UK-Russia Year of Music

The UK-Russia Year of Music builds on the successes of the UK-Russia Year of Culture in 2014, the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature in 2016 and the UK-Russia Year of Science and Education in 2017.

It celebrates the UK and Russia’s rich musical cultures and our profound respect for each other’s musical traditions and achievements through a programme that fosters people-to-people contacts between our countries.

The aims of the Year of Music are to:

- share, celebrate and broaden appreciation of contemporary and classical music from the UK and Russia through diverse, inclusive and innovative programming

- create and share opportunities for professional collaboration between individuals and institutions, including agencies and promoters, conservatoires and music schools and the creative industries in the UK and Russia

- inspire audiences across the whole of the UK and the whole of Russia to build positive relations with one another through cultural exchangesupport as many young people as possible to participate in cultural and educational activities.

Diversity will be at the heart of the programme and will be reflected in the representation of the UK, the showcasing of particular genres of classical and contemporary music and innovative approaches to presenting events and to reaching audiences across Russia, both live and online.