Film, Archive and Music Lab

The British Council presents Film, Archive and Music Lab: a week of screenings, live performance and collaboration between film and music professionals in partnership with the British Film Institute, PRS for Music Foundation and HOME in Manchester. The week will begin on 29th February 2016.

Film, Archive and Music Lab will explore the creative potential of collaboration between the worlds of cinema, film archive and music. The British Council has invited 16 artists and producers – including music makers, film makers and video game composers – to take part in a series of workshops, masterclasses, screenings and networking events all with the aim of increasing opportunities for cross-sector work, while providing a fertile breeding ground for future collaborations. The programme is inspired by the creative and popular success of event cinema and live performances of film scores, including the BFI Archive’s international tour, "The Hitchock 9".

We’re bringing together an exciting group of participants from East Asia and the UK as part of this opportunity for professional development and they are: Lisa Meyer, William Doyle (East India Youth), Masaaki Yoshida (Anchorsong), Ruth Paxton, Jessica Curry, Roly Porter, Shiva Feshareki, Nick Abrahams, Jay Bedwani, Owen Wang, Aoura Chandra, Nguyen Manh Duy Linh, Fikri Fadzil, Jeremy Mayall, Chunhwi Park and Thanapol Setabrahmana. PRS for Music Foundation has helped to fund and select the UK based music creators who are taking part in the Lab.

The Participants

Lisa Meyer

Lisa is the Creative Director of Capsule, and produces Supersonic Festival, now in its 12th year and drawing audiences, performers and industry interest from across the globe. Her determination to create “extraordinary projects for curious audiences” led her to apply for the Film, Archive and Music Lab.

William Doyle

William is a singer, guitarist, pianist and electronic musician better known as East India Youth. His first album, Total Strife Forever, was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and his second album, Culture of Volume, also garnered critical acclaim. He has a long standing interest in the combination of music, film and art as shown by his music videos.

Masaaki Yoshida

Masaaki, better known as Anchorsong, creates live electronic music using a sampler and keyboard, has supported the likes of Bonobo, Portico Quartet, DJ Krush, Daedelus and Jaga Jazzist and has previously featured on BBC Radio 1. His interest is in creating dramatic instrumental music that will act as the perfect foil for great visuals.

Ruth Paxton

Ruth's award-winning short films have been exhibited and nominated in competition at numerous international events and prominent film festivals. Her experience as a filmmaker working with musicians, composers and existing compositions to create live events will be invaluable during the Film, Archive and Music Lab week.

Jessica Curry

Jessica is a BAFTA-nominated composer, and joint Studio Head at games company The Chinese Room, whose scores for the games Dear Esther, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs propelled both to numerous awards. She is looking forward to seeing how her skills could benefit film projects.

Roly Porter

Roly began his career writing electronic music as part of a production duo called Vex'd and since then he has produced music for trailers, scored the film In Fear - which premiered at Sundance in 2013 - and participated in a live re-scoring of the 1988 animated film Gandahar by Rene Laloux. He is looking to explore how sound and image evolve on projects together side by side.

Shiva Feshareki

Shiva is an experimental classical composer interested in the physicality of sound. She won the BBC/Guardian Young Composers Award in 2004 and her compositions include a concerto for Guitar Hero and twelve piece ensemble, a concerto for three turntables and orchestra, and a piece for six pianos and six Kaoss pads called “Jack of All Trades”. She's looking to explore how her musical vision might translate into the world of film.

Nick Abrahams

Nick is a filmmaker with a long history of working with musicians and bands including Stereolab, Huggy Bear, Leftfield and Manic Street Preachers. Nick's work with Sigur Ros - they provided the soundtrack for his short film Ekki Mukk - led to a British Council Short Film Award. Nick has numerous interests in film, particularly natural history footage and silent film.

Jay Bedwani

Jay is a filmmaker, whose work focusses on the LGBTQ community. His first short film, My Mother, featured in over 25 international film festivals, won Best UK Short at the Iris Prize LGBT festival in Wales and Best Documentary in the London Lift-off Film Festival. He's looking to combine his film making skills with his love of live music.

Owen Wang

Owen Wang is a Taiwanese composer best known for his musicals and film scores. He has written for many local feature films, documentaries, and short films. His score for the short film My Grandma (2009) received the Golden Bell Award (the Taiwanese Emmy Award). He's interested in the history of cinema including Chinese silent film, ancient Chinese chivalry drama and Chinese musicals and is keen to learn about rescoring films and live performance.

Aoura Chandra

Aoura has produced four feature films since becoming a professional filmmaker in 2005 and his most recent film was screened at Sundance Film Festival. Aoura's looking forward to collaborating with musicians and broadening his knowledge during the Film, Archive and Music Lab.

Nguyen Manh Duy Linh

Nguyen is a member of Ho Chi Minh City Composer Association in Vietnam and his works are often performed by the musicians of the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra. He was named ‘Best Composer’ at the Golden Kite National Film Festival 2013 with his score for the movie The Race. He's looking forward to networking with filmmakers with a view to continuing his work scoring for films.

Fikri Fadzil

Fikri is the Creative Director and co-founder at Bright Lights, a creative and music agency based in Kuala Lumpur, that works on creative production projects. He is also the founder of The Wknd, a music portal that focuses on documenting and connecting the music scenes in Southeast Asia, through video content, events, and more. Fikri's hoping to take away knowledge that can enhance the Malaysian creative potential of Film and Music.

Jeremy Mayall

Jeremy is a composer, producer and performer and the Mozart Fellow at Otago University, New Zealand. He's interested in fusing pre-recorded sound with live performance, and also exploring the way film and other visual elements can be utilised in a musical context. He is looking forward to finding out more about cinema collaboration.

Chunhwi Park

Chunhwi is a Korean music theatre songwriter, composer and arranger. He scored the earliest surviving Korean film,The Crossroads of Youth (Aka Turning Point of the Youngsters, 1934), for the Korean Film Archive. Film screenings with live music are still a very rare event in Korea, and Chunhwi is keen on using the lab week to explore the possibility of developing live film scores.

Thanapol Setabrahmana

Thanapol Setabrahmana is the chair of the conducting department of the College of Music, Mahidol University Thailand, and a composer and arranger, who has worked on musicals,  His interest in film scoring has taken him to the New England Conservatory to attend the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop at New York University.