Nabihah Iqbal Live in Session for Selector

May, 2018 / May, 2018

Nabihah Iqbal recently popped by The Selector Radio studios in Hackney to give us an exclusive live session. She also talked to us about her love for London, her advice to aspiring musicians and the impact of Blake and Rousseau on her work.

Born in London in the late 1980s, Nabihah Iqbal is the daughter of parents who moved to the UK from Pakistan. Growing up, she was encouraged to play music and had lessons every day, learning the guitar, the flute and the piano. Having released a string of records since 2013 under the moniker Throwing Shade, Nabihah put out her first LP earlier this year, reverting to the name she was born with in order to "stand proudly as a female British Asian artist making music".


Nabihah Iqbal: Zone 1-6000


Nabihah Iqbal: In Visions


Nabihah Iqbal: Interview




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