Selector PRO 2021

We’re delighted to bring you an online edition of Selector PRO in February with a focus on several fascinating topics and music markets including Ukraine, South Caucasus, Turkey and beyond – with thanks to our partners Music Export Ukraine.

In this online form, the best part is that our panel discussions will be open to all and they are completely free to attend. So if you’re a musician or music industry professional interested in any of these topics, we recommend marking your diary now! You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops, networking and industry matchmaking sessions.

Speakers include Ric Salmon from Driift in the UK, the company behind Nick Cave and Laura Marling’s acclaimed live stream performances, and panels will cover a range of subjects from music and mental health to music and environmental sustainability. We’ve a full line up of sessions and speakers below.

And if this wasn’t enough, we’re bringing you an exclusive Selector Live stream of Sinead O’Brien on 12 February as part of the conference.


Selector PRO – Register Online

Selector PRO runs from 12–14 February 2021. Please register online here.


Selector PRO – Panels

What will the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic be on the future shape of the music industry? How can artists stay engaged with their audience and what have been the success stories over the past year? Find possible solutions to these questions, and more, in the Selector PRO panels:

  • Keeping your audience engaged
  • Making money in music in 2021
  • The environmental sustainability of the music Industry
  • Mental health in the music industry


Selector PRO – Speakers

UK speakers

  • Ric Salmon, ATC (UK)
  • Jane Beese, Manchester International Festival (UK)
  • Paul McGivern, Pitch & Smith Agency (UK)
  • Rachel Menzies, BMG Group (UK)
  • Jon Dunn, Parallel Lines Promotions
  • Rebecca Prochnik, Earth Agency (UK)
  • Lucy Wood, Roundhouse (UK)
  • Chris Cooke, CMU (UK)
  • Feimatta Conteh, Manchester International Festival (UK)
  • Rick Morton, Blow-Up Agency (UK)
  • Sally Anne Gross (UK)
  • Clementine Bunel, Paradigm Agency (UK)
  • Shain Shapiro, Sound Diplomacy (UK)
  • Jennifer Lucy Allan, BBC Radio 3 (UK)
  • Hannah Shobgola, Echo Location Talent (UK)
  • Richard Foster, The Quietus (UK)

Speakers from outside the UK

  • Yurii Bazaka, Intercity Live (UA)
  • Ashot Daniyelyan, Art Plov (UZ)
  • Udovenko Olga (UA)
  • Sergey Korzachenko (UA)
  • Mersel Bujak (BiH)
  • Vlad Yaremchuk, Atlas Festival (UA)
  • Otabek Suleimanov, Stihia Festival (UZ)
  • Dmitriy Agalakov, Present Perfect Festival (RU)
  • Sergii Maletskyi (UA)
  • Olexandr Sanchenko (UA)
  • Natig Ismayil (AZ)
  • Ruslan Yakupov (KZ)
  • Viktoria Yurtaeva (KG)
  • Volodymyr Dakal (UA)
  • Anton Nazarko (UA)
  • Eugene Kibets (UA)


About Selector PRO

Selector PRO is a British Council programme designed to connect music professionals around the world with their counterparts in the UK. It is a platform to share stories, develop knowledge, learn new skills, make international connections and discuss the biggest topics affecting the contemporary music industry. Selector PRO has so far been staged in several countries including Azerbaijan, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela – working in partnership with local teams around the world to develop bespoke events that respond to themes of common interest.