Mellah Live in Session

November, 2018 / November, 2018

Mellah is Liam Ramsden, a songwriter from South London with a knack for getting to the heart of any given subject. He’s also a skilled multi-instrumentalist and carpenter. In fact, he was making props for season two of the Netflix series Black Mirror before one of his first songs was picked up for use in season three. And he hasn’t stopped being a carpenter altogether since his music career has taken off – he told us he’d recently helped fit out some new studios when he popped down to see ours at Selector HQ in Hackney.

Mellah has recorded two choice cuts for us here, “What It Is” and also “Cigarette Lighter” – a coruscating take on the current opinion wars and political divides played out daily on social media and which first appeared on his Middle England EP.


Cigarette Lighter


What It Is


Mellah Interview



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