7 August 2020

A.K. Paul - Be Honest (Paul Institute)

Joy Crookes - Anyone But Me (Insanity)

Nadia Rose - Bad n Boujee (Qwerky Entertainment)

Deema - Dead Weight (Different Recordings)

Joe Turner - Crystal Clear (LG105)

salute – SYL (Wahala)

God Colony - Rebel Boy Soldier feat. Mykki Blanco (MAD WORLD)

Phoebe Green - Re-Invent (Chess Club Records)

Get To Know Nayana IZ

Nayana IZ – Kingdom (Different Recordings)

Nayana IZ - TNT (Different Recordings)

Nayana IZ – Wot (Different Recordings)

Wandering Monster – Metropolis (Ubuntu)

Babeheaven - Cassette Beat (AWAL)

Shivum Sharma - Diamond (AWAL)

Asha Gold – Passenger (Self-release)

Leo Kalyan - Time Can Wait (Self-release)

XO - Night Time Solace (He Loves You Not Recordings)

Faze Miyake – Classic (Woofer Music)

Surya Sen - C U Later (Self-release)

Manara & Bok Bok - My Name is Shh (Night Slugs)

Ahadadream - Runa Laila Drum Dub (More Time Records)

Manuka Honey - How Deep Is Your (White Label)

Nabihah Iqbal Guest Mix

Noor Jehan - Kaisa Naseeb Lai Thi (EMI Pakistan)

TMPST - I Know You Do (797562 Records)

Slowspin - Wilted Greens (Hear Now Records)

Saadaan - Sunrise at Astola (waveplatesystems)

The Streets - I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (Universal)


God Colony Get To Know and Barry Can't Swim Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 31 July 2020

Yard Act - Fixer Upper (Zen F.C.)

Rodney P X Ocean Wisdom - Call Me (White Label)

Scratcha DVA & Bamz - Dark Gallium feat. Wookie (Club Dubz)

Biig Piig - Don’t Turn Around (RCA)

Cleo Sol – Shine (Forever Living Originals)

Duval Timothy - Fall Again feat. Lil Silva & Melanie Faye (Carrying Colour)

Tawiah - One Moment (First Word Records)

San Soucis – Confini (Self-release)

God Colony Get To Know

God Colony - Please feat. AZADI (MAD WORLD)

God Colony – Joy feat. Sine’Gal (MAD WORLD)

God Colony - Rebel Boy Soldier feat. Mykki Blanco (MAD WORLD)

Teezandos & Fizzler - Phone Call (GB Records London)

Finn Foxell – Pressure (Self-release)

Bree Runway - Gucci feat. Maliibu Miitch (EMI)

Tara Mills - Lost Control feat. Youngs Teflon & Carns Hill (CL Management Team)

Malunga - Who Knows (Self-release)

Airborn Gav & Alistair - Love Lost (Self-release)

Manuka - Hold On (Manuka Music)

Ted Jasper - Higher Plain (Self-release)

Ariwo - Flameback Dance (On The Corner)

Guido – Swing (State Of Joy)

Nightwave - Nagual Power (Balkan)

Barry Can’t Swim Guest Mix

Shakarchi & Straneus - Marcy Son What (Studio Barnhus)

Soul Wun - For George (13th Hour Records)

Claes Rosen - One-Sided Love (Silk Music)

Ivan Dbri - Breakfast in New York (House Cookin Records)

Detroit Swindle – Vibrations (!K7 Music)

Nayana IZ - TNT (Different Recordings)


Aly Gillani from Bandcamp and Trutopia Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 24 July 2020

Model 86 - So We’re Here Then

Lijah & LA606Hz - Boss feat. Logan OLM

M1llionz - Billionz

Murlo - Primal

Lianne La Havas - Please Don’t Me Cry

Sans Soucis - Unfinished (LIVE)

Danny Keane – Ajoyo

Aly Gillani Interview

Duval Timothy – Slave

Sault - Hard Life

Tawiah - One Moment

Bull - Green

Otta - Just Like The Rain

Namaste - Whelp (SDLR Bootleg) (Selector Submission)

Mauvey - YEYEYE (Selector Submission)

Amapola - All In The Mind feat. Peigh

Sola - Oh My Love

Yakul - North South

Xera Vera - Back In Time

HAAi - Head Above The Parakeets

KG X Ronnie Loko - Feels feat. Lauren Adele

Trutopia Guest Mix

James Jacob - Arrow

Primal Scream - Don't Fight It Feel It (Mele Edit)

Darius Syrossian - Tivolis Groove

T.Williams & James Jacob - Caviar

Trutopia - Lonely

Dido - Don't Believe In Love (Dennis Ferrer Remix)

God Colony - The Real feat. Flohio


Sans Soucis Interview and MODEL 86 Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 17 July 2020

The Streets - You Can’t Afford Me feat. Ms Banks

Ghetts - Mozambique feat. Jaykae & Moonchild Sanelly

Hudson Mohawke - Black Cherry

Darkstar - Wolf (Loraine James Remix)

Elkka - I. Miss. Raving.

Alfie Templeman - Obvious Guy

Unknown T - Deh Deh

Connie Constance – James

Sans Soucis Interview

Sans Soucis – Words of Children (Live Session Track)

Sans Soucis – Unfinished (Live Session Track)

Rachel Chinouriri - Beautiful Disaster feat. Sam Dotia

Barry Can’t Swim - Sunday At Glasto

Spektralsound - Happy Heart

Sad Night Dynamite  - Icy Violence

Jack Davis - Wednesday Afternoon (Selector Submission)

jjjacob - Moving (Selector Submission)

Tomos - Resonate

Tyrell Trey - Worth

Juice Menace - Money Dance

E.M.M.A - Into Indigo

Mina – Citronella

MODEL 86 Guest Mix

MODEL 86 - Intro/call me

MODEL 86 - I Don't Wanna Go

MODEL 86 - Brngthat

MODEL 86 - AllDayAllDay


Otik - Miles Deep


UK Drill special with Finesse Foreva and Kenny Allstar Interview and Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 10 July 2020

Headie One - Both

Dave - Paper Cuts

Ivorian Doll - Rumours

Shaybo - Anger

Russ - Gun Lean

Digga D - No Diet

67 - Lets Lurk

iLL BLU feat. M24, Unknown T – Dumpa

Skengdo x AM Interview

Skengdo x AM – Crash

Skengdo x AM - Dirty 30

Skengdo x AM - Mansu Musa

Dutchavelli - Surely

Lavida Loca - I Been

SL x Pa Salieu - Hit The Block

Teezandos – Highlander

Finesse Foreva

IQ – Tell A Pagan Try

French Montana – That’s a Fact

Scuti - Skoowup

Meekz x M1llionz x Teeway x Pa Salieu - Year of the Real

Isong - Have You Ever Heard a Love Song on Drill

Kenny Allstar Interview

Unknown T - Homerton B

Kenny Allstar - Tracksuit Love ft. Headie One

ONEFOUR - Ladz in the Hood

Pop Smoke - Sweetheart ft. Fivio Foreign

Kenny Allstar Guest Mix

Eugy - IC3

Frosty Ft. OFB - Hate On Us

Headie One - Rose Gold

Jacky Lavish - TDM

Swarmz Ft. Dappy & Poundz - Freaky

Eric IV - True Colours

SP Montiz - Undeniable

Nice Hundreds - Symptoms

Cashh - Trouble

Jay Billy - Only I Know

Blanco - Shippuden

Infamousizak - Public Enemy


Lijah Get To Know and Athlete Whippet Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 3 July 2020

Wiley - Gyaldem

Escape Roots - One Step At A Time ft. Black Warrior

Special Request - Spectral Frequency

Anz - Rave Casual

Romare - The River

The Streets - Falling Down ft. Hak Baker

Daniel Merriweather - Paradise (Questlove Remix)

JGrrey - Ain’t So

Lijah Get To Know

Lijah - Alhassan

Lijah - if, i ft. Jaydonclover, Vitamin G

Lijah - Move Rite

Gaika - Of Saints ft. Tayhana

Kojey Radical - Same Boat ft. Mereba

NSG - Lupita

An Alien Called Harmony - After The Dance

Amaroun - Scarlet

Jung Mergs - Revenge

Jonno McCleery - Someone Like You

Alewya - Sweating

Jacana People - Amaya

Dizraeli - I Freak Out ft. Orifice (Everything's Fine Remix)

Daniel Avery - Dusting For Smoke

Hagan - Tropics

Athlete Whippet Mix

Kelly Lee Owens - More Than A Woman

MC Palakata & Tom Blip - Singeli Jungles

Kassian - Ask Yourself

Athlete Whippet - Arrows

The Colours That Rise – Opacity

Tion Wayne x Dutchavelli x Stormzy - I Dunno


Daniel Merriweather, LGBTQI+ & Timma T G Mix

First broadcast from the UK on Friday 26 June 2020

Shy Fx - Too Shy (feat. Sinead Harnett) [Breakage Remix]

Lianne La Havas - Can’t Fight (TSHA Remix)

Fred Again - Adam (Act Like)

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

Zazim Soundsystem - Everything (Version)

Ezra Collective - Footprints

Faizal Mostrixx & Karun - In My Soul

Porij - 150

Daniel Merriweather - Self Isolation Creations

Daniel Merriweather - Rain (Acoustic)

Daniel Merriweather - Paradise (Questlove Remix)

Daniel Merriweather - Can You Stand the Rain (BOYZ II MEN/NEW EDITION COVER)

Coco - I Love It (Black)

Pride Selections

Nadia Rose - Too Bad

M.I.C - Night Raid 

Loraine James - For You And I

Rina Sawayama - Akasaka Sad

Arlo Parks - Eugene

Midland - Final Credits

Elkka - Everybody is Welcome (Violet’s It’s A Gay Club Remix)

Tayylor Made - Only1

Mushkilla X Dampe - Jesse James

Timma T Hi-Fi Guest Mix

Timma T - Lua

TC4 - O Bongo

Skepta - Oh My Gosh

RudeKid - One Take (Remix)


Felix Dubs - Alone

P Money X Silencer - The Calling

Kenny Davis - Hold This

Charlie Trees - Trees

Mischief - Have You Ever

Boya Dee - Gash By The Hour

Lijah - Alhassan


Extra Soul Perception Chat with Karun and Lex Amor, Bandcamp Juneteenth Selections and Red Eye HiFi Mix

First Broadcast from the UK on Friday 19 June 2020

Clipz - Again (Special Request vs Paul Woolford Remix)

Coach Party - Breakdown

Wiley - Eskimo Dance

Suspect - No Gimmicks

Pinch - All Man Got feat. TRIM

Juls - Wata feat. Randy Valentine

Silvana Estrada - Al Norte

Jorja Smith - Rose Rouge

Extra Soul Perception Chat with Karun and Lex Amor

Faizal Mostrixx x Hibotep x Lex Amor - Ancestry

Faizal Mostrixx & Karun - In My Soul

Matata - Mare Mare (ft. Lamaz Span K.O.B)

Jake Milliner - Freddie's Winning Hand

Monster Florence - 26 Ghosts

Gracie Convert - On My Mind

Bandcamp Juneteenth Selections

Mr Mitch - Closing Party

Shy One - Phoenix

Swordman Kitala - Heat Flex (O’Flynn and Ekhe Remix)

Cleo Sol - Why Don’t You

VRSYJNES - Bring Out The Buck Drum!

Strict Face & TryTryDieDown - All 4 U (Cassidy Bandcamp Purchase)

Talk To Frankie - Can We

Jockstrap – Robert

Red Eye HiFi Mix

Red Eye Hifi & Chunky  - Weak Bones

Mina & Champion - XYLA

Roska & Murder He Wrote - You

Red Eye Hifi & Fox & Berry Blacc - Charge Up

Ahadadream & SNØW - Hydration

Chimpo - Like I Luv U

Red Eye Hifi - 2 Much Puncheon

OneDa (Zed Bias Remix) - Deliveroo

Swing Ting & Lovescene - Signs

Daniel Merriweather - Paradise


Selector Radio Track list Show 984 with Brenda & Victor Chat and Sef Kombo Mix

First Broadcast from the UK on Friday 12 June 2020

Flowdan - Welcome To London (J.Sparrow Remix)

The Streets ft. Donae’O & Greentea Peng - I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Loved Him

Louis Culture - Being Me

Athlete Whippet - Arrows

Leifur James - Ritual

Nula - Kryptonite (Session Track)

Nadia Rose Self Isolation Creation

Patrick & Wayne Marshall - Can’t Fly

Brenda and Victor Chat

Silvana Estrada - Al Norte

KG – Feeling Funky

Desta French - Aguanta

Sunken ft Joseph Efi - Lifted To The Sky

Otta - Never See

VEDA BLACK - Call It Love

Gaspar Narby - I Know

Barry Can’t Swim - We Don’t Talk Anymore (Selector Submission)

Blu Ernest - The Chill (Selector Submission)

Sweeney - Lines Ringing

Juvenal Maze - Last Time (MoreNight Remix)

MYKROBOY - Need More feat. Rorys Aspect

DJ Boring - Like Water

Model86 - I Don’t Wanna Go

Sef Kombo Mix

Henry Wu ft. Simeon Jones - Negotiate (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

At One ft. Wyoma - African Healing Dance (Atjazz Astro Remix)

Vince Watson - The Spirit Dance

Klevakeys ft. Liz Jai - In My Mind

Sean McCabe ft. Nathan Adams - I Wonder (Sean's Nostalgic Dub)

Karun & Faizal Mostrixx - In My Soul


Selector Radio Track list Show 983 with Jamz's Black Lives Matter tribute, Nadia Rose Interview and Sham Steele Mix

First Broadcast from the UK on Friday 5 June 2020

Kojey Radical - Super Human

Shadeemus - Shaku

Nicki Knightz - Blacker The Berry

Nubya Garcia - Pace

Tawiah - Don’t Hold Your Breath (Live at The Albany)

Zara Mcfarlane - Black Treasure

Anais feat. Luedji Luna - Toda Cor

Nuff Pedals - Unidentified feat. DJ Die

NULA Self-Isolation Creations

Nula - MØØn Chasing

Nula - Kryptonite

Nadia Rose Interview

Nadia Rose - Sugar Zaddy (Freestyle)

Nadia Rose - Airplane Mode (Freestyle)

Nadia Rose - Big Woman (Freestyle)

Nayana IZ – TNT

Mac Wetha - Culver

Spoort - Flyy

Eckoes - In Color

Asher Moodie – Lonliville (Selector Submission)

Alho - Hanging Out To Dry

Xativa - If I Am Falling

Hugo Mari – Swim

Murder He Wrote - I Got U

Morgan Hislop - Apricot Autumn Glo

Sham Steele Mix

Sivey – Yesterday

Layfullstop – Yinyang

Ezra Collective - What Am I To Do? feat. Loyle Carner

Zilo - Keep Up Wimmi

Zz The Slept On feat. K.S Roosevelt - Mysterious Game

Children Of Zeus - All Night

Dave – Black


Selector Radio Tracklist – Anais Chat, Chris Ryan, Live Tracks from Radio 1's Big Weekend UK 2020 and Proverb Mix

First Broadcast from the UK on 29 May 2020

Connie Constance - Monty Python

Oscar Jerome - Give Back What You Stole From Me

Sinead O’Brien - Roman Ruins

JME - Pricks

SNOWY - Focus

DJ Q - All In (Feat Gaidaa & Tofu Beats)

Astrobee - Kudiani

Roska - Internal Sunshine

Anais Chat

Os Tincoãs - Deixa a Baiana Sambar.

Anais - Many Moons, now (Toda Cor)

Chris Ryan

Yorka & Francisco El Hombre - Caí

Ngaio - Green Eyed (Hagan Remix)

Asher Moodie - Lonliville (SELECTOR SUBMISSION)

Live tracks from the Introducign Stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend UK 2020

Nayana IZ - Final Hour (Live for Radio 1’s Big Weekend UK 2020)

Model Man - Clarity (Live for Radio 1’s Big Weekend UK 2020)

TIECE - 2 Sugars (Live for Radio 1’s Big Weekend UK 2020)

Layfullstop - Cherries (Live for Radio 1’s Big Weekend UK 2020)

Georgia - 24 Hours (Live For Radio 1’s Big Weekend UK 2020)

Gus Harvey – Albion

India Jordan - Rave City

Proverb Mix

Jossy Mitsu - Whirl

Ikonika - Your Body

Loraine James - Queer

The Black Dog - Virtual

Altered Natives - Negative


Nadia Rose - Sugar Zaddy


Selector Radio Tracklist – Radio Tempo Chat, Nabihah Iqbal Chat and Vanessa Maria Guest Mix

First Broadcast from the UK on 22 May 2020

Slowthai - BB (Bodybag)

The Streets - Where The F Did April Go

Denai Moore - Motherless Child

Bearcubs - Meme Langue

Henry Green - Tide feat. Andreya Triana

Fred again.. - Kyren (My Son)

Dynamix – Eternity

Declan Mckenna - Life On Earth (TSHA Remix)

Radio Tempo Chat

Astrobee – Kudiani

Roots Manuva – Witness the Fitness

Nabihah Iqbal Chat

Georgian track

Nabihah Iqbal – Zone 1 to 6000

Lurka - Minds Eye Tript

RYA - Impasse (Selector Submission)

Shivum Sharma - Diamond

Asher Moodie - Lonliville (SELECTOR SUBMISSION)

Dreya Mac x Kill Miami - Skippin (SELECTOR SUBMISSION)

Carla - Dear Stranger

Malena Zavala - La Yarara

Sega Bodega - Cool feat. Lapsley (Gwen Stefani Cover)

Captain Over - Jupiterrr

Elkka - Everybody is Welcome (Violet’s It’s A Gay Club Mix)

Vanessa Maria Guest Mix

SNØW - Alive

Destinee - Pony

Timma T - Jaboticaba

Baauer, AJ Tracey, Jae Stephens - 3AM

Sham Steele - Know Me

Casement - Fill Me In (Casement Remix)

Dj YaKuza - Preparado!

Headie One - Golden Boot (Homeless Refix)

T2 x DJ Master D - Heartbroken Drumz (Casement Blend)

DJ Naughty - Quicktime (Roska Remix)

DJ Tess - Forwards

Syn & Doubt - Hollow

Mina - Sentah feat. Bryte

Ngaio - Green Eyed Queen (Hagan Remix)

Lauren Ralph - Puedos ver pero

Anais - Count to Five


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 980 with Hector Aponysus Interview and Glows Guest Mix

First Broadcast from the UK on 15 May 2020

Gorillaz - How Far feat. Tony Allen & Skepta

Little Simz - might bang, might not

God Colony - Please feat. Azadi

Baba Crunch - Lucky Life feat. Hak Baker

NSG - Porsche 

Juls - Beg Friend feat. TOBi

Paul Epworth - Love Galaxy feat. Jay Electronica & Lil Silva

India Jordan - I'm Waiting (Just 4 U) 

Poté – Close

Hector Aponysus Interview

Dynamiks - Eternity

MC Rockeye, MC Len, MC Esselbee - Live (Feb 2020)

Chris Lorenzo & Bru C – Introspective

Alistair - Lotus

Daisy Punch - Daytime

Lili Caseley- C’est La Vie (Selector Submission)

RYA - Impasse (Selector Submission)

The Mouse Outfit - Sunrise feat. OneOnly

Berwyn - Glory

Chinwe - Sin 

Jockstrap - The City

Baby T - Portra (Jungle Mix)

Glows Guest Mix

T. Esselle - Garibaldi (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix)

LMajor - Raving Cru (Caldera Remix)

Omo Frenchie - Betise (Coby Sey Rework)

Vegyn - Cancel Cancel

Glows - Turn Fast

Nabihah Iqbal - Zone 1 To 6000



Selector Radio Tracklist Show 978 with Two Another Package and J Felix Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 1 May 2020

India Jordan - For You

Elkka - Community

Bearcubs - Everyplace is Life

Clams Casino - I’m God feat. Imogen Heap

Chikaya - Indigo

Nayana IZ - Walking

Devenny 404 - Running Man

Goldteeth - Thinking feat. Joel Culpepper

95Bones - Everyone Pays the Final Price!

Two Another Package

Two Another - Another Night (Self Isolation Creation)

Two Another - Higher (Self Isolation Creation)

Two Another – Stronger

Daniel Ness - Manual Touch feat. 18+ (Beta Version)

Alfie Templeman - My Best Friend feat. Coach Party

Jasper Tygner - FTLOG

Kay Young - Sweet Dreams

Idris Miles - Fall (Selector Submission)

Paul Sandhu - Cold (Selector Submission)

Shards - Inside I’ll Sing feat. Isolation Choir

Scribz Riley - East Side

SNØW - Move & Breathe feat. Sercocee

Hodge - Cutie

J Felix Guest Mix

J Felix - Check feat. El Train

Werkha - The Key feat. Berry Blacc

Soothsayers - dis & dat (Ben Hauke Remix)

Dego & The 200Black Family - Don’t Stop (Let It Go)

Toshio Matsuura Group - Do The Astral Plane

Juls - Soweto Blues feat. Busiswa & Jaz Karis


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 977 with Guild 404 Get to Know and Henry Green Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 24 April 2020

The Streets - Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better ft. Tame Impala

House Of Pharaohs - AM to PM

Rina Sawayama - Akasaka Sad

Jamie xx - IDontKnow

Red Eye Hi-fi - Charge Up ft. Fox & Berry Blacc

Joy Crookes - Anyone But Me 

Virgil Hawkins – Gollum

Br3nya - Plenty

Toya Delazy - Qhawe ft. Joy Anonymous & Raf Riley

Get to Know Guild 404

404 Guild - Blind Spot 

Elison 404 - Chip Pan ft. 404 Guild

404 Guild - Running Man

Pinty - Moonlit Duty

Saint Jude - Keep the Lights Inside the House 


STIIR - Cityside

Maya Law - Tired

Farrah - ID

Wesley Joseph - Imaginary Friends

Bonsi - Lenses 

Clemency – Testimony

Finn - Trick Trick (Ruf Dug Remix)

Sampha - Too Much (Cardinal Sound Remix)

Henry Green Mix

Henry Green - Yoyuu

Henry Green - Realign

Henry Green - Another Light

Henry Green - Stay Here

Tourist - Someone Else 

Rival Consoles - Recovery 

San Soucis - Red


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 976 with Virgil Hawkins Get To Know and Jamz Live from Azerbaijan Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 17 April 2020

Millenium Dubs - Over & Over (Self-release)

Hector Plimmer - Joyfulness (Elkka Remix) (Albert’s Favourites)

Catching Flies - Satisfied (Soundbwoy Killa Remix) (Indigo Soul)

Chimpo - Get So Mad (Box N Lock)

Footsie & JME - Pepper Stew (Studio 55)

Chlobocop X Lee Scott - Bell Me Back (Blah Records)

Oscar #WorldPeace - mmm (Feat. Ragz Originale & Benjiflow) (Worldpeace Records)

44th Move – Hope (Black Acre)

Desta French - Into The Wave (Self-release)

Virgil Hawkins Get To Know

Virgil Hawkins – Gollum (Self-release)

Virgil Hawkins - Cavalli Cousins (Self-release)

Virgil Hawkins – Static (Self-release)

Lunch Money Life – Lincoln (Scenic Route)

Athlete Whippet - Take it Back (Squareglass)

Beula - Vee (Elsa Hewitt Remix) (Saffron Records)

Lola - Feral Soul (Different Recordings)

Max Pope – Hologram (Caroline)

Shadeemus - Desert Days (Self-release)

Max Rad - SHUT DOWN (Three Sign Recordings)

Joe Turner – Retina (Future Bounce)

Joseph Efi - You Tried (Lowlife)

Ikonika - Your Body (Don’t Be Afraid Recordings)

Bamz – Dominate (Unreleased)

Jamz Live from Azerbaijan Mix

Park Hye Jin – ABC (clipp.art)

KG X Scratchclart - Strings of Death & Life (Club Dubz)

Ploy – Ramos (Timedance)

Poté – Rose (Versicolor)

Hagan - Right Here (Future Bounce)

Hodge - Shadows In Blue (Houndstooth)

Selector Radio Tracklist Show 975 with BBC Music Introducing, MNEK / Chinatown Slalom Feature and Joe Turner NHS Live Stream Feature

First broadcast from the UK on 10 April 2020

Biig Piig – Switch (RCA)

Headie One - Smoke feat. Jamie XX (Relentless Records)

Everything Is Recorded - I Don’t Want This To Stop feat. Flohio (XL Recordings)

Loski - Slay (Since 93)

Juls - Soweto Blues feat. Busiswa & Jaz Karis (LOF Collective)

Poppy Ajudha - Strong Womxn (self-release)

Porridge Radio - Circling (Secretly Canadian)

Wilma Archer - Decades feat. Laura Goves & Samuel T. Herring (Domino Recordings)

Sorry - In Unison (Domino Recordings)

Live from BBC Music Introducing at British Music Embassy

Liz Lawrence - None of My Friends [Live from BBC Introducing at BME Sessions]

Knucks - Gwen Stefani [Live from BBC Introducing at BME Sessions]

Steam Down - Endurance [Live from BBC Introducing at BME Sessions]

MNEK and Chinatown Slalom Feature

MNEK - Self Isolation (self-release)

MNEK – Self-isolation (Chinatown Slalom Remix) (self-release)

Duchess - Blame (Universal Music)

Bill Withers - Use Me (Subculture Tribute Mix) (self-release)

Aaron London – Get Your Way (self-release)

Aaron London – Enemies (Carona Freestyle) (self-release)

Aaron London – Think Big (self-release)

Loelash - Mind Games (self-release)

Fonzie - Champagne Skies (Noir)     

Onur - Wired (Icarus Records)

Koulsin - Sharper (Livity Sound Recordings)

Last Japan - Exhale feat. Killa P (Sully Remix) (Circadian Rhythms)

Addison Groove - Techno Juke (Gutterfunk)

Joe Turner NHS Live Stream Feature

Joe Turner – Stay (Future Bounce)

Joe Turner – Stay (Club Edit) (Future Bounce)

Joe Turner – Malibak (Unreleased)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 974 with BME Sessions and India Jordan Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 3 April 2020

Skepta, Chip and Young Adz - Waze (SKC M29)

Cadenza - Roll Up feat. Flohio (Twenty8Twelve)

Clipz - Again feat. Ms Dynamite, Ms Banks & Jaykae (Sony)

Bicep - Atlas (Ninja Tune)

Elison 404 & 404 Guild - Chip Pan (Dirty Hit)

Jumping Back Slash - Assassins (Swak Catalog)

George Kalukusha - Young (1075835 Records DK)

Jeshi - Coming Down (Because Music)

Ted Jasper - Heavy On My Heart feat. Alyss (Self Release)

BME Sessions

Arlo Parks - Angels Song (BME Sessions 2020)

Porridge Radio - Sweet (BME Sessions 2020)

Kokoroko - Ti-de (BME Sessions 2020)

Finn - Trick Trick (Ruf Kutz)

E L L E - Chute (E L L E Worldwide)

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut - Whisper Whisper (Accidental Ltd)

M W S - Eden (Self Release)

LVRA - Girl Like Me (Self Release)

James Alexander Bright - Gold (!K7 Music)

Prime Panda - Beyond the Sun (Bamboo For All)

Unknown Artist - Dead End (Cutcross Recordings)

Throwing Snow - Righteous Mind (TSHA Remix) (Houndstooth)

Roska & Murder He Wrote - You (RoskaKicksSnares)

India Jordan Mix

BFTT - (in)finite scroll (self-release)

Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava - 2016 Version (Defected Records)

Addison Groove x Bim Sanga x Bags Inc. - Bashton Valed (Dance Trax)

Deadboy - Pack It In You Two (TRULE)

MJ Cole - Dizzy New Heights (Shanti Celeste Remix) (Decca Records)

Ivy Lab x Two Fingers - Orange (20/20 LDN Recordings)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 973 with AD Henson, RJ the DJ and Jamz Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 27 March 2020

Snowy - Nile Ranger (Snowy667)

Watch The Ride - Stop Lights (Gutterfunk)

Young T & Bugsey - Throw Me A Text (Black Butter)

Dan Shake - Mosquito (Shake Records)

Lapsley - Through Water (Her Own Recordings)

MJ Cole - 90 Miles (Universal Music)

Ego Ella May - How Long ‘Til We’re Home (UpperRoom Records)

Rudimental and The Martinez Brothers - Sitigawana ft. Faith Mussa (Asylum)

Scratcha DVA - Woo Hoo (DRMTRK)

AD Henson Interview

Disclosure - Funky Sensation ft. Gwen McCrae (Universal)

Kim of Diamonds - Heart Go (self-release)

RJ the DJ Interview

George Kalukusha – Young ft. Kelevra (1075835 Records)

LR Groove - Riddim Beater (Renk Groove Recordings)

Jasmine Jethwa - Empty Waters (Self Release)

MagicFX - Elevate (Squareglass)

Glows - Easy (Self Release)

Inkke - The City (FWDK Records)

Ship Sket - No Respawns (SZNS7N)

Red Eye Hifi - Weak Bones feat. Chunky (Nice Up!)

Keedz - Freezer (Keedy Records)

Queenie - Letting Up Now (Nphesah Dayle)

Do Nothing - Fits (Exact Truths)

Jamz Mix from South Africa

Lazy Flow – The Gqom Ha (self-release)

Sho Madjozi – John Cena (Flourish and Multiply)

Patoranking – Available (Amari Musiq)

Skin On Skin – Multiply (self-release)

Bryte – Ice Cream (R&S Records)

Ahadadream – Rosalia Drum Dub (self-release)

DJ Maphorisa – Makhe ft. Moonchild Sanelly (Sony)

Arma – Certi Club Cool (Arma Trax)

Kokoroko - Carry Me Home (Brownswood Recordings)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 972 with Ego Ella May, LR Groove and BBC 6Music Festival Highlights

First broadcast from the UK on 20 March 2020

Cadenza – Walk Out feat. Spice & Ms Banks (Twenty8Twelve)

Kokoroko – Carry Me Home (Brownswood Recordings)

Four Tet – School (Text Records)

Keyah/Blu – If You Know (self-release)

Sinead O’Brien – Fall With Me (Chess Club)

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – Lift Off feat. Rocco Palladino (Beyond The Groove)

Swing Ting – Swagger & Flex feat. Trigga (Swing Ting)

MoreNight – TT (Kiwi Records)

Hagan – Right Here (Futurebounce)

Get To Know Ego Ella May 

Ego Ella May – Come On ft. Kojey Radical (Tru Thoughts)

Ego Ella May – Table for One (Tru Thoughts)

Yakul – Street Light (self-release)

Sfven – Love Me Easy (3 Beat Productions)

Leifur James – Wise Old Man (Night Time Stories)

Emma-Jean Thackrey – Open (self-release)

Live from BBC Introducing at 6Music Festival

Hak Baker – Wonderland (live session track)

Beebadoobee – If You Want To (live session track)

Sorry – Right Around The Clock (live session track)

Cadet – Support Me (Underrated Legends)

Tungz – Can’t We Just Be Friends Again (Heist or Hit)

Kahn & Neek – (Having A Sick Time) In the Mansions of Bliss (Sector 7)

Hyroglifics x Sinistarr – BS6 (Hoover Sound Recordings)

LR Groove Mix

The Heartists – Belo Horizonti (Ramsey & Fen Remix) (VC Recordings)

Gant – All Night Long (Nu Jak Recordings)

Robbie Craig – Lessons (Steve Gurly Remix) (Public Demand)

MAW – To Be In Love (MJ Cole Remix) (Defected)

Groove Chronicles (Noodles) – 1999 (DPR Recordings)

Victor Romeo – Inside You (Steve Gurly Remix) (Public Demand)

Brasstooth – I Can’t Quite (Well Built Classics)


LR Groove – Riddim Beater (Renk Groove Recordings)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 971 with Just Banco Feature, Mali Hayes Feature, Swing Ting Feature & Werkha Mix

Aitch – Mice (NQ Records)

IAMDDB - God’s Work feat. Ill Blu (Union IV Recordings)

Children Of Zeus - Royal (Free Download)

Just Banco Feature

Just Banco - Sweet Like Sorbet (self-release)

Just Banco - The Walking Dead (self-release)

Levelz - Rainy Day (Lvl 50) (LEVELZ)

Layfullstop - Cherries (Vaud)

KSR - Last Lap (Polarface Records)

Mali Hayes Feature

Mali Hayes x Medikul x R. Lyle – Are You (Brownswood Recordings)

Mali Hayes – Jump (self-release)

Mali Hayes - Oceans feat. Layfullstop (self-release)

Pip Millett - Deeper Dark (2020 + Fours)

Chimpo, DRS, Slay - Hurt Someone (Box and Lock)

GoGo Penguin - Atomised (Decca Records France)

Mastermind - Wave Time 2 feat. Nafe Smallz & Chip (Pitched Up)

Swing Ting Feature

Fox - Downtown Uptown (Swing Ting)

Swing Ting & Kiyano – Bubblegum (Swing Ting)

Fox - Hotzone feat. Sharda (Swing Ting)

DJ Q x Finn - Baby I Don't Know (Swing Ting)

Dub Phizix & Strategy - Deh (2020SenkaSonic)

Riot Jazz Brass Bands - Kraken (Riot Jazz Records)

Werkha Mix

Illum Sphere – Near The End (Ninja Tune)

Werkha – Generation X (First Word Records)

EVM128 – Gamma Riddim (CoOp Presents)

Mr Scruff – Whiplash (Ninja Tune)

Werkha – Swing Thru (First Word Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 970 International Wxmen's Day special

Ghetto Kumbe - Ware Warrior (Galletas Calientes Records)

Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet (Warner Bros)

Eli Ingram - Bad Behaviour (PINC Records)

BABii - Beast (Gloo)

Flava D - Mesmerize (Hospital Records)

KG - Feelin Funky (Goon Club Allstars)

Shaybo - Anger (Blackbutter Records)

Florentino & Albany - Dime Que Tu Quieres feat. Jam City (Mixpak Records)


DJ Tess & Nan Kole - Gimme Any Riddim feat. Nyny (Identities)

Shy One - Lads (Astral Black)

Bklava - Got It Good (Long Lost Brother Records)

Lavida Loca - I Bee feat. C.S (Base N Rebulz x Marathon Artists)

Mary Sho - No Time (Maryam Shofowora)

Indie - Whisper (Shellington High Road)

International Womxn’s Day Roundtable

Greentea Peng – Ghost Town (Different Recordings)

Elkka – Every Body is Welcome (femme culture)

Sherry S – Another Time (Sherry S Music)

Ariel Zetina – Vanity 7 (femme culture)

Arlo Parks – Eugene (Transgressive Records)

Just Her – Follow You Down (Global Underground)

BEC – One Chance (AnalyticalTrail)

Ego Ella May – Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys (Upperroom Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 969 with Maria interview, Killabeatmaker interview & Martha interview + Martha B2B with Jamz Supernova live from Colombia 

Ghetto Kumbe - Ware Warrior (Galletas Calientes Records)

CXLI - Quimbaya (Club Djembe)

Florentino & Albany - Dime Que Tu Quieres feat. Jam City (Mixpak Records)

Quantic - Cumbia Sobre El Mar (Sony)

Arma - Certi Club Tool (Arma Trax)

Mina - Boing feat.Nane (Enchufada)

Zut Zut - Papi Anthem (ZUT ZUT)

God Colony & Flohio - The Real (Mad World)

Maria Interview

La Ruka - Sin Mujeres No Hay Rumba (self-release)

Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be (Virgin Records)

Killabeatmaker Interview

Killabeatmaker - El Fuego De Las Mulatas (LaMusica.fm)

Mina - Make Money (More Time Records)

Rhi - How Deep (Nuff Pedals Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Tycho Jones – Serotonin (Globe Town Records)

Crave Moore - Come Down (Crave More)

Devenny 404 & 404 Guild - Pause (Dirty Hit)

Working Men’s Club - White Room & People (Heavenly Recordings)

On Man - Squares & Triangles (Bad Fake)

R.A.E. – Pretty Bop (FIITH)

Jossy Mitsu – Whirl (Astral Black)

Hodge - Ghost Of Akina (Houndstooth)

Martha Interview + Live From Colombia Mix

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (Uniiqu3 Remix) (White Label)

Paleman – Beelzedub (FS Green Re-dub) (White Label)

OFB – YOO (Forever Starrish)

Fredo – They Ain’t 100 (Jamz Supernova Dub) (White Label)

Kingdom – Stalker Ha (Night Slugs)

Dreezy – Play Wit Ya (Interscope)

Bassbear x Ase Manual – Palomar Refix feat. Wiley (Materia)

Princess Nokia – Brujas (Bassbear Club Remix) (Rough Trade)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 968 with Selector Specialist Jamie Rodigan and Crate Classics guest mix

Moses Boyd – Dancing in the Dark ft. Obongjayar (Exodus Records)

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music (Blue Note)

Sega Bodega – Masochism (NUXXE)

Flava D – Mesmerize (Hospital Records)

Jay1 – Flex ft. JB Schofield (GRM Records)

NSG – Ourself (self-release)

Joesef – Think That I Don’t Need Your Love (Bold Cut)

Plastician & Juche – Enight (Revisited) (self-release)

MJ Cole – Strings for Jodie (MJ Cole Remix) (Universal)

Jamie Rodigan Selector Specialist

Aswad – On And On ft. Sweetie Irie (Bubblin’ Records)

Big Zeeks & Crate Classics – For The Paper (self-release)

Nathaniel Shalom & Crate Classics – Not An Easy Road (self-release)

Steve Spacek – Songlife (Black Focus)

Harvey Causon – Fourth Wall (self-release)

Forest Law – New Thoughts New Eyes (Brownswood Recordings)

Moa Moa – Yellow Jacket (Council Records)

Tycho Jones – Serotonin (Globe Town Records)

R.A.E – Pretty Bop (FIITH)

Morgan Harper-Jones – Breathe (self-release)

Dutchavelli – Only If You Knew (2Up2Down)

Chikaya – Stargazing (Kaya Luna)

Happa – Clip (Whities)

Crate Classics Guest Mix

J Hus – Repeat ft. Koffee (Clean) (Black Butter Records)

The Rara x Kranium x Haile WSTRN – Elegance (Remix) (self-release)

Desmond Dekker – Israelites (Crate Classics Remix) (Sanctuary Records)

PA Salieu – Frontline (Clean) (Warner Music)

Big Zeeks – General (self-release)

Bella Blair x Crate Classics – Mistake Too (self-release)

Rvssian x Shenseea x Swae Lee – IDKW ft. Young Thug (Interscope Records)

Buju Banton – Trust (Deejay Theory Remix) (Clean) (Gargamel Music)

VC Pines – Bluebirds (Theory Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 967 with Ojerime and Lava Dome guest mix

Everything Is Recorded - 12:12am ft. Aitch & Infinite Coles (XL Recordings)

Squarepusher - Terminal Slam (Warp Records)

Millennium Dubs - Take Me Higher (self-release)

Obongjayar - 10K (September Recordings)

M24 - London ft. Tion Wayne (Atlantic Records)

Scratcha DVA X Demima - Uyang Chaza (self-release)

Arlo Parks - Eugene (Transgressive Records)

Ted Jasper - Stone Cold Kisses (Au Contraire Music)

Dance System - Acid Flash Drive (Chiwax Germany)

Lice - Conveyor (Settled Law)

Jockstrap - Acid (Warp Records)

Låpsley - Womxn (XL Recordings)

Swing Ting X HMD - Just A Feeling (self-release)

Kida Kudz - Yeye Riddim (Disturbing London Records)

Geoblu - Repeat (Prod.Swick) (self-release)

Forest Law - New Thoughts New Eyes (Brownswood Recordings)

Ojerime Get To Know Package

Ojerime – Clingy (Fang)

Ojerime – R U Sure (Fang)

Ojerime – Empty (Fang)

Chloe Bodur - Talking To The Walls ft. Ebi Soda (Ash Walker Remix) (self-release)

George Moir - Blame (Infectious Records)

Havelock - Liberty (self-release)

Ghostpoet - Concrete Pony (Play It Again Sam)

Lava Dome Guest Mix

Kanye West - Water (Lava Bounce) (UMG)

Crush - None (Lava Bounce)

Migos & PM - Notice Me (Lava Reconstruct)

Lava Dome - Rhyolite (Santa Muerte Remix)

Lava Dome - Stealth Riddim

Lava Dome - Hair Down

LOVE SEPT. - Focus (MOVES Recordings)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 966 with Keep Hush

Stormzy - Own It ft. Stylo G (Toddla T Remix) (Atlantic)

Skengdo X AM - Bang ft. Shennumbaine (Finesse Forever)

OTHERLiiNE - Where We Get To (self-release)

Jamie Isaac - Next To Me ft. Nosaj Thing (Marathon Artists)

Alyona Alyona – Zavtra (Hitwonder)

Headie One - Charades ft. Fred Again (Relentless)

Girl Ray - Friend Like That (Moshi Moshi Records)

Bullion - Hula (Deek Recordings)

Poppy Ajudha - White Water (self-release)

Khushi - In Love With It All (Warner Records)

Everything Is Recorded - The Night (XL Recordings)

Franc Moody - Skin On Skin (Juice Box Recordings)

Model Man - Got To Tell You (Mahogany Recordings)

Anunaku - Teleported (Thirty Twenty Four Music)

Raz & Alfa - No Touch (Beating Heart Music)

Beatrice Dillon - Square Fifths (2020 Pan)

J-Felix - Check ft. El Train (Tru Thoughts)

Khazali - Stories (Slow Dance Recordings)

Morgan Harper-Jones - Breathe (self-release)

Ojerime – Empty (Fang)

Keep Hush Package

Dips & Lo-Wu – Take Off (Clean) (self-release)

An Avrin – Cave People (Scuffed Recordings)

Mxshi Mo – Orphan (More Time Records)

Tailor Jae & Traces – Thief (SZNS7N)

Tom Blip & Swordman Kitala – Kitala Beat ft. Frank Amanya (Funky Mix) (Blip Discs)

No Moon – Where Do We Go From Here? (Craigie Knowes)

Al Wootton – Body Healthy (TRULE)

Borai & Denham Audio – Skrrrt (self-release)

Headie One x Skepta – Back To Basics (Floating Points Remix) (Relentless Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 965 highlights from Winter Jazzfest & Emily Dust mix

Four Tet - Baby (Text Records)

Pa Salieu - Frontline (High Class Filter Remix) (Self Release)

J Hus - Deeper Than Rap (Black Butter)

Wilma Archer - Last Sniff feat. MF Doom (Domino)

Hector Plimmer - Joyfulness feat. Alexa Harley (self-release)

SBK – Levels feat. As.If.Kid (Self-release)

Pote - Lonely (Versicolor)

Jazz Winterfest 2020 Performances

Ashley Henry - Pressure ft. Melanie Charles (Sony)

Moses Boyd – BTB (Exodus Records)

Poppy Ajudha - White Water (self-release)

Sarathy Korwar – Coolie (The Leaf Label)

Wuh Oh - How Do You Do It (Soft Style)

Catching Flies - Silver Linings (DJ Seinfield Remix) (Indigo Soul)

Heritage - The Revelation (Scuffed Records)

Sam Binga - Spinners feat. Slay (Self Release)

Novelist - The Only One (MMMYEAH)

Easy Life - Nice Guys (Universal)

Yazmin Lacy - Not Today Mate (Own Your Own)

Emily Dust Mix and Package

Poté – Rose (self-release)

MA1 - Drum 26 (Karnival Music)

Pl4net Dust - Novinha Boo (Roska Kicks and Snares)

Nzingha – Promise (self-release)

CXLI - Quimbaya

KG & Scratchclart - B2L(Club Dubz)

Sonny Denja and Kermit feat Mc Tchelinho - Vamo Que Va (Kensaye Remix)

Nan Kolè x Dj Tess- Gimme Any Riddim ft NyNy (Identities)

BADSISTA – Machooka (femme culture)

Skream - Midnight Request (quest?onmarc Bootleg) (Tempa)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 964 Eurosonic 2020

Roska - Pree Me feat. Nakamura Minami (RK&S)

GHSTLY XXVII - Business (Self Release)

Om Unit - Patterning (Self Release)

India Jordan & Finn - H.U.R.L (Local Action Records)

J-Felix - Mind Up feat. Andrew Ashong (Werkha Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Obongjayar - God’s Own Children (September Recordings)

Afronation, Eugy & Bryna - Body (Moves Recordings)

Don Sinni - Badder Than Me (Manuka Honey Remix) (Self Release)

BBC Music Introducing Live Tracks from Eurosonic 2020

Flohio - SE16 (BBC Music Introducing LIVE TRACK)

Sinead O’Brien - Taking on Time (BBC Music Introducing LIVE TRACK)

Black Country, New Road – Athens, France (BBC Music Introducing LIVE TRACK)

Moses Boyd - Shades Of You feat. Poppy Ajudha (Exodus Records)

Sega Bodega - Salv Goes To Hollywood (NUXXE)

MJ Cole - Dizzy Heights (Shanti Celeste Remix) (Universal)

Viktoria Polchenko

alyona alyona - Завтра (Tomorrow) (HitWonder)

Circa Waves - Jacqueline (Prolifica)

Mura Masa - In My Mind (Universal)

Arma - Final Encounter (Arma Tax)

Ted Jasper - Hot Step (Good Company Records)

Virgil Hawkins - Cavali Cousins feat. Kibo (Self Released)

Natty Wylah - Feel U (Gecky Records)

King Krule - Don’t Let the Dragon (Drag On) (XL Recordings)

Ojerime - Empty ft. Mansur Brown (Fang)

Gage - Red Sky Red Water (B Real)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 963 Ghana Special

First broadcast from the UK on 17 January 2020

Darkoo – Gangsta feat. One Acen (self-release)

Dave – Location feat. Burna Boy (Neighbourhood)

J Hus – Dark Vader (Black Butter)

Naira Marley – Soapy (Moves Recordings)

NSG – Options feat. Tion Wayne (self-release)

Kojo Funds – I Like feat. Wizkid (Warner Music)

Yxng Band – Vroom (Disturbing London Records)

Sneakbo – Gang feat. Kwesi Arthur & Darkovibes (Island)

R2Bees – Slowdown (R2BEE’s Entertainment)

Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Asylum Records)

Odusi X Raye – Tipsy (Parlophone)

Bala Bala Boyz – Mufata (Moretime Records)

Mistasilva – Blow (Fresh 2 Def Entertainments)

Gafacci Guest Mix

KG - Obsession (Club Djembe)

Major Notes - 419 Riddim (Lossol Entertainment)

Donaeo - Party Hard (MY-ISH Music)

Conducta & Sammy Virji – Whippet (Kiwi Rekords)

Famous Eno – Ranting feat. Gafacci (Swing Ting)

Funky Dee - Are You Gonna Bang (All Around The World)

Gracious K - Migraine Skank (Sony)

Hagan x Gafacci - Yenko feat. Nii (Push & Run)

Ahadadream - Shinchiro Yokota Drum Dub (More Time Records)

Bryte – Ice Cream (More Time Records)

Afro B – Shaku Shaku feat. Team Salut (Afro Wave Digital)

Juls - Nyafu Riddim feat. Worlasi (Universal)

Pa Salieu – Frontline (Warner)

Kida Kudz – Bounce feat. Wiley (Disturbing London Records)

Akala – Chapter Four

Fuse ODG – Serious feat. Quamina MP & Article Wan (Off Da Ground)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 962 with Jaguar in for Jamz Supernova

First broadcast from the UK on 10 January 2020

Effy – Fluffy Clouds (Unreleased)

JGrrey – For Keeps (self-release)

Lapsley – Ligne 3 (XL Recordings)

Jimothy Lacoste – Finna Glow (self-release)

Caro – Fall Apart (Unreleased)

Otta – Small Hours (BOKKLE)

Special Request – QUIET STORM (self-release)

Happy Cat Jay – Era of a Niche (Fat! Records)

Kudu Blue – Room for Love (Nettwerk)

Emily Nash – Strangest Thing (self-release)

Porij – Closer (oat gang records)

la lune – holding onto u (frtyfve)

Sanity – Trappin’ (self-release)

L-Vis 1990 – Organs (2015) (self-release)

Havelock – CHINA DOLL (self-release)

Bud Sugar – Snowflake (self-release)

Jay Lewn – Never Know (self-release)

Elliot Adamson X Proper Fuel X Moscrop – Propane (IDEA)

Cloth – Curiosity Door (Last Night From Glasgow)

Bad Honey – Easily (self-release)

L U C Y – Ghost (SZNS7N)

BluePrint – Shy Kids Get No Sweets (Unreleased)

Finn & India Jordan – H.U.R.L. (Local Action)

Jaguar Mix 

ENSALL – Disillusioned (self-release)

Desert Sound Colony – Taking It Out For a Rip (Touch From A Distance)

James Organ, Understate – Moral Panic (Original Mix) [Foundry Master 2] - 2A

ABSOLUTE – String Theory (Family Planning)

A Psychic Yes – Maze Dream (Kalahari Oyster Cult)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 961 with the New Wave for 2020

First broadcast from the UK on 3 January 2020

Bad Girl$ – Next Up II (Black Butter)

Prospa – Control The Party (TSHA Remix) (Universal)

New Wave 2020 Part 1

India Jordan – Warper (Local Action Records)

Chartreuse – Midnight Oil (PIAS Recordings)

p–rallel – Charmer feat. Sam Wise (Different Recordings)

kadiata – Onda (self–release)

Chikaya – New Wave (self–release)

BABii – Phantom (Deathwaltz Originals)

Moses Boyd – Only You feat. Klein (Exodus Records)

New Wave 2020 Part 2

Rachel Chinouriri – Riptide (Marathon Artists)

Snowy – REDDIT (Snowy667)

Anz – But At Least We Have This (2 B Real Records)

Greentea Peng – Saturn (Different Recordings / TENNNN)

Sam Wise – BirdsEyeView (Self–release)

OFB – Once In A While feat. Headie One (Rat Trap Records)

Nardeydey – Freefalling (Lucky Number)

New Wave 2020 Part 3

Sinead O’Brien – A Thing You Call Joy (Chess Club)

Ego Ella May – Table For One (Tru Thoughts)

Arlo Parks – Second Guessing (Transgressive)

Elkka – Every Body is Welcome (femme culture)

New Wave 2020 Part 4

KG – 808 (Goon Club Allstars)

Matt Ryder – Not The Same (EC30)

Hope Tala – Lovestained (Globetown Records)

Steam Down – Free My Skin (Universal)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 960 B2B Xmas Special

First broadcast from the UK on 27 December 2019

Roska - Pez Dispenser (Roska Kicks & Snares)

Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa) (Enchufada)

TSVI - Funky T (Nervous Horizon)

Roska - Lose Ya Mind feat. Aleisha Lee (Roska Kicks & Snares)

Motu - Red Devil (Roska Kicks & Snares)

Heatwave - Closer to Me feat. Stylo G (Heat Wax)

Snow - Money Finished feat. K.O.G. (More Time Records)

Roska - Cool Down (Alma Mater Records)

Roska & Serocee - Str8 Rum (Roska Kicks & Snares)

Afro Bros - Oi Wakka (Afreaka Records)

Ahadadream - Melty (R&S Records)

HIGH HOOPS - Burn It Up (A Label Called Success)

Teedra Moses - You’ll Never Find (a Better Woman) (The Orchard)

Wajatta & Reggie Watts & John Tejada - Don’t Let Get You Down (Brainfeeder)

Evm128 - Changes (Rent’s Live Version) feat. Renato Paris (Studio Rockers)

Tom Misch - Tick Tock (Beyond The Groove)

K15 - Bordeaux (Wotnot Music)

Bantwanas - Ngoma (Drummers Mix) (Bantwanas Kollektiv)

Kokoko! - Malembe (Transgressive)

Zabra Katz - IN IN IN (ZFK Records)

Christian Smith - Matrix (Tronic)

Elkka - Avant Garde (femme culture)

Finn - Do What You Want Forever (Local Action Records)

Ahadadream - Untitled (Unreleased)

CXLI - Caleno (White Label)

Leda Stray - Ashtray (Motu Remix) (SNØW's Buraka Hangover edit) (More Time Records)

Buraka Som Sistem - Hangover (BaBaBa) (Enchufada)

Dismantle - Runnerz (White Label)

DJ Polo - Baixinho (Roska Kicks & Snares)

Sunship feat. Warrior Queen - ALmighty Father (Leo Justi Heavy Baile Edit) (White Label)

Scratchclart - FOH (White Label)

Snowy - Reddit (SNOW667)

Dismantle x Van Basten - Smack the Door (White Label)

SNØW - Hash Tag Living (More Time Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 959 w/ Parris Oh & Neil Bopperson Guest Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 20 December 2019

Stormzy - Big Michael (#Merky/Atlantic)

Ms Banks - Wifey Tingz (Self Released)

Shokryme x RTKal - BBS [Sharda Remix] (Equiknoxx Music Records)

L U C Y - Hackney Pigeon (SZNS7N)

D Double E - Fresh N Clean (Bluku Music)

Spooky Bizzle & Mez - R9’S Haircut (Oil Gang)

Sully – Verite (Circadian Rhythms)

Will Lister - Glow (Of Paradise)

The Colours That Rise - Home Time (Rhythm Section)

Manga St Hilaire & Murkage Dave - Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down (Under New Management)

Industry Insider: Parris OH

Geko – Baba

Aitch – Buss Down feat. ZieZie

Taliwhoah – Love Cycle

Deema - Maddie ft. Kish (Branded Records)

Nula - Moon Chasing (LXN Records)

Logic1000 - Na (SUMAC)

Neil Bopperson Guest Mix

Omar – Be Thankful ft. Erykah Badu & William DeVaughan (Freestyle Records)

Behling – Without You (OG Mix) (Futureboogie)

Dego – My Standards Are (Not) Too High (2000black)

We Are Willow – Ignorance Is Bliss (Bopperson Remix) (self released)

Kode9 - Cell 3 (Hyperdub)

Lancey Foux - Ghetto Yout feat. Bakar & Monkey 67 (PSYKE/Human Resources)

God Colony - New Years Eve feat. Cosmia (Mad World)

Benjamin AD - Backseat Driving (Push & Run)

Kofi Stone - It’s OK to Cry feat. Loyle Carner (Tru Community)

Nayana Iz - How We Do (Different Recordings)

Lijah - Alhassan [160 Flip] (SZNSZN)

Fixate - One For The Floor (Gutterfunk)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 958 w/ BBC Music Introducing's Ones To Watch 2020 Sessions & Treble Clef

First broadcast from the UK on 13 December 2019

Jorja Smith - Be Honest feat. Ms Banks (Cadenza & AOD Remix) (FAMM)

Theodore Black - Slow Burns (DMY Recordings)

Lazy H - Counting Sheep (Brownswood Recordings)

BBC Music Introducing at Maida Vale Studios (Part 1)

Harry Edwards - Constant and True (BBC Music Introducing from Maida Vale)

VC Pines  - Kinabuku (BBC Music Introducing from Maida Vale)

Monki - I Woke Up feat. Wayne Hernandez (Hottrax)

GLORIA - Out (Ase Manual Remix) (Spectacular Empire)

Ego Ella May - Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys (Upperroom Records)

Sam Wise - Birds Eye View (Self Released)

Otta - Small Hours (PIAS/BOKKLE)

BBC Music Introducing at Maida Vale Studios (Part 2)

Phoebe Green - Easy Peeler (BBC Music Introducing from Maida Vale)

Kudu Blue – Somebody (BBC Music Introducing from Maida Vale)

Perera Elsewhere - Wait N See (Guitar Version) (Friends of Friends Music)

1-800 Girls - Latin Tongue (Bolting Bits/Shall Not Fade)

Jay1 - Million Bucks (GRM Records)

Treble Clef Mix

Treble Clef & Logan_olm – Like Me (Kyote World Records)

Treble Clef – AA (Kyote World Records)

Lyrical Strally – Finish (self-release)

Hitman Tiga – Energy (Opnation Records)

Treble Clef – Aah (Kyote World Records)

Rawza - Business Guy (self-release)

Treble Clef – Rocky (Kyote World Records)

Ayah Marar – Never Too Late (self-release)

Foreign Beggars - Young Kings & Queens feat. Mali Hayes & Maverick Sabre (Peng House Music)

Celeste - Both Sides Of The Moon feat. Gotts Street Park (Universal)

Terror Danjah - Wavy (Tru Thoughts)

BBC Music Introducing at Maida Vale Studios (Part 3)

Do Nothing – Gangs (BBC Music Introducing from Maida Vale)

Team Picture - Quit Reading (BBC Music Introducing from Maida Vale)

IAMDDB – Famous (Union IV Recordings)

PVA - Divine Intervention (Speedy Wunderground)

Yussef Dayes – Othello (Good Grief)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 957 w/ Shygirl & High Class Filter Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 6 December 2019

D Double E - Fresh N Clean (Bluku Music)

Moses Boyd - Only You (Exodus Records)

Prospa - Control The Party (TSHA Remix) (Polydor Records)

Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga - Where You Been (Square Glass)

Avelino - Higher Power (MMR/RCA)

E L L E - Hydra (Self Release)

Harry Edwards - Tame (Wolf Tone)

Lucy Lu  - Compos Mentis feat. Gabriel Gifford & Harvey Causon (Self Release)

Delilah Holliday - Rise of The Phoenix (Self Release)

Miles From Kinshasa – Stay (Enchufada)

Shygirl Get To Know Package

Shygirl – MRSY (NUXXE)

Shygirl – O (NUXXE)

Shygirl – BB (NUXXE)

Lijah - Alhassan (SZNSZN)

Dominic J Marshall - Feeling (Darker Than Wax)

Ruby Rushton - Yardley Suite (22a)

High Class Filter Mix

Chungo – Pineapple (Scuffed Recordings)

Kamus – Gravul (Scuffed Recordings)

Avernian - Odiham (Terror Mix) (Scuffed Recordings)

Joe Craven - Free Willy (Scuffed Recordings)

Croft - Tongue Tied (Scuffed Recordings)

Sfven - Like I Love U (3 Beat)

Jesse James Solomon & Giggs - Tit For Tat feat. Farhot (Black Butter)

Jasper James - Still Trippin (Object Blue’s What Are You Doing Remix) (Steel City Dance Discs)

Sharda - Tunnel Vision (Local Action)

Elkka – Compromise… For What? (Femme Culture)

Catching Flies - Yu Pt. 2 feat. Jhest & Blu (Indigo Soul)

Addison Groove – Tokyo Beats (Astrophonica)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 956 w/ Kaptin Barret, Lizzy Saffron Records, Italdred & Sir Hiss Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 29 November 2019

Pinch & Khan - Crossing The Line feat. Killah’s Army (Tectonic Plates)

Emz, Sam Binga & Marcus Visionary - step & swap (Hotline Recordings)

SNOW - Yeke feat. Kuenta (More Time Records)

Kaptin Barrett Package

Jus Now X Swappi – Awesome Bad (More Time)

Krucial & Dr Meaker – Dem Nuh Now ft. Ragga Twins (Kartoons)

DJ Polo - Baixinho (Roska Kicks and Snares)

Addison Groove - Tokyo Beats 

Tungz - My Baby Can Stand Being Alone (Futurebounce)

Lizzy Saffron Records Package

Mercy’s Cartel – Caution (Saffron Records)

Beula – Vee (Saffron Records)

Chikaya - New Wave (Kaya Luna)

Sydney - Paraisio (Black Acre)

KG - Obsession (Club Djembe)

Shanti Celeste - Voz (Peach Discs)

Italdred Package

Handbook - Only Just Met (Italdred Records)

Domeglow - Nothing Too Good (Italdred Records)

Lijah - Alhassan  (SZNSZN)

Javeon - Love Without A Heart (PMR Records)

SNOWY - Effed feat. Jason Williamson (DMY Records)

Sir Hiss Mix

Mala - Changes (ALXZNDR Remix) (DEEP MEDI MUSIK)

K-Lone - Barbarossa VIP (Wych)

Phossa - Blu (self-release)

Champion & Sir Spyro - Multiply (self-release)

Distinkt - Medina (Mad Decent)

Rareman - Shibuya Nights (self-release)

Dubkasm - Concrete & Steel (Ishan Sound Remix) (Dubkasm Records)

Gemmy - Indigo (World of Wonders)

Kahn & Neek - 16mm (self-release)

Sir Hiss – Wot (Ital Dred)

Werkha - Generation X First World Records (Tru Thoughts)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 955 w/ TSHA & The Last Skeptik Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 22 November 2019

Mura Masa - Deal With It feat. Slowthai (Anchor Points)

Steam Down - Free My Skin (Universal)

Zero DB - Party Girl (Marc Mac Bruk Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Melle Brown - Background Noise feat. Oli Hannaford (High Class Filter Remix) (Futurebounce)

Obongjayar - Still Sun (September Recordings)

Subculture - The Chase feat. Rachel Chinouriri (Twisted Hearts Records)

Barney Lister - Matchu (Different Recordings)

Mysie - Heartbeat (Ostereo)

Murlo - end of the road (Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones Remix) (Coil Records)

TSHA Package

TSHA – Badadaba ft. Marc TC (Self-Release)

TSHA – Me You (Counter Records)

TSHA – Back To You (Counter Records)

DJ Q & Finn - Baby I Don’t Know (Swing Ting)

God Colony - Girls feat. Samirah Raheem (Mad World)

Essie Gang - Pattern Chanel feat. SQ Diesel (Essie World)

The Last Skeptik Mix

The Last Skeptik - Aftershocks feat. LCYTN (Thanks For Trying Records)

Murkage Dave – See Man Smile (NONE)

Dave – Professor X (Neighbourhood Records)

The Last Skeptik - Beg (I Actually Hate You) (Thanks For Trying Records)

Bobby Tank – The Way (MofoHifi Records)

The Last Skeptik - See You In The Next Life (Thanks For Trying Records)

Jevon – Playboy (Self-Release)

Nerija - Where It Ends And Begins (Domino Recording Co)

Collard & Bakar - Stone (Lost Ones/Virgin EMI)

Goodnight Goodbye – All For It (Self-Release)

Leyma - A406 (Max Haley)

Cosima - Who Do You Love (South of Heaven Records)

Miink - Jutsu (Self-Release)

Joy Orbison & Overmono - Bromley (XL Recordings)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 954 w/ Rachel K Collier & Jamz Supernova In The Mix

First broadcast from the UK on 15 November 2019

J Hus - Must Be (Black Butter)

Xtra Brux - Deep Down Inside (Dance Regular)

p-rallel - 99 feat. Lava La Rue (Different Recordings)

North Downs - Night Life Blues (Dama Dama)

Sega Bodega - U Suck (NUXXE)

Vegyn - debold (PLZ Make It Ruins)

Greentea Peng - Inna City (Different Recordings)

George Gretton - Grey / Blue (Aviation Records)

Lone - Boketto (Ancient Astronauts)

Rachel K Collier Package

Rachel K Collier – Dinosaur (NIF Records)

Rachel K Collier – Radar (NIF Records)

Rachel K Collier – Bad Day (NIF Records)

Rachel K Collier – Tattoo (NIF Records)

Wylah - Whoami (Gecky)

Redinho & Joel Culpepper - Sheriff (Roya)

Chartreuse - Woman I’m Crazy (PIAS)

Jamz Supernova Mix

Sidhu Moose Wala X Mist x Stefflon Don X Steel Banglez - 47 (Champion Remix) (Catalyst/Sickmade/Gifted)

Ozwald – Swamp (self release)

Raheim – Baby (SZNS7N)

Soundbwoy Killah - Wanna Hold U (Sneaker Social Club)

India Jordan - WARPER (Local Action Records)

Ahadadream – Melty (R&S Records)

DJ Polo & Scratcha DVA - Not That Deep (Rinse)

Murder He Wrote - Watch The Tempo II (Roska Kicks & Snares)

Bryte - Ice Cream (R&S Records)

Swifta Beater - Mike Myers (Swifta Beater Limited)

Arma - Left Behind (self-release)

Yazzus - Mitsubishi Dizzle (LE Distribution)

Ivy lab X Two Fingers - Hotline (20/20 LDN Recordings)

Croft - Last Hope Lost Hope (Scuffed Recordings)

Shanti Celeste - Voz (Peach Discs)

Moses Boyd – Stranger Than Fiction (Exodus Records)

Louis VI - Nature (Like Water)

Selector Radio Tracklist Show 953 w/ Hak Baker and KG

First broadcast from the UK on 7 November 2019

Arlo Parks - Sophie (Beatnik Creative/Transgressive Records)

Jelani Blackman - Average Joe (18 Records/ eOne Music)

Bok Bok - Pure Shores (HXC Mix) (Night Slugs)

Danvers - Devotional (Feat. Natalie May) (Maslow Unknown)

Oscar Jerome - Lizard Street (Caroline International)

IAMDDB - Night Kapp (Union IV)

Elkka - Everybody is Welcome (Femme Culture)

Weslee - Venus (Self Released)

Nardeydey – Dreamin (Lucky Number Music Limited)

Hak Baker Package

Hak Baker – Grief Eyes (Hak Attack Records)

Hak Baker – PC Plod (Hak Attack Records)

Hak Baker – Babylon (Hak Attack Records)

Capo Lee - Way Too Long (Self Released)

Badgirl$ - Next Up II (Black Butter)

Prospa - Corrosion (Universal)

KG Mix

Geeneus & Ms Dynamite – (Get Low) Crackish (Rinse)

DJ Polo x Scratcha DVA – Not That Deep (Roska Kicks Snares)

Kyla, Crazy Cousinz – Do You Mind (Defenders Ent. Ltd)

Mina & Bryte – One Leg (Surreal Sessions Remix) (Earth Kicks)

DJ Tess ft Logan – Watch How Mi Dweet (MORE TIME)

Hagan – Right Here (self-release)

KG – Sensei (self-release)

Jus Now ft. Swappi – Awesome Bad (MORE TIME)

Kele - Guava Rubicon (Kola)

Shaybo - Hardest Bars Freestyle (Hardest Bars)

Snik, Gue & Noizy - Colpo Grosso (Universal)

Jadasea - Ends (Matter Research)

Krept & Konan - Salaam (Virgin EMI)

M.T. Hadley – Reticent (Empty/PIAS)

Hannah Diamond - Invisible (PC Music)

WDDS - Crato  (Hectare Discs)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 952 w/ Punctual and Gemma Bradley

First broadcast from the UK on 31 October 2019

Shygirl - BB (NUXXE)

Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction (Exodus Records)

Bryony Jarman - Sweet Sweet (Wu-Lu remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Pinch - That Wasn’t It (Feat. Trim) (Fabric Worldwide)

Sinead O’Brien – Limbo (Chess Club Records)

Lapsley - My Love Is Like The Rain (XL Recordings)

Avelino X Dave - Cassius Clay (More Music Records/Odd Child)

Temptress - Paradise (Plastic Fruit Studios)

Ahadadream – Melty (R & S Records)

Benin City - Lord Of The Manor (Moshi Moshi Records)

NI Music Prize Feature

Beauty Sleep – The Feeling Back (CSR Ltd)

New Pagans – It’s Darker (self-release)

Arvo Party – Danse (self-release)

Benny Mails – Jesus (self-release)

Lapalux - Limb To Limb (Feat. Lilia) (Brainfeeder)

Punctual Mix

Punctual – Nobody (self-release)

George Kwali - Need You (Realm Records)

Philip George & Dragonette - Feel This Way (3 Beat Productions Ltd)

Jonas Blue & HRVY - Younger (Punctual Remix) (Universal)

Camelphat - NYP2 (Ambient Wave Records)

Hak Baker - Mush (Hak Attack Records)

Kai Whiston – III – Blue Dots (Lux)

Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga - All At Once (Squareglass)

AJ Tracey - Floss (Feat. NOT3S & Mostack) (Independent)

Love Ssega - Cloudhead (Town Records)

DEYAH – 24 HRS (self-release)

KG & Scratchclart - B2L (Dubz)

Mura Masa - No Hope Generation (Geffen Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 951 w/ Murlo and Tina Edwards

First broadcast from the UK on 25 October 2019

Otherliine - Hates Me (self-release)

Nilufer Yanya - H34T Rises (ATO Records)

TSHA - Me You (Counter Records)

Gangs Of Kin - So Simple feat. MCJR (self-release)

Ambush - My Size feat. Ms Banks (Buzzworl Entertainment)

JGrrey - Dreaming Fool (self-release)

Skinny Pelembe - My Love Is Burning Down (Brownswood Recordings)

GLORIA – Friends (The Spectacular Empire)

Oscar Scheller - Go (Wichita Recordings)

Joy Orbison - YI She's Away feat. Mansur Brown (Hinge Finger)


Murlo – Fauna (Coil Records)

Murlo – Let Me Feel (Coil Records)

Murlo – Outer Body (Coil Records)

Blue Lab Beats - Stand Up feat. Kaidi Akinnibi, Sheila Maurice Gray & Richie Garrison (Blue Adventures/AllPoints)

Floral Image - Zonsonder (self-release)

Tina Edwards Mix

Ego Ella May – Bull (Tru Thoughts)

Ben Hauke - Get Up To Get Down (Far Out Recordings)

Octo Champ - Make Heaven (Shapes of Heaven)

Vessels – Attica (Different Records)

Cykada - Dimension Stepper (Cykada & Astigmatic Records)

Moses Boyd - Rye Lane Shuffle (Exodus Records)

Kayla Painter - Pack Your Bivouac (Drawstring Records)

Joy Crooks - Early feat. Jafaris (Speakerbox Recordings)

Haich Ber Na - Forgetful (RAGS)

Tiggs Da Author - Traffic Jam feat. SL (Alacran Records)

Hak Baker - Babylon (Hak Attack Records)

Joesef - Play Me Something Nice (Bold Cut)

Floating Points - LesAlpx (Ninja Tune)

Hector Plimmer – Step (Albert’s Favourites)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 950 w/ Maxi Martina and Melle Brown

Jamz Supernova's third show as host features a mix from Melle Brown and an interview all the way from Argentina with Maxi Martina 

First broadcast from the UK on 18 October 2019

Ama Lou – Northside (Interscope Records)

LD – Labour (self–release)

Aaliyah Esprit – Mind Control (Brownswood Recordings)

Zero dB – Party Girl (Fixate Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Fox – Poseidon Ride feat. RTkal (Swing Ting)

Wuh Oh – Pretty Boy (Hudson Mohawke Remix) (Soft Style)

Girl Ray – Girl (Moshi Moshi)

Leo Bhanji – Blood and Guts (self–release)

Saul – Earth & Rain feat. Poppy Ajudha (Rhythm Section)

Greentea Peng – Downers (PIAS)

Maxi Martina

Marilina Bertoldi – La Casa De A (Pelo Music S.A.)

Dylan Cartlidge – Scratch, Sniff (Halftime Music)

Mala x Natty x Zephaniah – Word & Sound (I&I)

Jungle Brown – We On feat. Sampa The Great (Mr Bongo)

Melle Brown Mix

Amber Mark – What If (Melle Brown Remix) (Universal)

Melle Brown – Unrequited Love (self–release)

Blue Lab Beats – Say Yes ft. Ruby Francis & Ashley Henry (Blue Adventure/AllPoints)

El Train – She ft. Barney Artist (NxtGen Records)

SG Lewis – Aura Ft. J Warner (Universal)

Melle Brown – Dose Of Me ft. Intalekt, Tiana Major9 (FUTURE BOUNCE)

Melle Brown – Reflections (self–release)

Sean McCabe – I Wonder ft. Nathan Adams (Good Vibrations Music)

Melle Brown – Background Noise ft. Oli Hannaford (FUTURE BOUNCE)

Low End Activist – Street Level (Sneaker Social Club)

The Japanese House – Something Has To Change (Dirty Hit)

Dips & Lo–Wu – Teach You Something (self–release)

JVCK James – Friend Of Mine (Vibeout Records)

Layfullstop – Cherries (Vaud)

Scott Xylo – Black Sea of Trees (Black Acre Records)

Scalping – Ruptured (Council Records)

Famous – I Want To Crawl Inside Of You (Untitled Records)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 949 w/ Selector Sessions

Jamz Supernova's second show as host features cuts from our latest Selector Sessions from Penelope Isles, Rachel Chinouriri and Monster Florence 

First broadcast from the UK on 11 October 2019

Romare – Gone (Ninja Tune)

Hannah Diamond & Danny L Harle – Part Of Me (PC Music)

AJ Tracey – Cat Pack (self–release)

Arlo Parks – Second Guessing (Transgressive Records)

Klein – We Almost There (IJN INC)

Phrixus – Here B Ghosts (Merci Jitter)

Barney Lister – The Isles feat. Trim (Different Recordings)

Tawiah – Recreate (First World Records)

Zero12Finest – Baby Are You Coming? feat. Thamagnificent (Open Mic Productions)

Henry Wu – Wivout U (!K7)

Live Selector Sessions

Monster Florence – Scum (self–release)

Penelope Isles – Cut Your Hair (Bella Union)

Rachel Chinouriri – Mama’s Boy (Atlas)

SPD – Hi My Name Is (Kicks and Snares)

Skengdo & AM – Brixton Boy feat. Oxlade & Sneakbo (MOVES Recordings)

Tailor Jae Mix 

Heritage – What U Wearing (self–release)

DJ Whitecoat – Belly Fire (Sun Tribe Terrace)

Movement – Burner (self–release)

Ghost – BoomBox (self–release)

On1&Kobe JT – New Gen (Rare Supply)

Earthnut – Mayday (four40 Records)

Perception – You Make (Vex Records)

Rhi – It Was Love (Tru Thoughts)

Special Request – Vortex 164 (Sully Remix) (Houndstooth)

808Ink – Frank Lucas (Sanus Hao Recordings)

Neil Cowley – DFAM (Mote)

Gia Ford – Girl (Dirty Hit)

Subculture – Gunning For Fees (Twisted Hearts Records)

Afro B – Go Dance (Afrowave)

AAEE – Drop (Moretime Records)

NSG – Trust Issues (NSG Entertainment)


Selector Radio Tracklist Show 948 w/ Jamz Supernova

Jamz Supernova's first show as host features an interview with Rosie Parade and Jamz herself is In The Mix 

First broadcast from the UK on 4 October 2019

Bakar – Hell N Back (Black Butter)

Lava La Rue – TLSL (Stitches) (self-release)

Ighlooghost, Kai Wiston & BABii – Drown U (Gloo)

p-rallel – Charmer ft. Sam Wise (Different Recordings)

Joe Armon-Jones – Self Love ft. Obongjayar (Brownswood)

S-Type – Fetch (Luckyme)

beabadoobee – I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus (Dirty Hit)

Denzel & Keyah/Blu – Birdie (Luckyme)

Rosie Parade Interview

Zero12Finest – Baby Are You Coming? (Open Mic Productions)

Mina – Major ft. 45DiBoss, Nané & Merca Bae (Earth Kicks)

Murlo – Limbo (Object Blue Flashback Remix) (Coil Records)

Greentea Peng – Mr. Sun (Miss Da Sun) (Different Recordings)

Benny Mails – High On Stress (self-release)

Conducta & Sammy Vriji – Whippet (Kiwi Rekords)

Mysie – Sweet Relief (Ostereo)

Live at Reeperbahn

Skinny Pelembe – Kama (Live from Reeperbahn)

BLOXX – You (Live from Reeperbahn)

Joy Crookes – Man’s World (Live from Reeperbahn)

India Jordan – Bulbasaur Shuffle (Local Action Records)

Jay1 – 4AM In Coventry (GRM Records)

Tungz – What I Wanted (Futurebounce)

Le Son – Yours (SquareGlass)

Faze Miyake – Classic (Woofer Music)

Call Super – Majenta ft. Parris (CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK)

Kojey Radical – Sugar ft. Amaarae (Asylum Records)

Haich Ber Na – Forgetful (RAGS)