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3 January 2024
Sian Eleri is Selector Radio's host from 2024.

Selected Highlights

If you're looking for the best new music, head to the latest Selector shows page and if you're after a live act from the comfort of your own home, head to the Selector Sessions page.

But that's not all! Hunting for the best UK music every week of the year means Selector never rests – here's what Selector Radio's been up to. You'll also find more over on our Insta, Facebook and Twitter channels.


Welcome Sian Eleri!

After over four years hosting Selector, Jamz Supernova's final show aired on 29 December 2023. '200 shows later! My time on Selector has come to and end!' Jamz said. 'I have loved my time every week curating two hours of the best music from the UK. There has been an endless amount of artists I have been able to champion and share with the world.'

Enter Sian Eleri, Selector's new host and one of the biggest music tastemakers at BBC Radio 1 – host of The Chillest Show, The Power Down Playlist, the BBC Three series ‘Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost and The Gravestone’ and someone who’s covered Glastonbury, the Proms, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, the Welsh Music Prize and the BIFA Awards. 'There are big boots to fill with the departure of Jamz,’ says Sian, ‘however, I can’t wait to get started, bringing listeners old and new a weekly vibrant mix of genres and the freshest sounds from across the UK ... the position I always dreamed about.’

Thanks to Edward Moore for taking this picture of Sian just before Chrstimas!


Audio Always

Audio Always have been the team behind the Selector scenes since 2023, producing the show for listeners around the world. Their mission is the same mission Selector's always had – discover the best UK music and share in with four million listeners, every week. Audio Always have bases in London, Birmingham and Manchester and we're chuffed to have them on board. Head to Mixcloud where you can find thousands of Selector shows, including the 15 September 2023 show – their very first show with us.


Selector at The Great Escape

Jamz Supernova presented a fantastic lineup of UK performers at a Selector showcase at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, England: Louis Culture, RarelyAlways, Grove and English Teacher. The Fabrica venue was packed but, if you didn't make it in person yourself, you can watch highlights from these live performances on our YouTube channel and tune into Selector's post-Great Escape specials in our Selector Radio show archive.


Selector at SXSW

We were there at SXSW in 2023 and brought along five incredible acts from the UK to our own stage at the festival in Texas, USA. You can read more about the Selector SXSW gigs and watch the sessions for yourself over on our YouTube channel.


Jamz' 150 Shows with Selector!

The phenomenal Jamz Supernova has recorded 150 Selector shows ... so far! 150 is a long time when it comes to new music so in this edition of Selector, Jamz looks back and very much forward.


Selector's Picks of the Year

Here's our Selector playlist for 2022. 22 picks seemed the right amount to go for!


Selector Spreads Its Wings

In August 2022, Selector arrived in the Solomon Islands, broadcasting there for the first time on Paoa FM every Saturday at 12.00pm. Paoa FM is the largest FM radio station in the Solomon Islands, broadcasting to two-thirds of the country’s population. They play top hits, including Reggae and local stars. Paoa FM covers Guadalcanal, Malaita, Central Islands, Russell Islands and parts of Isabel and Makira Ulawa provinces.

Ahead of the launch, Paoa FM’s General Manager, an excited Joel Samuel Lamani said, ‘we are so excited to have this programme on Paoa FM, connecting us to the UK, keeping us up to date’ and the British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands and Nauru, His Excellency, Thomas Edward Coward said, ‘I can’t wait to hear new UK music in Solomon Islands. Music has the power to bring us together and this is a celebration of the friendship between the UK and Solomon Islands.’


Selector Radio Highlights

Mercury Music Prize

Our UK host, Jamz Supernova, brings you a roundup of this year’s prestigious Mercury Music Prize – the contenders, the nominees who have featured on Selector on their way to the top of their game and her industry insights. Winners receive £25,000 … but a play on Selector does put your music in front of four million listeners around the world …


Latest Selector Sessions

You can catch up with all of the Selector Sessions over the years – more than 40 live music sessions featuring Yard Act, Hak Baker, Nabihah Iqbal, The Orielles and Franc Moody among many others. Just head over to our YouTube channel.


Selector Radio is in its Twenties!

What’s being in your 20s all about? Grown up, knowledgeable and travelling all around the world? That’s what Selector’s 20s is all about! In 2021, we turned 20 years old and celebrated with brand new music from some of our favourite UK artists live music in November, Selector Sessions from the likes of Mali Hayes and Louis VI, birthday messages from Selector artists and friends from across the world, and an exclusive livestream event on 24 November on YouTube Premiere.

Unlike birthday cards, we’re not taking these things down! Check out everything there is to enjoy about our 20th birthday plus, every weekly Selector Radio show from 2021 is still available to listen to – again for our avid listeners or for the very first time for any others! – over on our Selector Shows page.

Discover Selector at 20:


Selector Radio: The Story So Far

From Gorillaz to Connie Constance, the story of Selector Radio is the story of UK music and wider culture across two decades. With contributions from just about everyone who has helped steer the show for 20 years this is how Selector came to be and why it is still, after all this time, so important to so many people around the world. Read the Selector story.

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Green Selector Sessions

Inspired by COP26 and the climate emergency, we have taken steps to 'green' the production of our Selector Sessions and make them as environmentally friendly as possible. Looking at all the elements of production and researching climate-conscious music sector approaches, these new sessions have been a process of understanding how to produce 'greener' digital content. Watch the sessions here.


Selector's Twentieth Birthday Show

Host Jamz Supernova brings you a birthday special show packed with UK music plus a mix from the archive and new sounds from Bicep. Connie Constance is in conversations talking about new music and the black punk movement. Yard Act give us an exclusive track recorded live in lockdown. There's new music from Snowy and an Isolation Creation from the amazing Sans Soucis.


2001-2021 Spotify playlist

We kicked off the Selector at 20 year with a playlist which goes back in time, starting with recent Selector favourites going all the way back to one of the first songs ever played on the show back in 2001. These are tracks from the UK music makers who have made the past 20 years so exciting for Selector – all artists we've had in session, in interviews and been around the world with. What did we miss?

Warning: some tracks on our playlist contain explicit lyrics.