SuperEverything* is a cross disciplinary performing arts project, commissioned by the British Council and created by leading audio-visual artists The Light Surgeons in collaboration with a group of Malaysian artists.

In 2011, we invited The Light Surgeons to create and develop a performance project that would explore the rich cultural landscape of Malaysia. This commission brought their unique creative process and bold artistic direction to new audiences in South East Asia and provided the opportunity to produce a new piece of live cinema work in collaboration with a group of leading Malaysian audio and visual artists. With the generous support of Canon, the documentary filming aspect of the project took place on location across Peninsular Malaysian in 2011 over a period of five weeks. Malaysia's complex cultural landscape made it the ideal place to weave together the universal themes of identity, ritual and place.

The production took The Light Surgeons and their collaborators from the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur to the remote villages and forests in the northern state of Kelantan and Kuala Terengganu. Their audio visual studies took in all aspects of the social landscape, from traditional shadow puppet theatre and religious rituals to the consumer temples of the shopping centre and personal grooming of the nail salon.

The filming process generated hundreds of hours of material and over six terabytes of data which was then painstakingly edited down into a set of audio visual compositions that formed the nine thematic tracks of the live performance.